Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 22, 2010 on Syfy

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  • A less than promising start.

    Having recently finished Battlestar Galactica and despite its disappointing finale, I like many others looked forward to see what Ronald D. Moore had in store for us with the prequel show 'Caprica'. Prior to viewing the pilot, I recall having seen the show described as a 'family drama', and I think that title is a fit description. The show follows a somewhat predictable script that centers around the tragedy that befalls two men, and how they choose to overcome it. Predictable is the key here: one can, with a great deal of ease, determine exactly how a scene is going to play out which is decidedly boring. Watching this show reminded me very much of a soap opera, with the less than capable younger actors attempting to put across over-the-top emotion in every scene. Gone is the smooth blend of action, character development, and fast-paced story progression of Battlestar Galactica, replaced with sappy character dialogue and a premise whose ending anyone who watched BSG will ultimately already know. It is worth, perhaps, following up for a few episodes but the pilot was simply not promising and I don't expect the show to fare very well.