Season 1 Episode 3

Reins of a Waterfall

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 05, 2010 on Syfy

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  • I am confused (spoilers for this and Battlestar Galactica, by the way)

    I was disappointed by the finale of Galactica. I mean, what a cop out, right? It's all been God's plan from the beginning because technology is a sin and we should all be humping cavemen. Either it is a surprisingly conservative view from a show that scared conservatives away by sheer depth of concept or it is a rather poorly thought out apolitical tone.

    So when Caprica was announced I couldn't care less. Seriously. What's the point? I already know how all the characters end up (building up to intergalactic apocalypse kind of does that to you), I already know it's all God's plan to deprive us of iPods and Caprica's main purpose in the story was always to be nuked to ashes, so how interesting could it be to have an entire show set there?

    And, as the final season of BSG, Caprica is a mixed bag. The ironic perspective on a largely catholic take on monotheism being treated like we treat islam is laid even thicker here, with all the subtlety of a planet-wiping nuclear cylon attack. The ongoing arc about the investigation of the terrorist attack is slow and ultimately pointless, as characters are missing key facts the audience has and the relationship stuff is either shallow or irrelevant.

    But then, it's a show about a teenage girl with delusions of grandeur trapped in the body of a giant robot.

    Only whenever you start enjoying that, the whole warped Hollywood take on Frankenstein kicks in and the show becomes a cliché again. It swings like a pendulum. For every interesting notion there is a trite aspect or an inconsistent characterization. Yes, some of the Galactica brilliance is still there, but only in the same way it was there in the final two seasons of BSG. And that, I'm afraid, is not a compliment.

    So yeah, I'm watching now. And yeah, I'm not so bored or annoyed that I'm not willing to follow, but I'm spoiled. I know these guys pulled off something very tough in the early goings of BSG, and watching them wander around trying to reconnect with that without quite getting it right is disappointing, even if what they actually do is of high quality.

    Also, quick tip for setting up sci-fi universes: once you've set up that an actual God exists in your story, it becomes remarkably hard to build up suspense. So don't do it.