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  • A beautifuly ambitious miscalulation.

    Caprica should have been so much more. It had an amazing cast and intriguing story and a scope few series will even dare to replicate. However, pacing of the storyline was far too slow (and a times scatterhot and indulgent) That combined with a complex narritive and a 7 month midseason break murdered the shows ratings.

    Like its predecessor BSG, Caprica had an ingenius mythology, and powerful drama that wasn't affraid to tackle sensitive hot button issues head on. But while BSG wrapped a bunch of subtext within gritty yet traditional military sci-fi context. Caprica placed its action in a universe that was uncomfortably like hour own. Explosions are cool in space, but in a city they have a tendancy to rip your loved ones away far too soon.

    The issue with the first and now only season of Caprica is pacing. Simply put the show spends half its run being either too slow or too fast. Doing too much or too little. The writers will spend 3 epiosdes spinning their wheels then rush the fourth one. The result is television that is good scene to scene but as a whole doesn't have a clear structure or that will put you to sleep or make you dizzy. Its easy to get lost even though they are only 3 or 4 real storylines. They get sliced together in ways that don't make any sense. - A prime example is at the end of the season when the character Lacy gets sent on a side adventure on a other planet. This storyline doesn't effect the Graystone/Adama/STO/GDD situation so why is it hogging the same episode. Why not give a one stand alone episode focused on Lacy then return to the main plot? -

    When the problem with a series is how than managled or clouded good material its a shame to see it replaced with a "dumbed down" version of itself. This show had too much going on to get lost in the shuffle.

    The insane about of potential storylines set in motion by the season finale just beg to be continued ... if not by a second season, but a DVD wrap up or possible weaved into the next BSG spin-off

    Caprica wasn't perfect. But if anything it deserved a chance to return to the soil.
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