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  • One mans terrorist is a another mans hero. Caprica attempts to mix scifi with the problems of todays real world. The internet, shifting morality, AI and religion.

    This is a magnificent follow-up (prequel) to BSG and a brilliant show in its own rights.

    I have found myself at the edge of my seat, biting my nails, totally engrossed in the drama. At other times this show has reached inside me and made me love the characters on the screen. Eric Stoltz is remarkably likeable and even, loveable.

    I have quickly been drawn into the lives of the Graystones and the Adamas. The wonderful acting, clever scripting, breath taking special effects and twisting plot lines all work to make this great viewing.

    Caprica has the same rhythm and feel to it as the first season of BSG. There is love, drama, anger, suspiscion, humour. There is an element to the show which makes you realise they are discussing real issues that face our society today. It also casts light on the very near future and what the world may be like for all of us tomorrow.

    The avenue they have chosen to explore with Zoe, the virtual world, and the AI Avatar is ground breaking in its approach. This could easily have become convoluted and misundertood like the 'stones' have in SGU. But unlike SGU, Caprica has not squandered this opportunity. I have enjoyed Caprica immensely, from its risky intro sequence, to the small quiet, vulnerable moments. This is a show for adults, like BSG, and it promises not to dissapoint.
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