Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels - Season 3

ABC (ended 1980)




Episode Guide

  • Lights, Camera... Cavey!
    During a Hollywood studio tour, Cavey and the Teen Angels witness a phantom who causes young actresses to get prematurely wrinkled, jeopardizing their careers. Can the team shine on their own to save the young starlets?
  • The Old Caveman and the Sea
    While vacationing in Miami Beach, the gang come to the aid of treasure hunter Jacques LaFarge after his most recent find ends up missing when his divers were scared off by a shark. Will they be able to find it without becoming shark bait themselves?
  • The Mystery of the Meandering Mummy
    When the Teen Angels and Cavey visit Brenda's uncle, a mummy steals a rare Egyptian ruby he's acquired--a seemingly cursed ruby. Can the gang solve the mystery and put the mummy under wraps?
  • The Legend of Devil's Run
    While visiting Dee Dee's uncle out west, Cavey and the Teen Angels investigate a 100-year old legend of a Civil War ghost general who made off with a munitions train car holding a fortune of silver on a treacherous train route.
  • The Haunting of Hog Hollow
    While at the Hog Hollow Country Fair, Cavey and the Teen Angels see their country singer friend's performance sabotaged. He's later kidnapped and it's up to the gang to find him when they learn of an old family feud in which one of the former rivals still has a grudge against the star's family. Could he be the culprit?moreless
  • Cavey Goes to College
    The Teen Angels and Cavey attend a demonstration at Central University where an advanced robot is unveiled. Afterward, it vanishes and the gang investigate in hopes of finding it and catching the culrpit responsible for the theft.
  • Kentucky Cavey
    Kentucky Cavey
    Episode 10
    The Teen Angels and Cavey are on the case when Taffy's uncle is in danger of losing his property. He needs his horse to win the Kentucky Derby in order to pay off his debts, but she gets horse-napped and the team have to investigate and find her in time for her to race in the Derby.moreless
  • Cavey and the Albino Rhino
    A rare albino rhino en route from Africa to the Wild Animal Land preserve is abducted by a witch doctor. When the Teen Angels and Cavey investigate, they also learn of a diamond heist and its connection to the missing rhino.
  • Old Cavey in New York
    When the gang visit New York City, a series of blackouts enables a thief to steal 10,000 gold bars from the International Gold Exchange. Can Cavey and the Angels put some light on solving the mystery and catching the culprits?
  • Cavey and the Murky Mississippi Mystery
    While on a riverboat travelling on the Mississippi River, a top secret metal crate slated to be delivered to a nuclear laboratory is lost overboard. Can Cavey and the Teen Angels find it and stop a river creature responsible for its loss?
  • Dragonhead
    Episode 6

    When Cavey and the Teen Angels go to Chinatown for the Chinese New Year, they stumble into a mystery in which a delivery van of a fortune cookie factory is stolen. And what connection does it have with the laundry business across the street? And the mystery is even more peculiar when counterfeit money is involved.

  • Cavey and the Baffling Buffalo Man
    The gang come across a villainous Buffalo Man seeking a fortune in gold coins from an old mansion, using special coded messages to find it. Can they survive the dangerous journey and stop him from stealing the treasure?
  • Prehistoric Panic
    Prehistoric Panic
    Episode 4

    When the gang is stuck in traffic, Captain Caveman is able to fly them out, but he goes so fast, they go through a time warp which lands them back to Cavey's prehistoric village where he reunites with his parents. They them stumble into a mystery where the legendary Mellog apparently comes back to life after it becomes free of its stone statue form and escaping from its small island surrounded by a tarpit. Cavey and the Angels have to work together to find the creature, solve the mystery, and maintain Cavey's father's rule as village chief.

  • Cavey and the Volcanic Villain

    While attending a wedding luau in Hawaii, Cavey and the Teen Angels find themselves in a mystery in which a family pearl is stolen and a legendary goddess threatens the island with continuous volcanic eruptions.  Can the gang find the pearl, catch the culprit, and end the curse?

  • The Dummy
    The Dummy
    Episode 2

    The gang is in Las Vegas to attend a ventriloquist show, but find themselves in a mystery when a millionaire's valuable jewels are stolen even though they were locked in the hotel's safe that can only be opened via a time lock. Just how did the theft occur and what connection do the ventriloquist and his dummy have to the mystery?

  • The Scarifying Seaweed Secret

    The Teen Angels and Cavey visit an island estate that's being haunted by a sea creature who is kidnapping members of a wealthy family. An inheritance is at stake and the gang must track down the trail of seaweed and other clues to capture the creature and find the missing family members.