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  • A good prequel to Battlestar Galactica that is similar in that the characters make the show. However, the special effects are not as good as BSG.

    This is not a show that grabs you from the get go, but is one that is slowly building. It chronicles two families, the Greystones and Adamas, some 50 years prior to the cylons ending civilization.

    Unlike "The Plan" the characters are very well thought out and fully developed. The Adams are "Taurons" which have obviously parallels to the italian mafia today. The are old school and tough, and Joseph Adama (father of young William) is walking the line between the mob and being a lawyer.

    The Greystones are also a parallel to the "Frankenstein" stories where Daniel unleases, with the best of intentions, a Pandora's Box when he creates a virtual reality version of his dead daughter, who now lives in his creation, the first cylon. She believed in one god, and is obviously the seed for the cylons belief system in BSG.

    The third side to the story is Zoey (the dead daughter) friend and monotheists who are terrorists, and hyprocritical in their beliefs with rampant drug use and amoral sexuality. The kill for their religion and also look to be pawns of fate in unleashing the cylons onto the colonies. The parallels to today's terrorism are also there.

    Most interesting to me is the world of Caprica itself, it is a more advanced funhouse mirror of our own and tells a morality play of runaway technology and moral rot. (sexuality is "anything goes" and kids gruesomely kill and do human sacrifices online) The story suggests the world of Caprica is like old Rome, it deserved to fall. Iy gives one alot to think about.

    On the minus side, Scyfy is not putting the bells and whistles into the effects like they did with BSG and the effects are uneven, sometimes very good, sometimes cheesy (especially the shots of the city and buildings) I think it depends on how expensive some of the effects are.

    There are no battle scenes or shocking moments that grab the viewer like BSG had, but it is well acted and plotted and I find myself tuning in more and more.
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