Season 1 Episode 6

Know Thy Enemy

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 05, 2010 on Syfy

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  • *** Spoiler-free *** Intriguing and intense Graystone story, new interesting character and convincing performance, some good surprises but many inaccuracies and snail development

    This sixth installment was quite similar to Gravedancing in its structure. The story mainly focused on the Graystone family and what Daniel did to make its Cylon sentient. Of course stealing the MPC, an advanced micro processor, couldn't be without consequences and in Know Thy Enemy he had to deal with it. He also learned what the Adama did to get things done. Guilt is what the episode was mostly about and it was interesting to witness Daniel tortured by his own sins. His nemesis was also finally introduced and that new character brought some depth to the clash between the Graystone and Adama families. Will they fight to death or team up for a brighter future ? It could lead to some quite captivating arcs and I wonder what will be Daniel's next move. So it was definitely intriguing and as usual the actor's performance was great.

    As for the usual minor arcs they weren't really interesting. First the young scientist at the Graystone's home lab continued his monologue with Cylon Zoe. I still wonder about his purpose beside helping young viewers to relate to him. After what he did and considering he doesn't seem to work hard if I was Daniel I would have fired him a long time ago. However the relationship between our two love birds developed further and topics like social life and online dating were even covered. Second James Marsters (Spike in Buffy the Vampire Slayer) was featured and I really hope he'll become a recurring character. Charismatic and entertaining actors like him are always a pleasure to watch. Third Lacy is still working on her mission for Zoe but her arc was anecdotic as it was only covered for a few minutes. Things happen so slowly in Caprica that it could take her seasons to transport the Cylon. Fourth Sister Clarice's manipulative web continued its progression but I'm not convinced by Polly Walker's acting nor by the profile of her character. I mean she's obviously not smart enough to control others nor achieve her goals for the superior entity she talks to in the virtual world from time to time. However picturing their scenes as a confession is a bright idea considering the religion is a major topic in Caprica. Last but not least I wonder if there's a security consultant on the show because the Graystone home is not secured enough when there's an expensive Cylon in Daniel's lab. Shouldn't they protect it like if it was the first wonder of the world ? It's an issue because it makes the story less accurate and believable. It's nothing like in Prison Break for example where the characters had to infiltrate buildings and solve puzzles to reach important people or steal secret devices.

    Is Caprica to science-fiction what Dallas was to soap opera ? I worry it's the creators intention and I would hate for it to last 10 seasons or more. Of course the slow development should make the characters grow on us but it could take ages and I don't think the audience is interested anymore by these neverending shows that quickly get canceled. We want a beginning and an end. It's even more annoying when Caprica was actually compared to the film Gattaca, a masterpiece, and was supposed to have a serial format. But for the moment what we got is a bunch of random arcs that aren't connected properly. Still the Graystone and Adama story is interesting but it has so many flaws that I don't think the network will greenlight the show a second season. So I'll watch the three remaining episodes aired before the spring and summer break but if it doesn't improve soon I'll give up on it, like millions of other viewers. It's a shame because it definitely had potential.
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