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    I own all of these cartoons (both originally & on box sets) & I'm sure most of you remember these cartoons I did, & it really takes a trip back down memory lane. "The Super Mario Bros. Super Show" had 52 episodes, while "The Adventures Of Super Mario Bros. 3" had 26 episodes, & "Super Mario World" had only 13. I just wished there were more episodes for those last two mario cartoons. Also, they should've had a more appropriate ending for the Super Show, where King Bowser Koopa was sent to the Banishment Zone, & the Mario Brothers sealed off the entrance with 10,000 bricks (It was explained in the SMB3 bonus disc). Not only that, they should've had a episode showing explaining how he got out of there, & brought along his kids with him.

    Namely, although I liked all three of them, both "The Adventures Of Super Mario Bros. 3" & "Super Mario World" were more faithfully to the games than "The Super Mario Bros. Super Show" was. I mean, look at the huge differences:

    SMBSS: Mario constantly talks about food.
    SMB3 & SMW: He rarely talks about food.

    SMBSS: Luigi was always a coward, & sometimes he isn't.
    SMB3 & SMW: Luigi would help mario & the others battle bad guys,even though he's sometimes scared.

    SMBSS: Princess Peach Toadstool almost constantly gets kidnapped.
    SMB3 & SMW: Princess Peach Toadstool only gets captures in a few episodes, plus not to mention that she helps out the mario's battle King Bowser Koopa & his minions.

    SMBSS: There were too many "lands" that were never in the game (Rap Land, Pastaland, Riverland, etc.).
    SMB3 & SMW: All of the lands that were in the games are faithfully there, & thankfully, there weren't any other "lands" like the Super Show had.

    SMBSS: The heroes run away from weaker enemies like utter wussies (A goomba, for example!).
    SMB3 & SMW: The heroes fight back, & not always cower from them.

    SMBSS: The heroes would also hide themselves from Bowser & his henchmen whenever they see them, & sometimes they don't. Plus, speaking of henchmen, most of them were from Super Mario Bros. 2, including the main ones: Triclyde, Fryguy, & Mouser, which they were truly Wart's henchmen.
    SMB3 & SMW: The heroes wouldn't hide themselves from them too much from the villains, they would fight them off. Also, the villains that were in the games were all faithfully there, & they weren't any out of place ones like the Super Show had.

    SMBSS: There were less power-ups.
    SMB3 & SMW: There were lots of power-ups.

    SMBSS: The episodes featured too many parodies that were from movies, TV shows, or fairy tales.
    SMB3 & SMW: They had none of that.

    If I'm missing anything, please let me know.

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    I like the SMB3 one the best because out of the whole series, it's the only one that's the closest with the games (Even though I also liked the other two as well). SMW had freaking cavemen. Another thing I also noticed is that the episodes divided each series.

    52 - 26 = 26 - 13 = 13
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    Well don't forget that in SMBSS the star gave them fire power, and the music seemed to be random sometimes. SBM# the music matchs up, and reminds me of the awesome game.
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    I love all the cartoon series. I have the super Mario bros. 3 dvd set but I sure wish I had the super show set and super Mario world!
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