Season 1 Episode 11


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 12, 2010 on Syfy

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  • Clarice's revenge

    Last night's Caprica should have been a real treat to both fans of the show and its ancestor, BSG. The whole entire feel to the episode seemed to be a lot more uniform and have an actual story arc instead of a bunch of scatter-shot plots that the audience has to wait to come together. A much-needed change of pace after last week's mild but intriguing mid-season premiere. Using not even a whole day in the Caprica universe, this episode put a clock up at every scene, letting the viewer know something significant was going to go down before the end credits rolled and kept the tension going with cuts of 3 fascinating and exciting storylines.

    The first story introduced to the episode is definitely the one BSG fanatics like myself are gonna be talking about. Lacey and the junior members of Barnabas' STO set up remote bombs at a spaceport to kill Clarice when she comes back from Gemenon. Lacey hesitates and accidentally attracts the attention of security. One of the STO is forced to shoot the security guard and they run. Inside the getaway car, they prepare to blow the bombs. Lacey saves them all at the last minute when she tells them she still has her bomb on her. They get mas at each other and go seperate ways. Clarice comes back from Gemenon with the STO's full support in her mission to stop Barnabas. When she learns of the failed bombing thru the local news, she sets out on a mission of revenge. I won't spoil too much, but lots of characters die. The next story takes up the smallest amount of time but carries a large impact on the soul of Daniel Graystone as he and the Adama brothers start blackmailing every member of the board that can vote out Vergis and vote in Graystone again. This leads to the tragic suicide of one of the board-members. This isn't nearly as haunting as how little his death or his widow's grief affects Daniel as he callously tells his driver to pull away from the broken woman. As I had always suspected, Daniel seems to be the villain of the story. Wonder if Vergis will be the hero? Finally, the last story centers on Amanda - kind of.
    Apparently the writers have realized how Amanda's popularity on the show is decreasing because they cleverly start out her storyline with a different character - Agent Durham. Far less annoying than his previous appearances, he puts together the clues and realizes there's a lot more to Sister Clarice than meets the eye. He tries to question Clarice but gets stonewalled. Instead he finds Amanda and asks her to be his ally in bringing the Sister to justice. He shows her the evidence of all the dead students in her class that have been linked to the STO and tells her that Sister Clarice is more than likely the one who got Zoe involved in the STO to begin with. Wanting revenge, she sneaks back to her former home when Daniel isn't around and steals a gun. She waits for Clarice to come home, planning to shoot her. Instead she senses Clarice's vulnerability after her own harrowing day. When Clarice claims Amanda is the only one she can confide in, Amanda takes her hand off of the gun in her purse and asks Clarice to tell her everything...

    Fast paced, tight storytelling that shakes up the status quo and leaves the fans hungry for more. So many possibilities spinning out of the mid-season. It looks like the show has found its voice. 9.7/10 And everyone was wondering how this show could be exciting when we know how its gonna end. Oh, ye of little faith...