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The opening changed

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    [1]Mar 10, 2010
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    Maybe this happens from time to time, but did anybody else notice that the opening changed? In the fifth episode, during the opening credits there is a scene with Graystone working on his cylon. In the background we see (somewhat blurred out) some machinery.

    In the sixth episode, the background has changed to that of an assembly hall, mass producing cylons. Foreground unchanged.


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    [2]Mar 10, 2010
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    I hadn't noticed. Maybe they just decided they didn't like the machinery or needed more action in the opening sequence.

    I tend to prefer when the opening credit sequence changes in response to what happens in the show or, occasionally, what happens in real life. I'm not talking about the addition or removal of a scene, though the addition and rearrangement scenes can be one method of doing this, I'm talking about changing the overall dynamics of the opening credits. For example, if two people are friends and they're commonly shown in the credits standing close to each other or doing something together, if they become enemies or are in the midst of a prolonged feud the opening credits can change to show them arguing or standing apart or move them to separate scenes entirely.

    An example of doing this in response to something that happens in real life was when Courtney Cox got married and added Arquette to her last name the closing credits of Friends was changed so the whole cast and crew had Arquette added after their last names. I'm sure there have been many more clever versions of this idea, I just can't remember them.
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