Captain N & the Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3

NBC (ended 1991)


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  • My favorite out of all the cartoons, but once again this show has flaws.

    This show is The Adventures of Super Mario Bros . 3. It aired side by side with season 2 of Captain N. It was the second Mario Cartoon to be on TV. It's based off a popular NES game made by Nintendo, and yes, it was produced by DIC Entertainment.

    Out of all the Mario cartoons, this one is my favorite, but just like Super Mario World, it has flaws.

    Let's start off shall we?

    The first thing that's a flaw is all of the koopaling's names. Larry is called Cheatsy, Roy is called Bully, Wendy is called Kootie Pie, Ludwig is called Kooky, Morton is called Big Mouth, and Iggy and Lemmy are called Hop and Hip. Not only that but in this series the villian, who is of course King Koopa, is mentioned as Bowser a few times in this show.

    Another thing that's a flaw is that in some of the episodes, it shows Mario and the gang in the re world. Wait...WHAT?!?! Why would you make Mario and his gang go to the real world?!?! I mean, really? I don't care if there in Brooklyn, which was where they are from, but I do not like them in Miami, Washington D.C, or anywhere else besides Brooklyn, that's not where they belong!!

    Also, this show has musical numbers, there not as bad as Super Mario World's musical numbers, but there not good! I mean, it's like DIC dosen't have good singers anymore! Now, for the things I like in this show is the animation. The animation looks pretty good for a Mario Cartoon. The voice acting is better, it was good in SMBSS, but not as good as TAOSMB3.

    Anyway, this a good cartoon to check out on YouTube.

    Final Score: 7.0

    Grade: B

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