Season 1 Episode 12

Things We Lock Away

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 19, 2010 on Syfy

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  • *** Spoiler-free *** Painful Zoe arc, disappointing Daniel major development, questional format, random editing and still no Cylon

    There's a time in the life of some TV shows when viewers have to decide either or not it deserves to be axed. Should I keep watching it or should I go ? That moment has come for Caprica. Retribution was an excellent installment because it focused on Amanda and Daniel Graystone, by far the most interesting characters. But when it comes to the other arcs, specially the virtual world one with dolly Zoe, then the series can get really boring. In this 12th installment, six to go, some scenes were really painful. The misplaced fight in Unvanquished was back and for some reason the writers decided to give it even more importance. As a fan of Spartacus : Blood and Sand it's even harder to support the inexistent choregraphy, young adults questionable acting and obscene geeky fanservice. It jars so much with the maturity and smartness of the captivating Graystone and Adama story. That arc was developed further but I didn't like the road they've chosen. It could have been so much more intriguing if they had gone the other way ! Lacy was also featured at random times and her kidnapping definitely deserved a better treatment, a darker and longer one. Magda Apanowicz's performance was so good that it made me realize that Caprica's format is probably not the best. Episodic ? Heavy ? What about Lost's one ? It could have been interesting to feature a character per episodes. Cylon Zoe was jaw dropping in Rebirth for example and considering how much Lacy has grown on us I think Apanowicz should be rewarded with a special one too. She should be more than a secondary character ! All these dancing arcs also revealed, again, how much the editing can be poor. I can't help mentionning it in most of my reviews because it's definitely one of the show weakness. This time it was even worse than in some past episodes. A few seconds of Lacy, the usual The Matrix-like red intertitle, a random jump in V world, then we go back to Daniel's house… It's not editing, it's televisual butchery. To sum things up I'm not sure I could endure again such an awful massacre. I used to write that Caprica had potential despite its flaws but I'm convinced now that it won't improve. In fact after what happened it could get worst. They chose to do too many things at the same time and in the end too many of them are average or poor. I can't even focus on its pros anymore so it means I've lost faith. Now it's your turn to make up your own mind. Caprica or not Caprica ? That was my question and never thought the disastrous Reins of a Waterfall would find its super doppelgänger.
  • The shape of season 1.5 reveals itself.

    'Where is this going" that's often the question as by a viewer suffering through a seemingly aimless story. Thing is, if you know a stories destination before you get there, what's the point. However, if the writers don't throw you a bone every once and a while you may never be motivation to GET there.

    "Things we lock away" switches gears on the shows overall plot by basically beating us in the face with Battlestar Galatica's ETERNAL RETURN theme. As through flashbacks we see how a "Head Zoe" guided Zoe into creating the Avatar program that would later motivate her father to make the first cylons.

    The issue with the "God did it" ending in Galatica was that it was a Deus Ex Machina that made a dire situation rosey it the cheapist laziest way possible. But by definition Caprica can't have that problem. Caprica is about characters who don't know their actions are bringing the world closer to an end of days. A chessey ending to that just isn't possible.

    However, while I like Caprica as a show about how a civilization destoryed itself through greed, hubiris and religious fanatism. I'm not sure about it as a show about how "Angels" nudged us along. But maybe my tune will change when more is revealed.

    Now that I've wasted time on what is so-so about the episode lets talk about what was awesome. The wheel spinning and loose end clean up from the last two episodes is gone here. Now that Daniel is back in control of his company, Amanda is undercover with STO, and Clarices with "Apotheosis" plot is underway things are gaining traction again.

    What Caprica lacks in action set-pieces it almost more than makes up for in character drama. Eric Stoltz is doing his best work EVER as Daniel Graystone.

    The final scene where Daniel tried to prevent Virgis death only to get sucked deeper into to Tauron mobs clenches is one of the most memorable scenes in Caprica/Battlestar history. And it sticks with the viewer long after not just because it takes so many unexpected turns but because even though we don't know how this series will end. We know this is an event that won't just lead to Daniel's fall. But the fall of mankind. And to think all he wanted was his daughter back.

    Caprica doesn't do suspense often enough, but when it does its like nothing else on television.
  • Things We Lock Away

    Things We Lock Away was a superbly entertaining episode of Caprica and I enjoyed watching because there was action, drama, intrigue, suspense, and some interesting revelations. It was fun to watch Zoe Avatar in V world looking for Tamara, and cool to see how they engaged each other. Amanda tries to get closer to Clarice. Vergis visits Daniel and makes him do something crazy for honor. I am really into the series and look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!