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Captain Flamingo

Tuesday 4:30 PM on YTV Premiered Feb 07, 2006 Between Seasons


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Captain Flamingo

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Tired of being overlooked by big kids, tiny Milo Powell dons his terrycloth cape as Captain Flamingo and saves the day for little kids everywhere. With the secret help of Lizbeth, the girl next door who totally loves him, Captain Flamingo fights for justice. in a big beaked way!

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AIRED ON 7/23/2006

Season 1 : Episode 2000

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  • The writers of this show deserve to be kicked in the balls.

    Captain Flamingo? What should I say about this show? Well lets see. First of all the first few episodes of this show were great. Something that would make me wanna ignore the other show and watch. And then out of know were the show caught craptacularism. The side effects included terrible plots. Toilet humor to the max. And spoofing of other things that pretty much failed. An example of this is when 1 episode revolved around star wars. The main star of this show "Milo" is nothing more than a hypocrite. Now I can't watch any of the new episodes without critizing the whole 12 minutes.

    I'll give the show a 4.2 because at least it uses Adobe Flash quite well but it sometimes contains to much head bopping actions like if it's on a budget or something.moreless
  • Captain Flamingo started off pretty well but after the first season it went completly wacko or as every one else would say gone downhill fast.

    Milo a little kid was sick of being a kid in a world built for grownups so he discided to become a super hero to help little kids in trouble with novelty items.....WTF! The cast of the show are Milo or Captain Flamingo,Lizabith which is Milo's sidekick if you would call her that and some other's. The show started off pretty nicely in it's first episodes but after that the shows unique personality disapeared, and the episodes also had some stupid story lines and if you think about it the characters also lost there personality or in other words didnt act like them selfs. Thats why I rated the show a 5.5! Thank you for reading.

    By Michael Michaelides.moreless
  • Normally I sit through an episode of a show before criticizing it...

    Normally I sit through an episode of a show before criticizing it, but I couldn't stand anymore after the first 5 minutes!

    Captain Flamingo is such a hypocrite. The one who's really doing injustice to kids is him!

    What has happened to cartoons? 4-5 years ago, there were FOP and TGAOBAM just starting and SpongeBob was in it's prime. The 3 greatest kids' cartoons. Now FOP has been cancelled, SpongeBob seems to be getting a new episode less than once a month, no one seems to care about TGAOBAM and people have to deal with crap like "Captain Flamingo".

    The end of the world is coming! The good cartoons are dying while the bad ones are spreading (and destroying) like wildfire!moreless
  • Great Show for L\'il Kids Everywhere!

    I love this show. It totally rocks. Captain Flamingo makes me laugh. I wish this show was on every day. Captain Flamingo somehow always saves little kids in trouble with the help of his sidekick Lizbeth. Kids everywhere will really enjoy this show.

    Its really cool how he always seems to have a crazy gadget in his backpack. No matter what the trouble is he will find a gadget to save the little kid. The names of the gadgets are funny. This show is original and I hope it keeps on airing for a long time.

    I love that little square shaped boy and his sidekick too!moreless
  • ok

    This show is about a boy who has a square shaped head. his name is milo. he is a little kid, and after when he goes to this comic store, and he didn't get what he wants, he decides to become a super hero. he notices a flamingo and thinks it is so graceful and magnificent, so he decides to become.... captain flamingo!! he has a partner who's name is lizabeth and she has a crush on milo. she somehow appears every where milo is and helps him when a little kid is in trouble. he helps little kids, because according to him, no one sticks up for little kids. he's kind of absent minded because what ever lizabeth tells him, that is useful ,he thinks like it is used for something else instead.