Captain America

(ended 1966)


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  • they should make a movie out of it like the did with superman returns

    i just love these animation serries from these real good comics like captain america and batman and such.
    the should just bring out a new serie out from capatain america like they did with batman because now there is new series from batman that start all over just like the movie batman begins did but still retains all that was good about the previous seriies but improved on it a lot.
    this exactly same thing was also done with batllestar galactica where the original 1978 series didn\'t make it past one season and the 2003 series is a big hit.
    if they could do the same thing with this series that would be way cool not because this 1960\'s animation series was so bat but there are only like a verry few episodes and what better and more patriotic animation series could we have on TV in the current times like this one.
    and while there making a new animation TV series they should also make a new movie using the same style and technics and effects they did in batman begins.