Season 1 Episode 6

Know Thy Enemy

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 05, 2010 on Syfy

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  • Definitely not as good as last week's "There is Another Sky"

    The weak elements of the show are still continue to be weak :

    - Sister Clarice is a confusing character : what does she want? Either she's talking about immortal life, God, etc. or she's buzzed.

    - Lacy's storyline is going nowhere : she was told to find some guy, who then (two episodes later) took her to find some other guy, who ended up saying no. Guess we're going to Gemenon anytime soon...

    - Amanda is so weepy and predictable. I dread her scenes the most. She has virtually no impact on the story. And why would she get drunk with her deceased daughter's principle in the middle of the afternoon?

    The only thing that saved the show this week was the Tomas Vergis character. Those scenes between him and Daniel were very good and full of suspense - he knows that Daniel stole his property and he's going to get even. Also good was Joseph getting closer to seeing Tamara again in the V-World.
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