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CBS (ended 1984)

Meeting Mister Rogers

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    I will never forget Captain Kangaroo. i think they tried a new version of the show a few years ago. Among other things there was the cartoons like Tom Terrific. But this is about the time Mister Rogers had Bob on his show. Seeing Captain Kangaroo with Mister Rogers was a treat. I considere Mister Rogers a modern day version of the Captain. I had a younger sister who grew up with Mister Rogers and Sesame Street. Being the only child whern everyone else where teenagers she did not get up early enought to watch Captain Kangaroo. The early news shows is of course one of the reasons the show got canceled. One of the last versions was Wake Up with the Capta
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    I think alot of changes occured from the 50's to present day and that the emergence of day-cares, pre-kindergarten and just plain lifestyle changes. Alot of mothers stayed home back then, my mom did and the best way to occupy the kids in the morning was to put on the programs like Captain Kangaroo, Romper Room, Mister Rogers etc. I like the fact that both Captain Kangaroo and Mister Rogers instilled values and manners something which is lacking in today's society. No wonder the kids are turning into brats just watch Super Nanny.
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    There was noone like Captain Kangaroo. Even after his show went off the air he worked for what was best for kids.

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