Captain Kangaroo

CBS (ended 1984)


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  • Wishing it was still on TV. Children this day and time need someone like Captain Kangaroo to look up too. Often times todays role models fail us.

    I remember watching this show as a child, but my greatest memory of the Captain Kangaroo show was when I got to meet him in person. Captain Kangaroo came to Thomasville Georgia and was the grand marshal of our rose bud parade for children. I got to even hug Captain Kangaroo as a child and still have the pictures of him in Thomasville to this day. We need shows like this one on our Televisions today. Shows that the parents don't have to worry about their children hearing cuss words, or seeing people getting shot, or raped, or beaten up. Was Cap't Kangaroo violence on TV? yes, if you consider how many times he got hit on the head with ping-pong balls. But Bob Keeshan was a role model to children years ago, and I can't recall one time that he was caught having an affair, or a drug problem, or any thing else like our so-called role models do today. This was a great man, great show, and great time for TV, and children's programming. I'm 36 years old now and I'm here to tell you if they showed reruns of Cap't Kangaroo I would probably be glued to my TV. I loved this show, and I love the man behind it, because things he taught me as a child, I have carried with me till this day. Thank you Cap't and may you Rest in Peace and I can't wait to hug you again in Heaven.