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  • Caprica is a Solid Foundation

    From the creators of Battlestar Galactica comes the prequel series Caprica. Set 58 years before the Fall of the Twelve Colonies, the show follows wealthy industrialist Dr. Daniel Graystone as he works to develop a sentient robot based on a living avatar that his daughter created of herself before her death in a terrorist attack; meanwhile mob lawyer Joseph Adama, whose daughter also died in the terrorist attack, reconnects with his cultural roots. The casting is really good and they deliver some extraordinary performances. Additionally, the special effects and set designs are especially well-done, and give the show a unique visual aesthetic. Also, the writing does an impressive job at addressing sociopolitical issues such as scientific ethics, racism, and religious fanaticism. However, the storytelling is a little weak in the season's second half. Caprica is a different kind of show than Battlestar Galactica, but it's still a compelling and provocative series.
  • Decent show

    Great overall story and good acting.

    Only problems I had was that the graphics were worst than most video games and the technology was so outdated that it seemed the show was made in the early 2000's while it's supposed to be a futuristic show.

    And while not a huge problem, it was a very long season which led to a lot of filler content that made some episodes very slow and boring.

    That being said, if you like scifi, then you'll probably like this show as it's definitely entertaining and interesting. It's too bad they didn't make another season but it's still worth watching with just the one season and it tied things up in the end.
  • Great Explanation of How it All Started

    This was a great explanation of how Battlestar Galactica got started. Would like to see a second series, though, with the continuation of the lead-up. I disagree with blazer666_uk inthat I think the ONE GOD group represented Christianity, while the only "fanatics" in that group were Clarisse and her nemesis, the leader of the terrorists (NEITHER of which actually represented the ONE GOD beliefs. They simply manipulated them to use as a tool to convince naive young minds to do their dirtywork.) It was stated over and over in the show that the ONE GOD was a loving god. THAT god would NEVER have agreed with Clarisse's tactics (which were ALL for her own good) or her arch rivals (leader of the terrorists - can't remember his name; again - his tactics were also ALL for his own good).

    Kind minds are often naive minds, and it's too bad they are so easily led by those using religions to satisfy their own self gratification and greed. If it were otherwise, this world would not have so many terrorists or wars and we'd expend our energies and resources making this planet a better place for all of us to live in .... which is what those in BSGalactica were hoping to do in the end of that show.
  • Should Of Never Been Cancelled

    Once again a fine series is cancelled due to people missing the point yet again.....

    This series was dark nasty and VERY close to the bone. I think it hit too many nerves due to the religious content. In particular the close links to todays world - the one god being the fanatics while the Polytheism worshippers are the norm.

    I beleive it is the USA's own issues with religon caused this series to be cancelled. The series started off VERY slow but this has to be expected come on people u need to invest in somthing for it to become worth while. There is a higer level of intelligence required to UNDERSTAND the issues and this just reflects the majority of the audience couldn't grasp the concept. The same happened with SGU and 4400 and Jericho EXACTLY the same.

    Just for clarification the STO leader has a ENGLISH accent and not BRITISH - no such thing as a british accent. Again a level of ignorance where people cant be bothered to listen or understand......
  • Caprica is a sci-fi drama with adolescents and religion based on 12 zodiac tribal planets. The story was very slow in progression, and had a mid season break, which led to its demise. However, when all are seen back to back, the anticipatio

    Let me start off by saying that I have seen the last six (6) un-aired episodes (in the United States) thanks to Canadian programming.

    Caprica started out great. As a prequel, I was interested to know how the cylon story played out prior to the BSG re-imaging. The terrorist plot early in the season arc was good action and drama.

    I didn't like that every other episode was boring in how they just introduced more characters and their troubles. These eps didn't answer my origin questions from BSG. But I watched them because I was a fan, and I would stick around to see what happens next.

    I was more interested in the virtual world, with the holo-bands, than real life goings-on. I didn't care for the Tauran way of life and how it related to Caprica.

    But then it got good again. A key thing happened and things started moving more quickly. But then we had a mid-season break, and lost the momentum. Also, the very next episode was disconnected from the mid-season climax.

    These three things lowered the viewership and the powers that be (TPTB) did not renew for a second season, and canceled the show right then and there.

    They didn't even let the last 6 episodes play out. They just pulled the plug without warning.

    It's too bad, as those last six episodes had the pay off from the building up of the plot.

    For this reason I give this show a 9 out of 10.
  • Caprica, Oh Caprica

    Caprica was a perfect prequel series to the Re-imagined Battlestar Galactica and I really enjoyed watching because it added to the context and over all enjoyment of having just watched Battlestar Galactica the whole way through. It was great to learn how the Cylons came to be, and it was interesting how little hints were thrown into this series alluding towards the future outcome. The characters were brilliant as were the actors playing them. The sets both real and CGI were spectacular and really made the series visually stunning. The story lines were well written and fun to watch interweave each other. The ending was surprising and pretty awesome, I only wish the series continued for at least another season. Over all this was Awesome, Entertaining, and Intriguing. I will definitely be watching this again from time to time! As they say this has all happened before and it will all happen again!!!!!!!!!
  • It was an okay show certainly deserved at least a second season. The show wasn't Battlestar Galactica

    It was an okay show certainly deserved at least a second season. The show wasn't Battlestar Galactica but it had the same dark tone and deep analysis of social issues that made that show famous. The show ultimately did it's job by providing the basis for Battlestar Galactica and explaining the divide between human and cylon and monotheist and polytheist. One criticism of the show was the slow pace and the horridly unlikeable characters. Seriously it was odd how bad everyone was they were all conniving and hedonistic. On that note it makes sense who wants to watch the worst people in the world be awful and at a slow pace. The last six episode of the show saved it in my memories if only the whole first season could've been like them the show would've made it. Well it was fun while it lasted and it did fill in some gaps in the Battlestar Galactica mythology so I recommend this show to anyone wanting to go deeper into that great universe.
  • One mans terrorist is a another mans hero. Caprica attempts to mix scifi with the problems of todays real world. The internet, shifting morality, AI and religion.

    This is a magnificent follow-up (prequel) to BSG and a brilliant show in its own rights.

    I have found myself at the edge of my seat, biting my nails, totally engrossed in the drama. At other times this show has reached inside me and made me love the characters on the screen. Eric Stoltz is remarkably likeable and even, loveable.

    I have quickly been drawn into the lives of the Graystones and the Adamas. The wonderful acting, clever scripting, breath taking special effects and twisting plot lines all work to make this great viewing.

    Caprica has the same rhythm and feel to it as the first season of BSG. There is love, drama, anger, suspiscion, humour. There is an element to the show which makes you realise they are discussing real issues that face our society today. It also casts light on the very near future and what the world may be like for all of us tomorrow.

    The avenue they have chosen to explore with Zoe, the virtual world, and the AI Avatar is ground breaking in its approach. This could easily have become convoluted and misundertood like the 'stones' have in SGU. But unlike SGU, Caprica has not squandered this opportunity. I have enjoyed Caprica immensely, from its risky intro sequence, to the small quiet, vulnerable moments. This is a show for adults, like BSG, and it promises not to dissapoint.
  • A beautifuly ambitious miscalulation.

    Caprica should have been so much more. It had an amazing cast and intriguing story and a scope few series will even dare to replicate. However, pacing of the storyline was far too slow (and a times scatterhot and indulgent) That combined with a complex narritive and a 7 month midseason break murdered the shows ratings.

    Like its predecessor BSG, Caprica had an ingenius mythology, and powerful drama that wasn't affraid to tackle sensitive hot button issues head on. But while BSG wrapped a bunch of subtext within gritty yet traditional military sci-fi context. Caprica placed its action in a universe that was uncomfortably like hour own. Explosions are cool in space, but in a city they have a tendancy to rip your loved ones away far too soon.

    The issue with the first and now only season of Caprica is pacing. Simply put the show spends half its run being either too slow or too fast. Doing too much or too little. The writers will spend 3 epiosdes spinning their wheels then rush the fourth one. The result is television that is good scene to scene but as a whole doesn't have a clear structure or that will put you to sleep or make you dizzy. Its easy to get lost even though they are only 3 or 4 real storylines. They get sliced together in ways that don't make any sense. - A prime example is at the end of the season when the character Lacy gets sent on a side adventure on a other planet. This storyline doesn't effect the Graystone/Adama/STO/GDD situation so why is it hogging the same episode. Why not give a one stand alone episode focused on Lacy then return to the main plot? -

    When the problem with a series is how than managled or clouded good material its a shame to see it replaced with a "dumbed down" version of itself. This show had too much going on to get lost in the shuffle.

    The insane about of potential storylines set in motion by the season finale just beg to be continued ... if not by a second season, but a DVD wrap up or possible weaved into the next BSG spin-off

    Caprica wasn't perfect. But if anything it deserved a chance to return to the soil.
  • After a promising start becomes bleak, desolate, hopeless.

    I had high hopes for the show. The pilot was hard-hitting yet psychological; this was high drama of BSG without the SF, and that was fine by me.
    But alas, it didn't last. The promising religious/terrorist angle turned into endless sessions of drug-induced hazes. The promising Tauran/mob storyline never deepened, neither did the virtual world angle (which showed incredible amount of promise).
    We were forced to watch episode after episode of Crawling through the main storyline, with the confined cylon/Zoe.
    But what in the end simply made me fall away from the series is it never-ending, character-blowing, mind-numbing DESPARITY. There is no ray of sunshine anywhere on the horizon. None. Everything is sad empathy, mad empathy or no empathy; dark plots, dark thoughts and dark worlds. And I simply said to myself: why? I really don't need this downer.
    And so Caprica came and went with a multitude of missed opportunities and a need for some picker-uppers.
  • Poor old Caprica, the much-maligned offspring of Battlestar Galactica.


    It started with a good premise - the birth of the Cylons and the formation of true artificial intelligence. The pilot movie was excellent - it almost did too good of a job, it started with the shock of a terrorist attack and introduced an interesting set of characters through the impacts it had upon them.

    It's real problem was where it went from there - the show veered away from what most viewers wanted to see. Pulling the Tauran Mafia, VR World and the STO to the front, pushing the development of the Cylons and humanity's dependence and misuse of them into the background, turned viewers away. Instead of the development of the Cylons we got a drama about religious fanaticism - this was often the weakest link of BSG and was not what people tuned in to see. Added to that, the plots often meandered very slowly. The times it hit on interesting ideas it wouldn't settle and examine them, just flit onto the next one. The other problem was its unending bleakness and almost universally unlikable characters, often making it a chore to watch.

    Special mention has to go to the music - Bear Creary's compositions were excellent throughout, but while its melancholic tones fit the series well, it did contribute to the bleakness mentioned earlier.

    A lot of the acting was good - this was easily some of the best stuff Eric Stoltz has ever done and good mentions have to go out to Paula Malcolmson and Easi Morales. Nice to see Teryl Rothery playing a mature role and very well it has to be said.
    Polly Walker (Clarice) just had to play her usual conniving character, which she's great at but is hardly a stretch for her. While none of the acting was technically bad, the actors lumbered with Lacy Rand, William Adama and Sam Adama couldn't do enough with their poorly written characters to make them anything more than annoying.

    Most viewers came in having watched BSG. From that point of view only the Cylons really mattered. We know all these societies are destroyed - Tauron, Gemenon, Caprica, etc - so interplanetary issues - civil wars, space mafia, VR worlds, etc are dwarfed by future events. The STO and their 'one god' beliefs are related naturally, but we already know they are 'right' from this universe's point of view and as they appear to operate with no conscience, they are one dimensional and act 100% evil - the lack of any grey area was a complete shame.

    Towards the end of the season we could see the various threads weaving more closely together, giving some characters a hint of redemption, until we got a small but satisfying conclusion to the series. The epilogue showed the writer's intentions of where the characters were to go. Most felt right, although Clarice as a priest and Lacy as the Reverend Mother didn't really make that much sense.

    People have discussed Caprica to death, particularly what it did wrong and why it lost its audience, but despite its shortcomings it was often intelligent, dramatic and while it didn't do thrilling as often as it should, when it did, it was great. More sorry to see it go than I would have expected but hopeful Blood and Chrome (if that name stays) will bring bigger, better BSG-related action.
  • Great Prequel to BSG. Great Quality and outstanding acting.

    Since the very first second of this show I was hooked. The look of this show speeks clearly BSG but in an even more mature way. The scenes are great like a mixture of BSG, A.I. and Kings. The story keeps you in every last moment. The actors perform their roles outstanding, so you never loose your illusion during the show. Even without haveing seen more than the pilot I know this will be an awesome show and I really can't wait to see this on tv. And the next thing i will be hoping for is that it lasts longer than "Kings".
  • Amazing last episode

    Just watched the final episode of Caprica. Amazing ending where everything comes more or less together and suddenly the link to Battleship Galactica is much more clear.
    Just so sad that this show has ended. Lots of potential for the next season. Try to imagine a story about how the Cylons evolve and turn on the humans.
    I could have been so cool to watch the first Cylon-Human war which we only hear little about in the BG show.
    Also the sibling of the Adama family from where the grand Adamas of BG is born.
    Amazing and again a sad ending for a great show.
  • I wish they'd move it along!

    This is a really great show with tons of potential. But, honestly, I'm getting bored watching it. The writers need to move things along. I was used to watching the excitement of BSG and want something more along those lines.

    The stories are interesting, but there's no need to stretch things out. They need to move the Zoe=Cylon to the other world and see what happens.

    I want to see Adama grow up and become that fighter pilot. I want to see the Cylon-Human war. I want them to show us the "final five" show up and start experimenting on people in order to make the humanoid models.

    This 'virtual' world or V-club stuff is cool, but I've seen enough. The Adama's are an exciting family with lots of history. The Greystones are just plain old greedy and crazy! We've got that.

    MY feeling is that if it doesn't add depth and or move the story along...don't bother! Please keep writing and keep this in mind. Otherwise, it will just be another cancelled series.
  • Fascinating, detailed, and thought provoking. Loved it.

    At first I was quite skeptical about watching a prequel to my favorite Sci-Fi show of all time, BSG. How can one show compare to the heart and soul that went into BSG? But, as the word on Caprica kept reaching my ears I decided to give it a chance the first time Canada got it's first look at the pilot. I loved it! I loved the characters, the look, the feel. The music was beautiful. Music has always been a huge part of the Battlestarverse and with Bear composing the scores again I have no doubt that the soundtracks alone will be a hit. I loved "The Plan", but also felt that it could have explained much more then what we were given. I was not disappointed when Caprica first hit the air and still have not had qualms with how it's going so far. I eagerly await each weeks episode. The series has a great potential, and I hope that as the season and characters develop we will get to see more about how things came to be. The cast is superb and I enjoy watching the bubbly Alessandra Torressani as the main character, Zoe Graysone. I felt emotionally tied to these story lines, and I love it.
  • Surprisingly Good

    I expected clumsy attempts to create a new story line with just enough references to BSG to string the fans along. Instead, I was almost immediately hooked on the characters and the plot. I'm very impressed.
    My only disappointment is that the new BSG and this show develops Cylons as a creation of man, instead of development by a war-like reptile race, as specified in the original BSG.
    The detail on the Cylons is very appropriate. A nice mix of sounds and design that is very close to that expected in the classic BSG, but enough raw design to leave room for further design.

    I can't wait for new episodes. Nice One!
  • High-end production, smart science-fiction, great casting and characters, numerous interesting topics, fascinating and well-written story

    Note : Unaired pilot's spoiler-free review

    Almost two years ago I watched the Battlestar Galactica mini-series and 33, the season 1 first episode of the reimagined version. I was so impressed by it that I got my hand on its DVD to watch the full season. However for some reason, probably an evil copy protection system or dumb region encoding, I never managed to play it using my media center. To sum things up, I have never seen the first season so I don't know much about BG. But considering the high impact the mini-series and pilot had on me I had no doubt Caprica would be a great show. However now that I have seen its pilot I can say it just broke the dream barrier of my highest expectations.

    First the production quality is really good. There're still a few mistakes, like some bad lighting at times, but overall it's top notch. The interior designers worked really hard and the comfy-techy Graystone house should blow away most viewers. The digital visual effects are so well mixed to the real settings that it dramatically smooths the immersion process. All the high-end gadgets and technologies are also quite interesting because they're in fact just improved versions of the cellphones or ebook readers we daily use for example.

    All these elements contribute to anchor Caprica in our reality. It's not just fiction, it's a vision of what our world could be in fifty years or less. It's the whole point of science-fiction but the events never felt so palpable. Moreover the casting is impressive and even if I had never seen the performers before I'm already convinced by their talent and found Eric Stoltz was perfect as Daniel Graystone. He should be the Gaius Baltar of Caprica as he invented a virtual reality device and is working on a robot. eXistenZ and Terminator were the first referenced that came to my mind but more recently I also think Virtuality should be considered.

    The story itself is just fascinating and all the contemporary topics covered make the show even more interesting : Religion, terrorism, mind (Dollhouse ?), death… In fact the beginning was slow because the writers took the time of properly introducing the characters but once some major and dramatic event occured, the arc unfolded and then the minutes became like seconds. Moreover it was really unexpected and it felt like if I was actually watching the news. Moreover the action takes place 58 years before BG so we know what's coming but as with the Terminator franchise it makes the story even more intriguing. It's the how that matters the most here and not the "What will happen ?".

    However I can't help pointing out a few mistakes and a certain lack of attention to details. For example even if the fictional world is believable I think it's still a bit too contemporary and at times I even thought the action was occuring years ago when the visuals should depict a relatively far future. However it didn't repel me and somehow it even seduced me because it made the collision between the traditional and technological worlds even more impressive. An other disappointment was the solution Daniel found to his research issue. How he managed to get things done was interesting because it was like solving a puzzle but his decision was a cliché because the idea has already been used dozens of times. I'm sure the writers could have come up with something more original if they had the time. The drone-like robot at the house seemed misplaced because its actions didn't really require mobility. Is it some sort of twisted reference to Wall•E ? But again I'm probably just picky because that mechanical pet made the scenes more entertaining in the end. Last but not least I also didn't quite like how the virtual club was depicted as it looked like a messy mash-up of dark underground fantasies. I think the writers should have focused on a single room with one type of event happening. Moreover the scenes were rushed and it was nothing like Eyes Wide Shut for example.

    But beside these few cons I already consider Caprica as a true sci-fi masterpiece. It was both scary, smart and fascinating. Morever according to Wikipedia the show "will have a story arc-heavy format" like BG so the writers will have the time to deeply cover the events and make them as accurate as possible.
  • I have the feeling this will be one of the most important "post-cyberpunk" works on tv!

    While I don't buy into the fine line between what's deemed "Cyberpunk" and "Post-Cyberpunk"... Caprica's pilot def sets a strong case for such a line...

    The world of AIs, underground Cyber-clubs, and whole body prosthetics seems not the gritty, dark place seen in Cyberpunk (like WIlliam Gibson's Sprawl trilogy)... but a shining beacon of progress... more akin to the anime series "Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex"..

    This setting gives the writers a lot of room to play w/ such concepts as what makes a human "human", are emotions only physical reactions to stimuli, or something deeper?(can robots "feel"), is a copy of a person the person or something else?... these are all question sci-fi has toyed w/ for years, but have never really had such a main-stream outlet to spark wide-spread conversation...

    I hope this show expands upon all of these topics(and many more questions no-one has even asked yet)... without falling into the trap of becoming "too poppy" or focusing on trying to force too much BSG stuff into the plots unartfully.
  • A show originally designed to be a standalone ties in well with the Battlestar Galactica Universes

    First we have the original Battlestar Galactia. Then we have Battlestar Galactica remade. Now we have Caprica. Set 58 years before the events of both series, we are presented with two families: the Science family of the Greystones and the Lawyer family of the Adamas. Both brought together by the deaths of their daughters. The main focus on the pilot was Zoe Graystone. Having been part of a sect who believed in "one true God" and was killed when her friend, also a member of this sect, set off a bomb on a train. Zoe, being referred to a computer genius by multiple people, had discovered how to create a separate consciousness of herself in a holographic world. A consciousness with all her memories, feelings and passions. Cue the investigations of her father, who had discovered his 'holographic' daugher. These events brings us to the premise of the show. Daniel Graystone, also a computer genius, is developing a cybernetic lifeform but is unable to perfect the technology. So in an effort to bring his daughter back from the dead, he transfers her consciousness into the cybernetic lifeform, and we have the beginning of the Cylon race. Overall, this show was a lot better than I thought it would be. In one episode we have the beginning of the Cylon race. In one episode we have seen what I thought would take several episodes. I think this show will only continue from strength to strength as it goes on.
  • BAD AS* people. Definately worth the watch. The show as you know is set 58 years before BSG. Two families, the Graystones and the Adamas bla bla bla...All you need to know is that this is a planet based sci-fi,different to all others and it great.

    BAD AS* people. Definately worth the watch. The show as you know is set 58 years before BSG. Two families, the Graystones and the Adamas bla bla bla...All you need to know is that this is a planet based sci-fi,different to all others and it great.I'm not sure if you know this, but the first 2 episodes were leaked last year, so might wanna see those huh...Furthermore, even though we know the eventual ending of the show (beginning of BSG-for all you ignorant ***) the show still shows great promise, and even if it is half as good as BSG,i'ts goanna ROCK. So bring out your TVO, beer whatever, but tune in for this amazing new age psychological sci-fi, it will blow your mind. Freak
  • The Entire Series thus far

    Its really an interesting story and very detailed to what the future could hold in real life. The characters are very professional and adorable. Each having a unique sense of being. Very well produced an excellent SYFY story with powerful characters. I have noticed that the virtual world portrayed in these episodes are similar to what young teens are experiencing in todays society, and the fact that it captures a direction to what our future may hold brings reality of what we for now call Science Fiction. Keep up the magnificent work and I will stay tuned. Thank you for the creation of this series.
  • Not To Be Compared With BSG

    We all knew the foundation from which this show was launched. Some expected BSG part 2, while others were hoping for an entirely new show with an entirely new identity. Happily, the latter were correct.

    Caprica originally took for granted its setting, in a SciFi universe we had all grown to love. Eventually, after a few episodes, Caprica began to create its own identity. It wasn't until episode 5, when the plotline started to focus on the virtual, or V-World, that the show grew its own wings.

    What we had after this was a new universe within an established dogma. I cannot imagine that this is an easy feat.

    I will admit that the events of the midseason finale were interesting, although not mind-numbing. However, this seems to be a slow-burn type of a show. If you can remember so far back, BSG was very much a slow-burn show.

    All of the elements of success are present here; we're just waiting for them to exert themselves.
  • A show with amazing potential... spoiled.

    Caprica was given everything to become a great show - a cult background (Battlestar Galactica), a fair budget and a really fascinating subject. All the attempts to answer the basic and most interesting existential and ontological questions are what makes great sci-fi. Do we have a soul? Is it connected to our body or can it carry on without it? Is it possible to make artificial intelligence and if so, will it be capable of being emotional?

    Apparently, the makers of the show weren't capable of creating characters with even a slightest shade of emotion, feelings or any sort of a valid psychological profile whatsoever.

    I wouldn't even know who to begin with... parents, that don't grieve? A daughter, that doesn't, for even a moment, miss them, reach out to try to make up for everything that was wrong between them, use the chance she was given to say "I love you" or "I'm sorry"?

    Well, I'm sorry, but that's just a load of bullsh*t.

    PS: oh, and driving Citroens and using Nokia cell phones on a planet of people, that are quite sure that Earth is just a fairy tale? Seriously? Was it too hard to design a new phone and use less characteristic cars thant the legendary DS (w i t h t h e l o g o ? ! ?)
  • So far so good!!!

    I was a huge fan of BSG and so when I saw this show was coming out I was really looking forward to it.

    So far its only a few episodes into it but I am really enjoying it, perhaps not as much as I did BSG but still I look forward to seeing it every week.

    The characters are interesting and I'm looking forward to see how the relationships between them develop as the show goes on.

    I am worried how ever that some TV network chief or some other big wig will cancel the show after 1 season (firefly anyone).

    I do doubt this will happen as even my mum is a fan of the show and she never watched BSG or and other sci-fi show for that matter.

    So in conclusion I hope Caprica continues for many seasons to come.
  • The genesis of the Cylons and the eventual destruction of the 12 Colonies as seen by two families: the Adamas and the Graystones.

    It's been said a thousand times, but it bears repeating: Caprica is not Battlestar Galactica. I didn't warm up to the story or characters much when I first saw the extended version on Hulu, but like so many other shows of late, it has gotten better with each successive episode. With that said, there are a few flaws that, as of episode 1x05, still bug me. First, is the whole gangster angle with the Adama's. When I first started watching the series, it felt completely unnecessary. I think they've put it to good use in the episodes following the pilot, but it still kind of bugs me. The main reason for my problem is because Joseph Adama was known as a stand up guy in the BSG universe, and the gangster angle runs the risk of contradicting that, depending on where the writers take things.

    Second, aside from th Cylon centurion prototype, which is, thankfully, well rendered and equally well animated, most of the effects on this show just aren't up to the incredibly high standards set by BSG. Most scenes involving major special effects are totally cheesy. However, I've liked most of the CGI centered around technology (such as the holobands) so far.

    That's it as far as the major problems go. The characters are three-dimensional and the stories increasingly compelling. Kudos to the showrunners for the way they've slowly introduced world-building and plot elements in a way that keeps the viewer engaged. I also appreciate Bear McCreary's ongoing contributions to the BSG universe. When I first began watching, with the critical eye of a skeptic, the quality of the tunage, along with its similarity in style to BSG's music, immediately caught my ear. Caprica's music has less bombast than Galactica's but still feels part of the same musical lineage. Similarly, just as the show itself is different from what came before, its tone and feel is very much the same, and it has proven itself to be an addictive expansion to the Sci-Fi channel's best show.
  • A good prequel to Battlestar Galactica that is similar in that the characters make the show. However, the special effects are not as good as BSG.

    This is not a show that grabs you from the get go, but is one that is slowly building. It chronicles two families, the Greystones and Adamas, some 50 years prior to the cylons ending civilization.

    Unlike "The Plan" the characters are very well thought out and fully developed. The Adams are "Taurons" which have obviously parallels to the italian mafia today. The are old school and tough, and Joseph Adama (father of young William) is walking the line between the mob and being a lawyer.

    The Greystones are also a parallel to the "Frankenstein" stories where Daniel unleases, with the best of intentions, a Pandora's Box when he creates a virtual reality version of his dead daughter, who now lives in his creation, the first cylon. She believed in one god, and is obviously the seed for the cylons belief system in BSG.

    The third side to the story is Zoey (the dead daughter) friend and monotheists who are terrorists, and hyprocritical in their beliefs with rampant drug use and amoral sexuality. The kill for their religion and also look to be pawns of fate in unleashing the cylons onto the colonies. The parallels to today's terrorism are also there.

    Most interesting to me is the world of Caprica itself, it is a more advanced funhouse mirror of our own and tells a morality play of runaway technology and moral rot. (sexuality is "anything goes" and kids gruesomely kill and do human sacrifices online) The story suggests the world of Caprica is like old Rome, it deserved to fall. Iy gives one alot to think about.

    On the minus side, Scyfy is not putting the bells and whistles into the effects like they did with BSG and the effects are uneven, sometimes very good, sometimes cheesy (especially the shots of the city and buildings) I think it depends on how expensive some of the effects are.

    There are no battle scenes or shocking moments that grab the viewer like BSG had, but it is well acted and plotted and I find myself tuning in more and more.
  • When I have herd about Caprica, I've got confused. At firs I thought that it will be "something". However after watching it I tried to compare it to BSG from 1978 and 2003.

    When I have herd about Caprica, I've got confused. At firs I thought that it will be "something". However after watching it I tried to compare it to BSG from 1978 and 2003. And I have found 6 similaritys: "frack", Cylons, resurrection, "So say we all", Kobol, Caprica.

    It is story about Cylons, and beginning of a resurrection system. Caprica, pilot episode, starts to answer some basics questions, like how Cylons were made, why there were made, and how the can transfer their memory. Character Zoe was not only a person, who gave the basics of the future destruction army, but a brilliant girl, who found the "One" God and way to live after loosing body of flash. By accident, like it always happen with brilliant stuff.

    Zoe events in the episode, made her father to steel something very important from her "work", because of the sorrow and opportunity for his research and position as the military constructor.
    In the series we can find also some personal and family problems, connected to the "One" God religion terrorists, witch have some influence to everything surrounding all Capricans. Other colony's citizens also appears, with not liking each other.

    Summering. Pilot episode start a story of the Cylons and mistakes made by humans from their greed and wonting to not loose nearest family.
  • A different ride. The tale of the origin of our beloved BSG universe. A drama with different tone but still good.

    At first when I started watching Caprica I was thinking I landed on a sci-fi Gossip-Girl, kids using VR to have fun and a group of teenagers, I didnt get it. But then in the middle I started to like it. Zoe Graystone had a great mind and created something that not even her father could. A way to interpret a human brain into usable computer information. The pilot explains some misteries from the BSG series like , how or why the centurions believed in the one god and how it all started. I think it has potential even if its so different than the confined spaces of Galactica. Ill keep watching cause they got great actors, good setting in a massive city and misteries. Cheers
  • 58 years before the fall of the Colonies, the story of two families connected to the events to come. Mary Shelly's Frankenstein mixed with some Terminator themes.

    difficult to rate the show from the pilot but

    In one single episode we do understand:
    1. why cylons are monotheists
    2. why cylons have a plan
    3. why cylons are called cylons
    4. why Bill Adama is a though guy

    maybe too many revelations for a single episode?

    we also get clues about:
    1. geminon weird religion
    2. tauron's yakuza/maori affiliations
    3. a terrorist group (never spoken of in Battlestar Galactica series) which is going to become the center of the story

    the most problematic character is certainly Joseph Adams whose ethical dilemma is set very badly

    finally a question remains unanswered:
    if zoe's father is able to reconstruct Joseph's daughter why he's not able to (re)do the same with his own daughter?
  • I liked it much better than I expected. The show hints at numerous possible storylines. But the one I am hoping for is Cylons that learn to program theirselves, break free from enslavement, start fighting mankind, culminating in the first Cylon wars.

    Hi-tech company espionage. A crazy scientist that creates a Frankenstein and an adversary with connections to a crime syndicate resembling the Maffia. Downloaded personalities that snap when reactivated. The birth of the first Cylon, the use of the first cylon as a super soldier, the first self-concious cylon... Great start of a potentially great story. Hope the storytelling will be as good as the first BSG season. I would be very disappointed if this indeed turns out to be the soapy drama we were promised...So I guess this is an appeal not to walk that slippery soapy road, but to make this an action packed hard SF series that makes me stay at home every week.

    Promising start. I'd say.
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