Captain Kangaroo - Season 21

CBS (ended 1984)


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Episode Guide

  • Phil Donahue Show
    Phil Donahue Show
    Episode 15
    Mr. Greenjeans invents a way of making carrot greens into clothing. The Captain arranges for the invention to be shown on the Phil Donahue Show, in spite of Mr. Greenjeans's protest that the material should be tested first. Phil Donahue is greatly impressed by this form of clothing production (which the Captain named "Greenwear"), but doesn't notice when the Greenwear suits worn by the Captain, Mr. Greenjeans, and Dennis are starting to grow, causing carrot greens to sprout from the cloth. They don't get a chance to warn him, so when Phil shows off Greenwear on his TV show, his suit succumbs as well! Luckily, he is in good spirits about it-the studio audience went wild over the joke.moreless
  • Dolly Parton visits the Captain's Place
    Dolly Parton is in town, and comes to see the Captain to ask if Dancing Bear would want to be in her show. Unfortunately, he is on vacation, but the Captain thinks perhaps the Little Marching Band might do instead...Of course, she always just barely misses them...
  • The Amusement Park
    The Amusement Park
    Episode 1
    The Captain and his friends visit their friend Mr. Willowby, who needs their help with his amusement park, which might have to close for lack of visitors.