Season 1 Episode 6

Know Thy Enemy

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 05, 2010 on Syfy

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  • After last week's episode I thought that, finally, this show would rocket to the skies. But alas...The writers found it necessary to start yet some other storylines. And new storylines is not what the show needs. It needs to play out the existing ones.

    Could somebody please kill off this Sarno character? I am thouroughly starting to hate that guy and his stupid, boring talkshow. If I want to watch a boring talkshow I will tune in to one. This is a Scifi show for heaven's sake! And why does Vergis have to be introduced? Graystone was in enough trouble with Adama already. Why not just let them fight their battle?

    Oh, and there is a lovestory developing...Who cares? There is no need for that. I am very sorry to say.

    Off course I am aware of the fact that the show has already been filmed and that a plea for some speed and action probably has no effect whatsoever. But I still feel I have to try. My only hope for this series is that the last ten episodes or so are going to be amazingly exciting. I know it could be. The potential is there. Please live up to it soon! I am about to give up on this show.
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