Season 1 Episode 17

Here Be Dragons

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Nov 23, 2010 on Syfy

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  • Action.Suspense.Emotion.

    This time on Capria ... there is a hit on everybody. On any other show that wouldn't matter, even near a season finale because you know your main character aren't going to die. But the whole premise of Caprica is that all these people are going to die.

    I'll start with Lacy. STO wants her dead because she can control their robots and might continue to advise them against killing folks. Which I'm sure is the opposite of what they think God has been telling them to do all this time. But Lacy's built up enough of a backbone to not only worm her way out of certain death, but send all her STO bosses to a non virtual heaven where they are sure to have a very different talk with God than they think they are. She also has an army of killer robots now. Way to go from wet blanket to not to be fraked with.

    This episode still strengthens by belief that they should have just made one Lost style "Lacy centric" episode of her evolving on Gemmenon and not cut into the other episodes. Having too many unrelated storylines going on at once can make a show feel more like it lacks focus.

    At the Graystone house we get a very splicing of storylines that works perfectly well. As Daniel and Amanda search for Zoe in V-world, we get an intense 'Panic Room' like scenario where STO terrorist close in, working there way through the mansions defenses as the Graystones battle their way to Zoe and have a reunion that will leave you in tears. Stolz, Malcomson and Torresani make these characters emotions feel alive and real in a way that is unheard of in genre-television. Compare this to the Bennet family drama on Heroes and well ... those guys were hacks in comparison.

    Their reunion is cut short when Clarice and her crownies finally close in. But just in time Zoe jumps back into the U87 for one of the most epic tv kills of 2010 (she bust a dude's head open with her own severed arm ... frak)

    Back in V-world. Daniel reminds her of the promise he's been making her since the show began. He wants her help in making her a "more human" "skinjob" body.

    Zoe looks like she's not sure. But its not like she has any choice in the matter. She can even work with her parents. Or frak around in V-world with Tamara for the rest of her life. I'd go with option A. My parents could be rough too. But if it was between sticking it out with them and being trapped in a video game until I went insane I jump on the chance to do the first thing.

    The Adama plot knows how to frak with viewer knowledge that basically everyone here has to die at somepoint. The Guatrau puts a hit out on the Adamas, Ruth reminds us that she's Grandma OG. And the brother begin plotting their escape with a few close calls along the way ( I was very worried for Sam in V-world, if Amanda hand't kicked him out the game he could be dead for real)

    ... without saying it out right the ending plays on your expectations, emotions and will make you want to see that next episode as soon as possible. Even if its to see how the writers dig themselves out a particular corner.

    Isn't that what good tv should do all the time?
  • Here Be Dragons

    Here Be Dragons was a perfect and character rich episode of Caprica. I really enjoyed watching this episode as the noose tightens for not only Amanda and Daniel, but the whole Adama family as well. It was really cool to see Grandma come out with a meat cleaver to save the day! I enjoyed watching Daniel and Amanda try to reach Zoe in the V world, and in the end they discuss an interesting preposition. Lacy gets out of the trouble she inadvertently got herself into by taking command of the robot army. I can't believe there is only one episode left, I already miss the series. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!