Captain Kangaroo

CBS (ended 1984)


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Captain Kangaroo

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One of the longest-running children's TV shows of all time, Bob Keeshan, as Captain Kangraoo, taught lessons in morality with the help of his friends: Mr. Green Jeans, Mr. Moose, and Mr. Rabbit, among others.
Hugh Brannum

Hugh Brannum

Mr. Green Jeans, The Professor, Greeno The Clown, The Old Folk Singer, Mr. Bainter The Painter

Bob Keeshan

Bob Keeshan

Captain Kangaroo

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  • Love for The Captain

    Reading all these reviews made me write my own memory of the show. I would watch every morning before school and see those baby animals and be so happy because they came from the working dairy farm that I lived on! I would get home from school and my dad would say, "Jilly guess who was here today?" And I just knew I had missed seeing Mr. Greenjeans again! I don't know if it really was Mr. Greenjeans that came to pick up the animals or if my dad was just teasing me, but I still believe it to this day! And the next morning, there would be a piglet or lamb and I would know exactly where they had come from! I sure wish we could see those old episodes again today!moreless
  • The rabbit was the Best

    Bob made a rabbit that did not talk a focal point for teaching. Wish the teachers today would watch the show now. Maybe we could move the teachers to an understanding of real teaching vs trying to be a factory of education that produces defective parts all day long.
  • It's Raining Ping Pong Balls!

    I remember this Show growing up.I used to think It was Hysterical when Mr. Moose Would Trick Captain Kangaroo and And Ping Pong Balls would Fall All Over The Place.The Days When the Morality Lessons were more subtle,Not Heavy Handed Like in Todays Shows.i guess Fun in Kids Shows,With a Few Exeptions, is Not Politicly Correct anymore.Where are The Ping Pong Balls When you Need them?
  • My dad

    My dad was filmed at the WTC washing windows and interviewed for this show- anyone know how to get a hold of old episodes- it would mean the world to us to have it as we lost him on 9/11 .
  • Captain Kangaroo

    My cousin and i was on your show back in the 60s' How would i go about getting to see your old shows? I can't ask my mom or aunt if they ever recorded it. But i would really love to see it and show my grandkids and kids that their mom was on tv on a kids show