Season 1 Episode 8

Ghosts in the Machine

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 19, 2010 on Syfy
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Daniel is beginning to suspect that Zoe-Avatar is in the robot, but his pleas for his daughter to reveal herself go ignored. In an effort to flush her out, he launches a campaign of psychological torture, resulting in escalating tests that force Zoe into a choice she cannot take back.moreless

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  • Ghosts in the Machine

    Ghosts in the Machine was a perfect episode of Caprica and I really enjoyed watching this episode because there was good character development, story progression, and intrigue. It was cool how Joseph Adama along with the help of Emmanuelle took on the club and got a few answers after seeing his daughters flower sign. Daniel Graystone basically tortured the Cylon to make Zoe Avatar reveal herself, and it came to a shocking conclusion for the night. This episode really contributes to the series and I really like how it all ties in to the future with little hints here and there. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • Best writing on TV and probably some of the best casts on TV

    this entire TV show is just great, yes it's slower but cheracter development and moderate action scenes make this one a unique Scify experiance as much as BSG was. This was a great episode! cast was awasome, I love how they don't make it into a full blast scify actions shotting range, how Adama actually hasitates before he shoots and how he needs to consulte with his brother about all looks so real that it's just a real delight to watch. hope this show gets renewed until they finsih telling the entire story. i wonder how Daniel didnt think that the robot will notice that he is holding a gun with blanks but It's not such a big thing.moreless
  • *** Spoiler-free *** Captivating and disturbing Daniel versus Cylon Zoe, inspiring but disappointing Joseph Adama quest, interesting virtual reality issues coverage, pivotal Amanda discovery but still some inaccuracies

    It took some time but it seems Caprica has finally found its balance. Even if the dog barking at the Cylon, recognizing its mistress, doesn't make sense at least it allowed Daniel to find out about Zoe. But does she trust her father enough to reveal her true self ? If not what would he be capable of doing to change her mind ? This episode focused on these two characters and for once their development was important. We learned a lot about who they're, their limits and how they think. Some scenes were quite psychological and the little mind games were both interesting and entertaining to watch.

    Joseph continued to search for his daughter Tamara and even if I don't really like the noir virtual game he has to play I really enjoyed his character development. He's both charismatic and weak. Such a contrast makes him more authentic and empathic. With his brother he beat Daniel Graystone in the Gravedancing episode but without him he's not as violent. But somehow the writers managed to connect both worlds, the real and virtual ones, to help him learn how to be more confident. In fact it's not the first time they influence each other as Zoe already criticized virtual reality in the previous installment, as she was talking to Philomon after her plane crashed.

    As for the other characters Amanda Graystone was also featured. She learned something very important about what's going on in her life and it was really unexpected. It should definitely redefine her relationship with an other character. With so many interesting elements I worry less for the show's future but there're still a few cons that makes the experience less immersive. For example beside the dog there was an inaccuracy about the Cylon and Daniel because the last should know everything about his invention. But maybe the issue will be solved in the upcoming episode.moreless
  • Pushing to the edge..

    I loved this episode. I think one of the strongest so far.

    I totally started to love that dog.. and what the dog felt.. the dog gave her away and the process she ended up.. being constantly tested.. trying to get anykind of reaction out of her.. and the final test. It was very good writing.. stunning music.. the whole scene. So scary but also so well done.

    Adama in that game world. Oh.. that is taking it's very interesting turns too. He seems to get more and more into the game.. doing his best to find her. Great writing there too.moreless
  • An episode which focuses back on Zoe since the premiere.

    Zoe should be the main plot but has been reduced to the background since the prmiere - UNTIL this episode. I was beginning to wonder if she could do anything besides eating a sandwich, Cylon dancing and goofing off in V-Match.

    Luckily, she can and it was a great 'who-blinks-first' contest between her and Daniel. The stakes get higher and higher until Daniel uses the family dog as the ulimate test for Zoe. Yes, it was cruel, but I loved that the show pushed the boundaries. The scene was filled with tension and suspense.

    It also shows new sides to Daniel : does he want to help Zoe? Or exploit her to fulfill the Cylon contact?

    (my only complaints are for Sam and Lacy : neither has anything going on. Lacy's task to get Zoe to Gemenon is stuck and has (again) not progressed at all. And Sam is becoming a one dimensional thug....excuse me, a gay thug).moreless

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    • Emmanuelle: Get your pink newbie cheeks out of this game and don't come back in until you've got your frakkin' head on straight!
      Joseph Adama: Uh ... B-but my daughter ... I've got to get my daughter ...
      Emmanuelle: Yeah, but you're no good to her if you're going to freeze every time some dirtbag shoves a gun in your face. I thought Taurons had bigger stones.

    • Cerberus: As the Gods overthrew the Titans, so has Man overthrown the Gods. But when Man visits his sins upon his children, how shall he be repaid?

  • NOTES (1)


    • Cerberus: ...But when Man visits his sins upon his children, how shall he be repaid?

      Commander William Adama spoke a similar line in his decommissioning speech in the Battlestar Galactica 2003 miniseries. Speaking of the Cylons, he said "...And we still visit all of our sins upon our children..."

    • Title: "Ghosts in the Machine"

      The Ghost in the Machine is a non-fiction work by Arthur Koestler. Among its themes are man's tendency towards self-destruction, and that the more primitive parts of the brain (the "ghost in the machine") can override logical functions and are responsible for destructive impulses.