Captain N & the Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3

NBC (ended 1991)


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Captain N & the Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3

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The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 was based on the hugely successful NES game, Super Mario Bros. 3. It was aired as two episodes along with the second season of Captain N: The Game Master. See that guide for the Captain N cast list and episodes. The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 was produced by DIC. Words to the Opening Sequence: It is a legend no one will forget. Everyone thought King Koopa had left the Mushroom Kingdom. And then his Doom Ship attacked! King Koopa was back with the greatest danger ever known: his Koopa kids. Using their new super powers, the Super Mario Brothers rescued Princess Toadstool and beat back the evil Koopa family. King Koopa: I'll get those plumbers! At first the Koopalings did not have real names because at the the time when the company was making the cartoon they did not know what their names would be, so they made up names for each of the Koopa kids. So the Koopa kids not having their real names in this cartoon is not a mistake or goof. Here are their real and cartoon names: Wendy = Kootie Pie Larry = Cheatsy Ludwig = Kooky Morton = Big Mouth Roy = Bully Lemmy = Hip Iggy = Hop NOTE: For continuity's sake, please refer to the koopalings by their cartoon names in your submissions. Also King Koopa (Bowser) not looking the way he does in the games is not a goof either. NOTE: Though he was called Bowser a few times in this cartoon, he is mainly known as King Koopa, so the guide will usually refer to him as Koopa for continuity's sake. Please refer to him as Koopa in your submissions. NOTE: On the cartoons, Princess Toadstool was never called Peach (her name in all the current games), so the guide will usually refer to her as Princess or Princess Toadstool for continuity's sake. Please refer to her as Princess in your submissions.


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  • Tracey Moore

    Tracey Moore

    voice of Princess Toadstool

    Tara Strong

    Tara Strong

    voice of Hip Koopa / Hop Koopa

    Walker Boone

    Walker Boone

    voice of Mario

    Dan Hennessey

    Dan Hennessey

    voice of Big Mouth Koopa

    Greg Morton

    Greg Morton

    Additional Voices

    John Stocker

    John Stocker

    voice of Toad

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    • Interacting with the real world?

      A cartoon interacting with the real world? If that happens in real life, our world would as screwed up with no quick fix to it. And how Toad looked like he was wearing a hat all this time? Don't get me started.
    • Brings me back.

      This is the first Mario Bros. cartoon series I've ever watched. For the longest time, before I visited the internet, I was frustrated and never did understand why some song were edited out during syndication. But now, since I got the internet, I am no longer stressed over what was removed and I think they did the right thing. What was removed were pirated lyrics of the popular music by the Koopalings and on the Milli Vanilli episode were the pirated recordings of the Milli Vanilli songs. DiC replaced those copyright music to avoid being sued for copyright infringement, in which that's what happened to Richard Williams when he was working on "The Thief and Cobbler" and got fired for bootlegging. I will respect what was replaced, even if they did made "Kootie Pie Rocks" ignorant looking. I love this cartoon. Man, those were the days.moreless
    • My favorite out of all the cartoons, but once again this show has flaws.

      This show is The Adventures of Super Mario Bros . 3. It aired side by side with season 2 of Captain N. It was the second Mario Cartoon to be on TV. It's based off a popular NES game made by Nintendo, and yes, it was produced by DIC Entertainment.

      Out of all the Mario cartoons, this one is my favorite, but just like Super Mario World, it has flaws.

      Let's start off shall we?

      The first thing that's a flaw is all of the koopaling's names. Larry is called Cheatsy, Roy is called Bully, Wendy is called Kootie Pie, Ludwig is called Kooky, Morton is called Big Mouth, and Iggy and Lemmy are called Hop and Hip. Not only that but in this series the villian, who is of course King Koopa, is mentioned as Bowser a few times in this show.

      Another thing that's a flaw is that in some of the episodes, it shows Mario and the gang in the re world. Wait...WHAT?!?! Why would you make Mario and his gang go to the real world?!?! I mean, really? I don't care if there in Brooklyn, which was where they are from, but I do not like them in Miami, Washington D.C, or anywhere else besides Brooklyn, that's not where they belong!!

      Also, this show has musical numbers, there not as bad as Super Mario World's musical numbers, but there not good! I mean, it's like DIC dosen't have good singers anymore! Now, for the things I like in this show is the animation. The animation looks pretty good for a Mario Cartoon. The voice acting is better, it was good in SMBSS, but not as good as TAOSMB3.

      Anyway, this a good cartoon to check out on YouTube.

      Final Score: 7.0

      Grade: B

    • Better than the predecessor, but it still has flaws.

      "The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3" aired for 13 episodes on NBC from 1990-1990. Yes I know it was very short-lived. Anyway, it was the 2nd cartoon show based on Nintendo's most popular video game series of all time "Mario". This one is based on "Super Mario Bros. 3" wich was the new Mario game at the time this show came out. Like it's predecessor it was produced by DiC Entertainment, and also like "The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!" it contained some canonical errors. In this show's case the main one is: the Koopalings's names.

      Larry is now called Cheatsy,

      Roy is now Bully,

      Wendy is Kootie-Pie

      Lemmy is Pip

      Iggy is Pop

      Morton is Big-Mouth

      and Ludwig is Kooky.

      Also, by this time King Koopa's first name Bowser was already revealed, and most of the time in this show they still call him Koopa.

      Probably the only things I hated about this show (besides the koopaling names being different) were: too many animation mistakes. And them going into the real world. That's just stupid. Why would Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Toad go to the real world. They should've stuck with the Mushroom Kingdom. I absolutely hated the ones where the go to the real world. Overall this show is good. It's better than "Super Show" and it's very fun to watch, and if you ask me, this one has a bigger Nintendo-feel than the other two. This is the best Mario cartoon.

      Rating: 71% "Good"

      -Cartoon Kingmoreless
    • When DiC renewed the Super Mario Bros. franchise for another series, they made drastic improvements that are sadly underappreciated!

      I don't think I'll ever figure out why everybody believes that "The Super Mario Bros. Super Show" was the best of Mario's animated series. That series had too many episodes with the Mario Bros. and their bosom buddies Peach and Toad going to a ridiculous land that usually doesn't exist in the games, only to end up having to save said land from Bowser, and being forced through an out-of-place movie parody while they're at it. Nevertheless, DiC Entertainment made the right choice as to when to release the show ('cause, you know, in 1989, nobody cared how crappy something so long as it featured Mario or the Ninja Turtles), and they managed to get surprisingly high ratings in spite of the dodgy writing and bad animation. So it was only appropriate that they decided to give Nintendo's mascot another run in animation even after they had ended production of the original series.

      "The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3", shown in an hour-length show with "Captain N"'s second season, is based on the NES game Super Mario Bros. 3, which had been released in Japan in 1988, got big-screen exposure in "The Wizard", and made its way to American store shelves and the hands of over 17 million customers several months prior to this show's premiere. For whatever reason, I'm probably one of the few people who finds this superior to its syndicated predecessor. And you'd think it would be the best, considering that it actually managed to beat "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles", whose time slot it shared, in the ratings.

      Bowser... um, excuse me, "King Koopa", is back for revenge for his 51 losses in the 52 animated episodes of the previous series (the official descriptions DiC has used in recent years claim that he has escaped from some place called the Banishment Zone, but this is never actually mentioned in the show itself), but instead of mooching minions from Wart, this time he is joined by his seven Koopalings who were introduced in the aforementioned game. Larry, Morton, Wendy, Iggy, Roy, Lemmy, and Ludwig were a lot more prominent in the early half of the 1990s than they appear to be today, showing up only in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga and, if the rumors are correct, the forthcoming New Super Mario Bros., and apparently DiC must've thought they'd get to be big characters, to the point that they've decided to give the kids strange nicknames based on their personalities and appearances. At least, I assume they're nicknames. 'Cause if they're not, then somebody screwed up!

      Bowser's favorite minions aren't the only changes this show has from the one it followed. In "The SMB Super Show", there didn't seem to be any continuity at all. This time, the writers don't stick the Mario Bros. group into random locations for no apparent reason other than to rip off something that "Tiny Toon Adventures" could've just as easily done. Now, whenever the characters go traveling, they just need to visit the eight worlds featured in Super Mario Bros. 3! Additionally, even though they had less time between the game's release and the show's premiere than they did between SMB2's release and "The Super Show"'s premiere, most of what happens in this show fits in better with the games' continuity; in other words, there aren't as many game-relation errors here. For example, when Bowser flees from Fiery Mario in "A Toadally Magical Adventure", it's obviously in reference to the fact that Bowser is easily beaten by fireballs in the NES games!

      So does the show have any problems? Yes, it does. Some people complain that the animation got worse in this series. Given that the animation of "The SMB Super Show" was already lackluster to begin with, I don't really much of a difference. For me, the big problem comes in the gang's semi-weekly trips to Earth. For some reason, they always, ALWAYS refer to it as "the Real World". Does this mean that the characters are aware that they don't actually exist? How do they feel about that? Furthermore, even though the writers seem to have managed to play more of SMB3 than they apparently did with the first two, poorly-written episodes full of plot holes are still around, such as in "Princess Toadstool For President" and "The Ugly Mermaid".

      Overall, though, I feel that "The Adventures of SMB3" is the best of the three Super Mario Bros. cartoon shows, or at least the most preferable. I would recommend that new fans of Mario check it out before they see "The Super Show", but there's only one DVD of this show available right now, and it doesn't look like Shout! Factory is interested in giving it the treatment they're giving the original.moreless

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