Captain N & the Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3

Season 1 Episode 11

Up, Up, And A Koopa / 7 Continents For 7 Koopas

Aired Unknown Nov 17, 1990 on NBC
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Up, Up, And A Koopa / 7 Continents For 7 Koopas
Up, Up, And A Koopa
Everything on the ground is suddenly floating up to Skyland and the cause is Kooky's Raiser-Upper machine. On top of that, Skyland's Emperor Ed is a prisoner of the Koopas. King Koopa's attempt to increase the Raiser-Upper's power setting halts his scheme and frees Emperor Ed. Warned of the situation, Mario and Luigi intend to confront King Koopa and Kooky. Meanwhile, Toad and Princess Toadstool try to tie everything in the Mushroom Kingdom down. The Raiser-Upper machine is soon back online and more powerful than ever. When Mario and Luigi get captured, Toad and Princess Toadstool must find the legendary P-Wings to help save the day.

7 Continents For 7 Koopas
Mario, Luigi, Toad and Princess Toadstool hope to enjoy a nice day of swimming. However, the Doomship suddenly appears – forcing them to take cover in the lake. Bad move, as it turns out that the Doomship is dangerously overheating. The lake is partly drained and Princess Toadstool winds up being along for the ride. Also, King Koopa has a plan that takes the Doomship to the real world. From there, the seven different Koopalings attack the seven different continents. Even worse, the Koopa Klogger keeps the Mario Bros. and Toad in the Mushroom Kingdom. It's up to Princess Toadstool to save the day.moreless

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    Tony Rosato

    Tony Rosato

    voice of Luigi

    Harvey Atkin

    Harvey Atkin

    voice of King Koopa

    Walker Boone

    Walker Boone

    voice of Mario

    Tara Strong

    Tara Strong

    voice of Hip Koopa / Hop Koopa

    Greg Morton

    Greg Morton

    Additional Voices

    Stuart Stone

    Stuart Stone

    Additional Voices

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    • TRIVIA (4)

      • This is the second time I'm a Hurricane is played, thus making it the second song to play a second time in the series.

      • "In 7 Continents For 7 Koopas": When Mario restores South America to it's original jungle using the magic wand, Hop jumps up on a tree. In the next scene though, we see Hip that's there.

      • "In 7 Continents For 7 Koopas": When King Koopa tells Kooky to activate the Koopa Clogger, he says "With pleasure Pop!" and runs off. Bully standing next to him, moves his mouth with Kooky's lines, but no sound comes out.

      • "7 Continents For 7 Koopas" After the scene where Hop is assigned to south America, we see what it appears to be Hip and Cheatsy dropping to the real world. Cheatsy, however, already dropped to the real world moments ago.

    • QUOTES (9)

      • Emperor Ed: This is an outrage! When my people find out they'll revolt. They're extremely revolting people!

      • Mario: I'd hate to say it, but King Koopa finally won out! Looks like curtains for Mushroom land!
        Luigi: And Venetian blinds too!

      • Toad: It's really hard to control these racoon-powered wings! I must look ridiculous.
        Princess: Don't be so self-conscious. It's not like you're on television with millions of people watching you.

      • Toad: It's hopeless! All this junk! Frankly princess I didn't know you were such a secret slob!
        Princess:(Sighs) Look! You can't expect me to run a kingdom and then have time to take out the garbage, too!

      • Toad:(Seeing the castle room is a dump) By gosh! Did anyone believe in taking out the trash? This place looks like landfill heaven!

      • Mario: Hey, Rocky Wrench! If you let us out of this cage, this yummy chocolate bar will be yours!
        (Rocky Wrench just growls)
        Luigi: Well, how about letting us borrow one of your wrenches?
        (R.W grows angry and throws a wrench at both)
        Mario: Okay, that's it! See if we ask you along on our next plumbing job!

      • Koopa: This is easier than pulling teeth! And it's just as much fun!

      • Kooky: Emporer Ed flew the Koopa Koop!
        (Raiser-upper is malfunctioning)
        Koopa: Rats! Everything's going wrong!
        Kooky: Boy, King Dad! You really did a number on my Koopa raiser-upper! Now it's a real downer!
        Koopa: Never mind what I did, Kooky! Just fix it!

      • Peach: Oh! This is terrible! Everything's going up! Even the ice cream man!
        Luigi: Hey! Tell him I want a root beer float!
        Peach:(Annoyed)There's very important stuff going on here, Luigi.
        Luigi: Heh heh. Sorry.

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