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  • I have the feeling this will be one of the most important "post-cyberpunk" works on tv!

    While I don't buy into the fine line between what's deemed "Cyberpunk" and "Post-Cyberpunk"... Caprica's pilot def sets a strong case for such a line...

    The world of AIs, underground Cyber-clubs, and whole body prosthetics seems not the gritty, dark place seen in Cyberpunk (like WIlliam Gibson's Sprawl trilogy)... but a shining beacon of progress... more akin to the anime series "Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex"..

    This setting gives the writers a lot of room to play w/ such concepts as what makes a human "human", are emotions only physical reactions to stimuli, or something deeper?(can robots "feel"), is a copy of a person the person or something else?... these are all question sci-fi has toyed w/ for years, but have never really had such a main-stream outlet to spark wide-spread conversation...

    I hope this show expands upon all of these topics(and many more questions no-one has even asked yet)... without falling into the trap of becoming "too poppy" or focusing on trying to force too much BSG stuff into the plots unartfully.