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  • The Last Stand/Fifty Ways to Leave Your Liver
    The Last Stand: Milo's can't wait to eat his super sour lemon suckables. But wait he will as he helps Kirsten compete with Wendell for lemonade stand customers. Fifty Ways to Leave Your Liver: Milo has to escape from his mother who wants him to finish eating his liver, to save Tabitha, whose brother is making a racket while she's trying to studymoreless
  • Under There! Underwear; Exhibit: Yikes!
  • Real to Me/Blindsided
  • Pasta Your Bedtime/New Bird on the Block
  • Infield Error/Art Condition

    Infield Error: Milo's Dad is making "Flamingo-Man" hand out fliers in front of his store but, thankfully, Sanjay gets Milo out of it when he calls for Captain Flamingo's help on the baseball field Art Condition: Milo is dealing with a late assignment for Summer Science Day Camp when Kirsten needs his help. She's been drawing on the walls and trouble is just around the newly crayonified corner unless, of course, Captain Flamingo can save the day.

  • Burr in the Hand/Knot in My Backyard

    Burr in the Hand: Milo has just finished washing his trusty Big Wheel. But now will he need it to help little Max navigate the army of Burrs in his back yard? Knot in My Backyard: Milo has a knot in the laces of his dress shoes and can't get them off. In this condition, how will he be able to catch the world's teeniest streaker (Tabitha's little toddler brother)?

  • Just Looking/Outrageous Fortune Cookie
    Just Looking: Captain Flamingo helps Sanjay locate his sisters in a game of hide-and-seek.

    Outrageous Fortune Cookie: Milo's attempts to decipher the cryptic message in his fortune cookie are interrupted by a call from Rutger whose Dad has taken over his favorite video game.
  • The Good, the Bad and the L’il/Pop Goes the Milo
    The Good, the Bad and the L'il: recently-'cootie'-infected Captain Flamingo must help Otto reclaim 'Fort Chesterfield' from his older brother and friends who have laid claim to it. Pop Goes the Milo: Milo is hard at work preparing his birthday wish-list, when Max comes calling. Max just had his birthday and received a very scary (well, according to Max) pop-up book about stormsmoreless
  • Missed Manners/Domo Ari Otto, Mr. Robotto
    Missed Manners: Milo is more than happy to get away from his gaseous cat, Dishrag, to help teach Sanjay proper manners in time for the latter's big family outing to a fancy restaurant Domo Ari Otto, Mr. Robotto: It's not a good day for Milo and technology. First, he spills grape juice on Mom's computer, frying it. Now he must help Otto battle his out-of-control robot.moreless
  • Play On Words/ Present Tense
    Play On Words: Milo’s prepping for the latest of his Dad’s attempts to make him tougher when Rutger calls on Captain Flamingo to help him remember his lines for the play… that he’s starring in… that night! Present Tense: Milo needs to find a birthday gift for his not-so-easy-to-please Grandmother and help not-so-easy-to-please Ruth Ann get rid of her hives in time for her turn on picture day.moreless
  • Bunny Run/Tape That!
    Bunny Run: At the carnival, Milo wants to ride the Reversible Power Drill Ride, but first he must help Max who gets scared while in the petting zoo and accidentally lets a little bunny escape Tape That!: Milo tries to stop his Mom from making copies of his baby videos at the video store, but is interrupted when he has to save Rutger from interrogation for returning a video late.moreless
  • The Last Stand/Fifty Ways to Leave Your Liver
    The Last Stand: Milo's can't wait to eat his super sour lemon suckables. But wait he will as he helps Kirsten compete with Wendell for lemonade stand customers. Fifty Ways to Leave Your Liver: Milo has to escape from his mother who wants him to finish eating his liver, to save Tabitha, whose brother is making a racket while she's trying to studymoreless
  • Milo and the Gang Face More Problems/The Even Greater Escape
    Milo and the Gang Face More Problems: Milo is ring-bearer at his Aunt's wedding and loses the ring! But his search for it is interrupted when Avi gets into one of his messes and knocks out all the power in the neighbourhood. The Even Greater Escape: Milo must help his team's best player, Rutger, escape from his babysitter in time for them to win the driveway ball hockey championshipmoreless
  • Alien Avalanche/Thor All Over
    Alien Avalanche: Milo's garage sale preparations are interrupted by the presence of a real live Alien in the Neighbourhood. Or is it really just Avi who spilled paint on his face and has a fish bowl stuck on his head?Thor All Over: Little Thor just luvs his older brother Milo, which is why he dons Milo's Captain Flamingo costume. Will the two brothers learn to play well with each other and save Rutger from a particularly awful case of the hiccups?moreless
  • Snot Funny/ Flowers and Candy
    Snot Funny: Milo must battle through a congestive flu bug to help a foreign kid who has gotten lost in the grocery store. Flowers And Candy: Milo's Mother's Day gift for his Mom doesn't go as planned. Owen-Only tries sugar for the first time in his short life and is now bouncing around uncontrollably!moreless
  • Much Ado About A ‘Do”/ Talking to Ralph on the Big Porcelain Phone
    A local barber is offering a special on kids' haircuts. But the haircuts are a disaster! Can Milo stop the diabolical barber before his beloved Ruth Ann gets her turn in the chair?B) A long drive in the car has left Milo carsick, but his day is filled with heroic duties. Will Milo’s tummy hold out long enough for him to save Rutger from a wading pool full of disarmingly yellow water?moreless
  • A Fish Called Milo/High and Flighty
    Milo accidentally let the cat out and now he can't find her. Meanwhile… Owen-Only’s hiding from his overprotective mom who is trying to give him healthy, healthy fish oil. B) Milo and Lizbeth enter a kite-flying contest with a flamingo shaped kite, but Milo gets called away when Rutger, practicing his swing, has hit his Dad’s favorite baseball onto a skyscraper roof.moreless
  • Cheese the Day/ Beach Blanket Flamingo
    Milo runs out of processed cheese at home but luckily gets called off to help li'l Max at a fast-food joint get the attention of the staff so he can place his order. B) “Milo, Lizbeth and Owen-Only come under attack from seagulls when they enter a sand castle-building contest against Wendell at the beach.moreless
  • The Best Episode Ever/ Charge It!
    Thor jams a pop-tart into the VCR, breaking it. Milo is off to the repair shop to get it fixed. Suddenly there's a cry for help. Tabitha's in summer school and Otto threw her pencil in the air and it got stuck in the ceiling. And she needs it for her test! B) "Milo endures the horror of shopping for new school outfits where he sees Owen-Only get his head stuck in a turtleneck sweater and his head doesn't come through! Now Owen blindly staggers off and into a world of trouble.
  • Run Milo Run/Blizzard of Ooze
    Milo and Wendell are competing in the Lemming Scouts Obstacle Course when, at the worst possible moment, Sanjay gets stuck in the mud and Captain Flamingo must really put his obstacle course skills to the test.B) Avi, "The Avalanche Kid", accidentally spills an economy-sized bag of flour, then sugar, then baking soda, then (you get the picture) all over the kitchen. He's going to be in huge trouble when his mom finds out. Can Captain Flamingo rescue him in time to get is cat to the vet?moreless
  • Ten Pin Peril/Whack-a-Max
    Ruth Ann's too-big bowling shoes have made her trip and slide down a gutter lane into the inner workings of the bowling machinery! Can Captain Flamingo save her before Wendell bowls a strike? B) Max falls into a Whack-a-Mole-type game, and oblivious big kids are coming closer and closer to bonking him with the giant mallet as he randomly pops up from the holes! Will he save him in time to see Ruth Ann open his carefully chosen gift?moreless
  • Give My Backpack Back; Attack of the Girl Next Door
    A rogue band of squirrels steals the backpack in which Milo stores all the novelty items he uses to fight crime. Can Captain Flamingo outwit this band of furry critters and at the same time save Rutger's squirrel-ridden tree house? B) Tabitha, the stressed-out-over-achiever-kid has lost her electronic calendar. Can Milo find it in time to finally see the ending of his favourite movie, "Attack of the Common Houseplants"?moreless
  • Water You Worried; Portrait of a Superhero
    Milo really, really has to pee; Milo has to stay clean for a family portrait.
  • Beyond the Thundermonkey Dome; Gum Control
    The Warrior Monkey is giving wedgies; Kirsten blows a too-big bubble-gum bubble.
  • I Scream, You Scream!; Ball of Confusion
    Owen-Only out of control on rollerblades; Milo, Wendell compete at mini-putt golf.
  • Sink or Swim/Basement of Yuck
    Sink Or Swim : Milo must brave the dark and mysterious deep end of the pool to retrieve li'l Max's bathing suit all while wearing an itchy wool sweater Granny made him Basement Of Yuck : Milo's music recital plans are put on hold when Max loses his baseball mitt in the foreboding basement of his parent's home which is also home to... a big, scary spider!moreless
  • The Flamingo Has Landed/Pancake Panic
    A visit to his favorite comic book store convinces Milo Powell to become Captain Flamingo, super hero and defender of little kids everywhere. B) Milo's visit to his favorite restaurant, and his attempt to finish an adult size portion of banana nut pancakes, is interrupted by Rutger's rampaging monkey.