Season 1 Episode 7

The Imperfections of Memory

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 12, 2010 on Syfy

Episode Recap

Still seeking Zoe's Avatar program, Clarice redoubles her efforts to gain Amanda Graystone's confidence in order to find it. Amanda, meanwhile, has been literally haunted by visions of her brother, who died in a car crash several years ago.

Zoe develops her strategic romance with Philomel, the young scientist in her father's employ, in hopes that he'll be a part of her plan in transporting the robot body to Gemenon. Lacy's attempts to enlist the help of Barnabas for this enterprise have fallen short, producing tension between her and Zoe.

In his quest to find his daughter, Joseph Adama corners Heracles, the boy who introduced Tamara Adama to New Cap City, and convinces him to help save his daughter. Heracles warns Joseph, however, of the definitive peril of New Cap City: If you die in the game, you can never return.

The visions of her brother intensify for Amanda, leading her on a full-out chase of the specter through the streets of Caprica City, to the discovery of a poster with a chilling picture. Clarice, who has begged more time of her STO superior, the mysterious Olaf, approaches Amanda on the pretext of sharing some rare ambrosia. Amanda confides in Clarice on the subject her visions, and reveals that the image on the poster is the exact location where her brother died.

Rival industrialist Tomas Vergis drops in on Daniel at a Bucks game informs him that the gossip is that Graystone only has one working MCP. He further attempts to pressure Daniel by telling him that he knows that the MCP never worked. Daniel, however, sees this as an advantage - if the MCP didn't work for Vergis, but does work for him, it will seem as proof that the MCP is a Graystone creation.

Lacy tries to convince Keon to get Barnabas's help transporting the robot, but Barnabas is unwilling unless he knows what the cargo is. Since Lacy is unable to reveal that information, Keon tells her that the only recourse left is for her to join STO. Although Lacy is ready to walk that path, Keon remains cautious of the danger for them both in that organization.

Zoe and Philomel have a date in the V-World that leads Philomel to the hypothesis that there is an analog component to the MCP that makes it impossible to reproduce exactly.

Joseph Adama's New Cap City guide, Heracles, is struck by a stray bullet and disappears from the game - only to be replaced by a guide named Emanuelle.

Amanda and Clarice indulge in an opium-like drug, causing Amanda to admit that she was hospitalized for insanity. Clarice, in return, urges Amanda to trust God - and in so doing, reveals her involvement with the STO.

Philomel shares his revelation about an analog component to the MCP, bringing Daniel one step closer to realizing the source of the U-87 Cylon's abilities.