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  • A show originally designed to be a standalone ties in well with the Battlestar Galactica Universes

    First we have the original Battlestar Galactia. Then we have Battlestar Galactica remade. Now we have Caprica. Set 58 years before the events of both series, we are presented with two families: the Science family of the Greystones and the Lawyer family of the Adamas. Both brought together by the deaths of their daughters. The main focus on the pilot was Zoe Graystone. Having been part of a sect who believed in "one true God" and was killed when her friend, also a member of this sect, set off a bomb on a train. Zoe, being referred to a computer genius by multiple people, had discovered how to create a separate consciousness of herself in a holographic world. A consciousness with all her memories, feelings and passions. Cue the investigations of her father, who had discovered his 'holographic' daugher. These events brings us to the premise of the show. Daniel Graystone, also a computer genius, is developing a cybernetic lifeform but is unable to perfect the technology. So in an effort to bring his daughter back from the dead, he transfers her consciousness into the cybernetic lifeform, and we have the beginning of the Cylon race. Overall, this show was a lot better than I thought it would be. In one episode we have the beginning of the Cylon race. In one episode we have seen what I thought would take several episodes. I think this show will only continue from strength to strength as it goes on.