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Why this show failed

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    The premise for this show was great and it would almost be a no brainer to create a successful show. So what went wrong. Well first of all everyone seems to be a villain. Who are the good guys really. It's hard to relate to any of these characters. You have Graystone on one side who is more determined on ruling the world rather than be the good guy, and on the other side you have the STO who are more keen on terrorising and blowing everything up in order to achieve their goal, which is to rule the world. We don't like terrorists. Secondly there's too much emphasis on religion. It makes the show pointless. It's hard to understand why the STO are doing what they're doing. BSG didn't overuse religion. There was much more emphasis on the purpos, which was to get to earth. Capricas ultimate purpos is to invent the cylons and go to war with them. Where's the emphasis on that. The holobands? Third mistake. The holobands are obviously created to give us a view into the cylons inner workings and their ability to project. In BSG this concept is completly foreign to the capricans. So the invention and the large emphasis on the holobands doesn't make much sense. Though from a scifi-buffs perspective is a double chocolate donut. Which leaves us with the real problem of the show. It's appeal to the larger audience. It's just too boring for most. Too tech and unrelatable. One of BSGs strengths were the characters. There were so many likeable characters. Good or bad they were all likeable. I hope the next spinoff will get better writers that has actually watched the show they're doing the spinoff of. Caprica could have been great. They simply just lost focus.

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    It's interesting what you say about none of the characters being likeable, because I was just having a conversation with someone about the The Social Network (which I loved) and how Mark Zuckerberg, and really most of the characters, are complete a-holes.
    The funny thing is, I find I don't need to like a character to be interested in what happens next. That's not a criticism of your point though, I think I might be a bit of an exception about that from what I've read. Baltar was my favourite character in Battlestar, he was so screwed up and arrogant and perfectly flawed in every way, I couldn't wait to see what he would do next. I wouldn't like him if I met him of course, but as a plot piece and as a player in the whole thing, he was fantastic. It was the same with me and Daniel Greystone. I loved his plotline, he just kept digging himself deeper and deeper, he wanted his company back so bad he was prepared to do bad things to get it...and if he didn't do bad things, there wouldn't have been much of a show. I like it when characters make mistakes (I like it even more when someone gets a chance to redeem themselves, and they screw that up too, heh).
    So yeah, just a thought, not quite what you were getting at but it was on my mind when I read your post. But I know I'm in the minority with this one, and it probably did lead to the show's demise in some way. Maybe the show did need a hero. What about his wife? She was great towards the end when she started to get wrapped up in the plot. Or Joseph Adama? He had a lot of heroic qualities.

    My take on why the show failed though is that it was aimed at a pretty niche market. It was sci-fi in presentation, but was more of a family/crime drama that just happened to be in a vaguely futuristic setting (or in our ancient past, as it turns out). No space battles or hard sci-fi concepts (well, some great sci-fi concepts, but not as the centre of attention) for the sci-fi lovers, and the people who like family/crime dramas with some corporate espionage mixed in probably didn't get it, they saw the sci-fi parts first and foremost and looked away. It's a cool idea, but hard to pull off.

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