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  • I wish they'd move it along!

    This is a really great show with tons of potential. But, honestly, I'm getting bored watching it. The writers need to move things along. I was used to watching the excitement of BSG and want something more along those lines.

    The stories are interesting, but there's no need to stretch things out. They need to move the Zoe=Cylon to the other world and see what happens.

    I want to see Adama grow up and become that fighter pilot. I want to see the Cylon-Human war. I want them to show us the "final five" show up and start experimenting on people in order to make the humanoid models.

    This 'virtual' world or V-club stuff is cool, but I've seen enough. The Adama's are an exciting family with lots of history. The Greystones are just plain old greedy and crazy! We've got that.

    MY feeling is that if it doesn't add depth and or move the story along...don't bother! Please keep writing and keep this in mind. Otherwise, it will just be another cancelled series.