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  • The genesis of the Cylons and the eventual destruction of the 12 Colonies as seen by two families: the Adamas and the Graystones.

    It's been said a thousand times, but it bears repeating: Caprica is not Battlestar Galactica. I didn't warm up to the story or characters much when I first saw the extended version on Hulu, but like so many other shows of late, it has gotten better with each successive episode. With that said, there are a few flaws that, as of episode 1x05, still bug me. First, is the whole gangster angle with the Adama's. When I first started watching the series, it felt completely unnecessary. I think they've put it to good use in the episodes following the pilot, but it still kind of bugs me. The main reason for my problem is because Joseph Adama was known as a stand up guy in the BSG universe, and the gangster angle runs the risk of contradicting that, depending on where the writers take things.

    Second, aside from th Cylon centurion prototype, which is, thankfully, well rendered and equally well animated, most of the effects on this show just aren't up to the incredibly high standards set by BSG. Most scenes involving major special effects are totally cheesy. However, I've liked most of the CGI centered around technology (such as the holobands) so far.

    That's it as far as the major problems go. The characters are three-dimensional and the stories increasingly compelling. Kudos to the showrunners for the way they've slowly introduced world-building and plot elements in a way that keeps the viewer engaged. I also appreciate Bear McCreary's ongoing contributions to the BSG universe. When I first began watching, with the critical eye of a skeptic, the quality of the tunage, along with its similarity in style to BSG's music, immediately caught my ear. Caprica's music has less bombast than Galactica's but still feels part of the same musical lineage. Similarly, just as the show itself is different from what came before, its tone and feel is very much the same, and it has proven itself to be an addictive expansion to the Sci-Fi channel's best show.