Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 19, 2010 on Syfy

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  • Disappointed again. If this show doesn't get its act together, viewers will abandon it.

    I was hoping that this week's episode would be better than the disappointing "Reins of a Waterfall". Unfortunately, I was letdown again because, as the previous reviewer pointed out, nothing happened. There was no character development, none of plots, subplots went anymore. It's really boring to wait, wait, wait for something to happen and nothing happens. By the way, what kind of 'cliffhanger' was that? How is that boring ending going to hook anyone into watching next week?

    Zoe did nothing this episode. I don't understand why that tech guy has a thing for a tall robot. The dialogue might work if he was talking to Zoe, but he's talking to a walking tin can. Then the scene ends with the ridiculous Cylon dancing. I was speechless.

    The Lucy scenes, Sister Clarice scenes, and grandma scenes were all boring fillers. Nothing happened in any of them. Joseph ordering Sam to kill Amanda, then changing his mind made no sense. Joseph was so determined to have her killed and kept rushing Sam to kill her. Then he flip-flops without reason and the whole thing was just the writers manipulating the audience. Surprise instead of character development - CHEAP.

    The talkshow scenes were strange too : it's suppose to be talkshow like Leno or Letterman, so why book a guest to talk about how his daughter became a terrorist? The host is cracking jokes one minute in his monologue, then he's talking about mass murder (mixed in with his stupid jokes) the next minute with the Graystones. I hope I never see Oswalt again on this show.
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