Captain Kangaroo

CBS (ended 1984)


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  • The Captain Kangaroo show was so wonderful! I grew up watching it. I learned so much from it and enjoyed all the extras that would come by to visit each day. I wish they would rerun the old shows as i know I would watch them!

    Captain Kagaroo was so influential to the children who watched and loved him. It was like a wonderful grandfather came to visit each day with lots of surprises. I watched faithfully everyday as I was born in 1960. I have a stuffed Captain Kangaroo doll that I cherish. I feel that if kids had someone on TV to watch each morning like Captain Kangaroo, children would be much better off than with all the stupid cartoon shows that are just that, all show and no substance.

    aptain Kangaroo was and is a personal favorite of mine and I will always be grateful that he had a big influence on me and the person I became when I grew up.