Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 19, 2010 on Syfy

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  • Now, that was just lazy.

    That was bad. Really, really bad.

    If you have a central issue in your show, it is always good to not devote twenty minutes to openly discussing it on an expository chat in talk show format. Worse yet, the debate itself was terrible.

    I mean, if you are giving yourself the license to preach at least try to make sense. So the "holoband" creates a moral vacuum. Mmkay. On those terms, it stands for anything from videogames to rock music. But even if that's true, it's all made better by not making money out of it. So much better, in fact, that the blue collar guy going for vengeance actually changes his mind about it (maybe he wanted to wait and see if the stockholders of the company would pay for the hit, just for giggles). Not that it matters because his mobster brother already got that he was just kidding about killing somebody and didn't mean to go through with it to begin with. Yeah.

    Really, it doesn't make any sense. Everything is just off here. Take the characterization of the talk show host, who apparently is a mashup of Jon Stewart (60% of young adults get their news from him! His audience is made up of stoned slackers!), Jay Leno and Letterman, but has concerns about how technology deprives our youth of a moral compass in a very O'Reilly kind of way, for instance. The worst part is that the character gives off the vibe that the writers were quite pleased with how well they got the mix between unfortunate puns and forced human connection to work, which is just sad. I think the line that epitomizes why this episode is so bad is the one given to Sam while driving around. He casually claims that there has been an accident and he's taking a detour "through Little Tauron".

    Little. Tauron.

    You can almost see the guy responsible for that one sitting at home watching the episode and nudging his or her significant other while pointing at the screen. "See? That's clever, innit? It's like Little Italy, only it's named after a planet. Because they're like the Mafia, see? It's a metaphor".

    Really, stop it. If I wanted TV to be patronizing with me I'd watch CSI. I'm officially rescinding Caprica's license to use sci-fi to deliver poignant insight on modern society. From now on, it's either the birth of the murderous race of giant robots or I'm tuning out. You've been warned.