Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 29, 2010 on Syfy

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  • *** Spoiler-free *** Captivating and strained story ; jaw dropping Cylon Zoe and astonishing special effects ; smart taoist contrasts and award winning performances ; empathic character development and fascinating dystopia

    Before watching its second episode I didn't worry about Caprica's fate considering how strong its pilot was. It's definitely the prequel Battlestar Galactica deserved and Rebirth confirmed the excellent first impression I expressed in my review. After what happened to Zoe I was wondering if Alessandra Torresani would still play her or if the Cylon would only be featured. Well I really liked the compromise they chose because it's a mix of both, flesh and metal. It reminded me of the ghosts from dead people in shows like Six Feet Under and Dexter for example. But they depicted these two characters with a twist and even brought the concept to a whole new level. Indeed it's not just about the way she and it looks, it's also about the way they interact with their environment. So you better both open your eyes and ears to make sure you won't miss the astonishing work done by the creative team : CG robot animator, sound editor, director, visual editors and actress of course. In fact like in the pilot the CG effects are so perfectly mixed with the set visuals that the Cylon just looks real. The last time I was so impressed and scared by a robot was while watching Terminator 2 : Judgment Day and its shapeshifting and unbreakable T-1000. But in my opinion the Cylon is even more fascinating because we know what it will become and the most intriguing thing is that like Zoe we learn how it behaves. In some way she's a dark and mechanical version of the Kyle XY show protagonist. But don't get me wrong Caprica is not all black or white because the creature has emotions. In fact like in Lost there're explicit references to taoism, like two men playing go in the street.

    But beside that awesome blend of form and contents there're also many elements that make the show stands above its peers. First the relationship between Daniel Graystone and Joseph Adama developed further and even if their only scene together didn't last long I'm sure the upcoming episodes will better cover it. Moreover the second is portrayed by Esai Morales and I was inspired by his charisma and the moral values of his dual character. Eric Stoltz and the other performers were also quite convincing so for the acting part I'm sure a few awards await them. Second the story was captivating and some scenes were quite intense and a few even shocking. I also remember laughing so you should feel many diverse emotions. That's why the immersion is total because you instantly relate to the characters and they should quickly grow on you. I really care about their fate and wonder about the decisions they'll make. Moreover after the pilot I was wondering if Daniel would find out about Zoe. An other element I appreciated was the believable near future. My opinion was mixed after the pilot but some details changed my mind : Futuristic vehicles and sports, high-end architecture… I also find the contrast between innovation and tradition quite interesting. Daniel reads a paper documentation but his wife was watching Zoe tapes on a giant wall screen. The creators vision is so modern that it makes you curious about what's going on in fields like robotics and artificial intelligence. We all have seen videos of running robots, androids and other barking screws so we know what's coming.

    That's why Caprica is so important. It's a major piece of the contemporary puzzle we all work on, life. It's also an excellent introduction to many topics and should even help people to better comprehend the world they live in. But it's also a dystopia, a vision of a possible future society. Will we be able to avoid chaos or will we repeat the same mistakes over and over ? That's why so many people write or film about it. And that's why reading and watching masterpieces like Caprica should be mandatory.