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  • I'm proud to say, in my memory Captain Kangaroo is a perfect TV series!

    Captain Kangaroo was and still is the best children's TV series every produced. I watched it during the late 1950s and through most of the 1960s. To me this was the Golden Age of TV and the Captain helped me learn about life, what was right and what was wrong, and gave me a foundation that lasts even to today.

    I have to thank the Captain for his part in making me someone people say they can and do look up to. It isn't me, though; it is because of people like Captain Kangaroo, Mr. Green Jeans, Mr. Moose, and many others, including God.

    I didn't have a real life male figure in my life. The Captain, though, was similar to a wonderful Grandfather who would visit with me every day.

    He helped the late baby boomers and beyond grows up. In my opinion, he gave us take a slightly different take on life than our earlier brothers and sisters (who became teenagers and young adults in the 1960s).

    I'm proud to say, in my memory Captain Kangaroo is a perfect TV series!
  • This show was so great, I wish they still played it for my kids.

    This show was so great, I wish they still played it for my kids. I really miss it. It brings back such wonderful memories! I especially loved Mr. Green Jeans and Mr. Moose. To this day, I love mooses! I hope that someday they play reruns on Nick at Night or some other network as I think it is worth it. I would make my kids watch it even though they are grown up now. I do have nephews that would love it, too. I think children's shows are too grown up nowadays. They don't focus so much on being proud of who you are like the Captain did. This show will always be in my heart!
  • One of the best -- if not THE best -- children's TV shows of all time.

    Captain Kangaroo's gentle, positive, patient approach is sorely missed these days. Bob Keeshan had a gift for making his young viewers feel as if he was talking only to them. His warmth and kindness came vividly through the TV screen, making children feel loved. One big reason is that he didn't talk down to them; he simply talked TO them. He was a friend to all the young people who watched him.

    The show had a laid-back, leisurely pace that is not common today. Hard to imagine a show in this day and age putting on segments such as The Town Clown or Dancing Bear. Certainly, there are some fine children's shows on the air these days, but there are few that give children credit for intelligence and patience the way that Captain Kangaroo did.

    The show mixed caring and nurturing with silliness and fun. That's a rare combination. It's what made every morning with the Captain special.

    Here's to you, Captain, along with Mr. Green Jeans, Mr. Moose, Bunny Rabbit, Dennis, Dancing Bear, Grandfather Clock, Fred on Channel One, Tom Terrific, the Banana Man, Mr. Baxter, etc., etc. But, mainly, here's to you, Bob Keeshan, for creating one of the best -- if not THE best -- children's TV shows of all time.
  • Captain Kangaroo teaches small children about the world around them in a manner that is easy for them to understand but is never condescending.

    Before Mister Rogers, before Sesame Street, there was Captain Kangaroo. To give an example of how influential a show this was for children, I'll relay a personal story. I don't necessarily recall many details of a lot of old shows I've seen. One that I remember clearly however was an episode of this show that I watched as a very small girl in which the Captain had an owl expert on as a guest. That was where I first learned that an owl can turn its head all the way around. Or at least I went through life thinking that's what I had learned. Apparently it turns out owls can't really do this, it just appears that they can because of the way they turn their heads. But the point, I guess is, that I remembered seeing the owl on the show, and it fascinated me and has stayed with me all these years. :)
  • Bunny rabbit need a carriot!

    Where was I growing up in the 1960's? I was in front of my TV set watching Captain Kangaroo. He's my role model. I proud to say that I grew up with him in the 1960's. Among my favorites are Mr. Moose and his ping pong balls, Mr. Green Jeans and his tiny little animals, Bunny Rabbit and his carriots, and the Town Clown. these are the people whom I grow up with. I tune in to my favorite CBS station on a given weekday morning and he's there. The 1960's may be a terrible time, but the Captain is there for me.
  • It's Raining Ping Pong Balls!

    I remember this Show growing up.I used to think It was Hysterical when Mr. Moose Would Trick Captain Kangaroo and And Ping Pong Balls would Fall All Over The Place.The Days When the Morality Lessons were more subtle,Not Heavy Handed Like in Todays Shows.i guess Fun in Kids Shows,With a Few Exeptions, is Not Politicly Correct anymore.Where are The Ping Pong Balls When you Need them?
  • This show was one of the few I watched when I was a kid!

    I can remember sitting in front of the tv watching the Captain and the rabbit! And those ping pong balls! OMG! It was great! Mr. Greenjeans! It was a wonderful show that taught kids so much. I hate that my children didn't have the chance to watch it! The Captain was my friend! And what were the pages you could get? I can't remember! I miss Captain Kangaroo and Mr. Greenjeans! Children today just don't have the wonderful shows that I remember as a kid! HR Puffnstuff! Zoom! Electric Company! But The Captain was the greatest!
    I miss all those ping pong balls falling!
  • What more can be said about the best children's TV show ever? Born in 1958 I grew up with the Captian as my babysitter in my early years while mom got breakfast ready. What a wonderful way to grow up.

    Thank you Captian, Mr. Green Jeans (and his animals & inventions), Dennis, Mr. Moose, Bunny Rabbit, the Worms, the Frogs, Grandfather Clock, Cornelius the Walrus, Mr. Bainter, the Old Folksinger, the Professor, Fred, Magic Drawing Board, Mrs. Mouse (that mouse house doorbell will live in my memory forever along with Puffin' Billy, the show's theme song), the Homans, the Town Clown, Mr. Mayor, Dancing Bear, Rollo the Rhino, Tom Terrific, Lariat Sam, and Debbie (a tragic loss; 'sniff'). The show may be gone, but it will live in my memory forever.

    God Bless Captain Kangaroo!

    Sunland, CA
  • have you ever?

    Think Muppets, or Nickelodian and then think 40 to 50 years ago, and Bob Keshan, as the friendly, gentle, funny, story teller, Captain Kangaroo, was ours.

    There were regulars on his show, Mr. Green Jeans, who, correct me if I am wrong, was Tom Posten and many other characters.

    Classic quality childrens programming, a precursor to and model for all others to come.

    We love you Captain.

    That was my 8 year old self stopping by for a reprise.
  • Captain Kangaroo

    My cousin and i was on your show back in the 60s' How would i go about getting to see your old shows? I can't ask my mom or aunt if they ever recorded it. But i would really love to see it and show my grandkids and kids that their mom was on tv on a kids show

  • This show influenced my childhood in a good way.

    I watched this show when I was a child back in the 70s. I still have memories of it. I never did like those ping pong balls falling on the Captain's head. I guess I thought it was mean and never understood why he didn't expect it! It happened everytime. And the one thing I really won't ever forget was the song about brushing your teeth. "Brush your teeth. Round and Round. Circle small. Gums and all." I was just thinking of it the other day while I was brushing. I guess it did me some good. I still have all my teeth. And Mr. Greenjeans was great.
  • Great Kids Show.

    In the annals of televison, few children's programs ever made as much impact as Captain Kangaroo. Hosted by Bob Keeshan (at one time, he played Howdy Doody's friend, Clarabell) from the appropriately-named Captain's Place, the Captain was so named because he always wore an overcoat with large, kangaroo-like pouches. Each show featured stories, skits, vaudeville acts, songs, games and other educational activities. Captain Kangaroo's friends were Mr. Green Jeans (who always brought an animal to the show); Dennis, an apprentice handyman and do-it-all person; and Mr. Moose and Bunny Rabbit. Bunny was always mute, but made his point ever-so-cleverly, while Mr. Moose always tricked the Captain into allowing him to stand under a shower of pingpong balls. As the show got on in years, new features were added, including Uncle Backwards (a tape of some simple action, such as peeling an orange or building a doghouse, shown in reverse); "Picture Pages," a matching activity hosted by Bill Cosby; and Slim Goodbody, which taught children about health, nutrition and physical fitness. Many actors, actresses and singers guest starred. In the early 1980s, new formats were attempted, all without success including the early morning "Wake Up with the Captain" (which starred new puppet friends and employed the joke-of-the-day); by 1984, the show ended its 29-year CBS run. During the early 1990s, Bob Keeshan hosted a daily series airing on PBS; it featured clips from the classic program along with new footage.

  • Wishing it was still on TV. Children this day and time need someone like Captain Kangaroo to look up too. Often times todays role models fail us.

    I remember watching this show as a child, but my greatest memory of the Captain Kangaroo show was when I got to meet him in person. Captain Kangaroo came to Thomasville Georgia and was the grand marshal of our rose bud parade for children. I got to even hug Captain Kangaroo as a child and still have the pictures of him in Thomasville to this day. We need shows like this one on our Televisions today. Shows that the parents don't have to worry about their children hearing cuss words, or seeing people getting shot, or raped, or beaten up. Was Cap't Kangaroo violence on TV? yes, if you consider how many times he got hit on the head with ping-pong balls. But Bob Keeshan was a role model to children years ago, and I can't recall one time that he was caught having an affair, or a drug problem, or any thing else like our so-called role models do today. This was a great man, great show, and great time for TV, and children's programming. I'm 36 years old now and I'm here to tell you if they showed reruns of Cap't Kangaroo I would probably be glued to my TV. I loved this show, and I love the man behind it, because things he taught me as a child, I have carried with me till this day. Thank you Cap't and may you Rest in Peace and I can't wait to hug you again in Heaven.
  • Good Morning Captain!

    I loved this classic children's show because it was gentle. My aunt even nicknamed Bunny Rabbit "Bun Bun".

    The show changed in the 1970's with the addition of Debbie Weems as well as a new theme song, Good Morning Captain. Even the opening had famous people wishing the Captain good morning (one opening had Brett Somers, Charles Nelson Reilly, Richard Dawson, Gene Rayburn & Johnny Olsen from Match Game 7X).

    Another reason I get a laugh out of the Captain when Mr. Moose would drop ping pong balls on the Captain. Remote Control did that on an episode & Ken Ober quipped, "We owe a residual to Captain Kangaroo!"

    But when the 1980's came, it would be the end. CBS had to get into the morning news band wagon & bump the Captain early in the morning, followed by weekends. That version was later seen in reruns on PBS.

    Wonderful series overall!
  • The Captain Kangaroo show was so wonderful! I grew up watching it. I learned so much from it and enjoyed all the extras that would come by to visit each day. I wish they would rerun the old shows as i know I would watch them!

    Captain Kagaroo was so influential to the children who watched and loved him. It was like a wonderful grandfather came to visit each day with lots of surprises. I watched faithfully everyday as I was born in 1960. I have a stuffed Captain Kangaroo doll that I cherish. I feel that if kids had someone on TV to watch each morning like Captain Kangaroo, children would be much better off than with all the stupid cartoon shows that are just that, all show and no substance.

    aptain Kangaroo was and is a personal favorite of mine and I will always be grateful that he had a big influence on me and the person I became when I grew up.
  • To be a teenager in this day in age is hard enough yet alone trying to bring up our kids now. Home and Away gives that sense of confidence to be able to cope and understand what can and could happen to any kids or adults in real life.

    To be a teenager in this day in age is hard enough yet alone trying to bring up our kids now. Home and Away gives that sense of confidence to be able to cope and understand what can and could happen to any kids or adults in real life. I myself have had a few experiences like anyone else and too have this show in my life it is like a blessing.
  • Love for The Captain

    Reading all these reviews made me write my own memory of the show. I would watch every morning before school and see those baby animals and be so happy because they came from the working dairy farm that I lived on! I would get home from school and my dad would say, "Jilly guess who was here today?" And I just knew I had missed seeing Mr. Greenjeans again! I don't know if it really was Mr. Greenjeans that came to pick up the animals or if my dad was just teasing me, but I still believe it to this day! And the next morning, there would be a piglet or lamb and I would know exactly where they had come from! I sure wish we could see those old episodes again today!
  • coloring contest

    Hi all does anyone have the national coloring contest I slightly remember I won and would like to watch that show to confirm
  • The rabbit was the Best

    Bob made a rabbit that did not talk a focal point for teaching. Wish the teachers today would watch the show now. Maybe we could move the teachers to an understanding of real teaching vs trying to be a factory of education that produces defective parts all day long.
  • My dad

    My dad was filmed at the WTC washing windows and interviewed for this show- anyone know how to get a hold of old episodes- it would mean the world to us to have it as we lost him on 9/11 .