Captain N and the New Super Mario World

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Captain N and the New Super Mario World

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Super Mario World was based off the popular video game of the same name and continued the Super Mario cartoon series. With Mario, Luigi and Princess Toadstool on Dinosaur Island and Yoshi replacing Toad and with them foiling the plans of King Koopa and his Koopa kids. This cartoon aired side-by-side with Season 3 of Captain N: The Game Master. See that guide for the shared Captain N cast list and episodes. Super Mario World was produced by DIC. At first the Koopalings did not have real names because at the the time when the company was making the cartoon they did not know what their names would be, so they made up names for each of the Koopa kids. So the Koopa kids not having their real names in this cartoon is not a mistake or goof. Here are their real and cartoon names: Wendy = Kootie Pie Larry = Cheatsy Ludwig = Kooky Morton = Big Mouth Roy = Bully Lemmy = Hip Iggy = Hop Also King Koopa (Bowser) not looking the way he does in the games is not a goof either.moreless

    November 13, 2007 DVD Releases

  • Tracey Moore

    Tracey Moore

    voice of Princess Toadstool

    Tara Strong

    Tara Strong

    voice of Hip Koopa / Hop Koopa

    Walker Boone

    Walker Boone

    voice of Mario

    Dan Hennessey

    Dan Hennessey

    voice of Big Mouth Koopa

    Andrew Sabiston

    Andrew Sabiston

    voice of Yoshi

    John Stocker

    John Stocker

    voice of Oogtar

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    • Not too good, but it's alright.

      The scenes weren't too well written, but at least it makes the Simpsons look child unfriendly.
    • Could have been better.

      If you were to ask me,

      "What was the first Mario cartoon you watched?"

      Then the answer will probably be "Super Mario World".

      "Super Mario World" was the third and final cartoon that was based on Nintendo's popular video game series called "Super Mario". It premiered in 1991 and it aired side-by-side with Season 3 of "Captain N: The Game Master" as an hour-long block called "Captain N And The New Super Mario World". Now, like I said, this was the first Mario cartoon I watched, and personally, I wished I watched "The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3" because this show was very disappointing to say the least. Why? I will tell you.

      The show centers around your favorite characters Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool (Later Princess Peach), and two new characters that seem to have replaced Toad, Yoshi (an actual character from the video game), and Oogtar, a caveman. Now, Toad's voice was annoying in the video games and the other two cartoons. So, are Yoshi and Oogtar less annoying than him? The answer is: NO! And who the fuck is Oogtar anyway? He wasn't from the actual game! Yoshi, you at least know who he is because he was from the game. But, Oogtar is just a character they added in there. Speaking of Oogtar, why are there cavemen in Dinosaur Land, oh wait, I'm sorry, Dinosaur WORLD. In the game, Dinosaur World was inhabited by dinosaurs. I guess DiC thought they were caveman too when there really weren't. Speaking of Dinosaur World, why is it called that in the cartoon when in the game it's Dinosaur Land! Another error from the game, is that almost every enemy name is wrong! Such as Sumo Bros being called Fire Sumos and Wigglers being called Caterpillars. Really? Caterpillars? Are they even trying to come up with creative names? My most hated thing about this show is that in some episode, it has to do with the cavemen having problems getting along or something and the Mario Bros. have to fix it.

      This show is also very cheesy. There are lines like "It's a stone Luigi, you DIDN'T make it!", and "That's Mama Luigi to you Mario, Sheesh!" and more.

      Okay, maybe this was very harsh, but still. This show is not all that great. Its cheesy, annoying, and boring.

      Final Score: 3.5

      Grade: D+

    • Super Mario World is a very flawed show.

      This is Super Mario World, it aired side by side with Season 3 of Captain N: The Game Master.

      Just like the other Mario cartoons, this show was produced by DIC Entertainment. The show is based on a popular SNES game called Super Mario World (also known as Super Mario Bros. 4 in Japan) Now, seeing that it's based on a game that's good, it's going to be a materpiece, right?


      The story is about Mario, Luigi, and Princess Toadstool (Princess Peach) that came to Dinosaur World for a vacation. They banished King Koopa (Bowser) from the Princess's Mushroom Kingdom, but unfortually he found away to escape into the dinosuar world. When Mario and the gang got to dome city, there was no one there. Then out of no where, Koopa Football Players, grabbed the princess. Indicating she is getting kidnapped by King Koopa (Bowser). The Mario Brothers rescue the princess with the help of a dinosaur named Yoshi. learn this in the episode Mama Luigi, the episode where Luigi tells Yoshi the story on how they met.

      Now, when I first watched this show on YouTube l, I thought this show was great! But then after a while I thought it was OK, then after that I thought "Oh, I'm not watching this anymore."

      Let's start with the flaws, okay?

      Well, to start off, when your watching a Mario cartoon, do you want episodes where Mario and Luigi are teaching cave people random things? No, Of course not. That's all they ever do in this show! The cave people are having a hard time doing something, and the Mario brothers teach them or build them something that will help them. I couldn't care less if Mario and Luigi are teaching cave people how to use a phone, how to do teamwork, or some other shit I don't care about. News flash DiC, no one cares about the cave people. Now, to be fair, I liked the episodes "Ghost R Us" "Mama Luigi" "Fire Sale" "A Little Learning" "Send in the Clown" "Born to Ride" and "King Scoopa Koopa" because those didn't have anything to do with teaching the cave people something. There is also a character that was added in besides Yoshi, and that is Oogtar. A caveman who is a greedy bastared but changed after the episode "Cave Christmas"

      The animation is also bad. It was good in SMBSS and TAOSMB3, but it's not good in Super Mario World. It can be slow, and choppy. This show is also cheesy and corny as hell.


      Luigi: That's Mama Luigi to you Mario!

      Mario: It's a stone Luigi! You didn't make it!

      Mario: Now I know how meatball feels.

      Mario: You didn't catch the ball, you were the ball!

      Luigi: Who's an egg head, egg face?!

      Yeah, that's all the lines I could find. Oh, and why is Dinosaur Land called Dinosuar World? It's not like there in a different planet. Also, why are there cave people any way? In the game it said that Dinosaur Land (World) was inhabited by Dinosaurs, now it's saying it's inhabited by cave people too?

      Another thing that falls flat on it's face is the musical numbers. They were good in SMBSS, but now they are just pointless and annoying. I mean, it's not like Walt Disney made this, right?

      All the enemy's names are wrong! Wigglers are called Caterpillers, Monty Moles are called Gophers, Chargin' Chucks are called Koopa Football Players, Bonzai Bills are called Magnum Bills, and Sumo Bros are called Fire Sumos!!! WHAT THE TRUCK?!

      Anyway, let's talk about the things I like in this show.

      To start off, at least we don't see Mario and the gang in the real world. Making them go to the real world is pointless and stupid. The real world is mentioned, but at least we don't see Mario in it.

      I also like how they use Super Mario World music for the background. It matches the scenery of where The Mario Brothers are at. For example, when there at King Koopa's Castle, fortress music is playing. The voice acting is also pretty good.

      But overall, this show is decent. It's not good, but ir's not bad either. I wouldn't recommend it, but if your looking for something that's really cheesy and corny, and I mean REALLY cheesy and corny, then look no further, because I found something you'll enjoy.

      Final Score: 3.0

      Grade: D-

      Edit: Wow, so far this is my longest review yet.moreless
    • Super Show was better than average, Mario 3 was very good, Mario World was down-right annoying.

      "Super Mario World" was the third, and so far final cartoon based on Nintendo's amazing video game series "Mario". This one premiered on NBC in 1991, and like it's predessecor it aired along-side "Captain N: The Game Master" as an hour-long block titled "Captain N and the New Super Mario World". Even though none of the Mario cartoons were exactly masterpieces,this one has got to be the weakest by far. At least the first two were entertaining, this one has even worse animation, horribly irritating new characters (Yoshi, and Oogtar), and it was chock-full of canonical errors from the games. Those errors include:

      -Dinosaur Land being called Dinosaur World,

      -In the SNES game "Super Mario World" Dinosaur Land was inhabited by dinosaurs. For some reason DiC thought cavemen were there too, and for some reason added them.

      -Almost every enemy name is wrong: Magikoopas are called Koopa Wizards, Banzai Bills are now Magnum Bills, Sumo Bros are now Fire Sumos, Chargin' Chucks are called Koopa Football Players, Wigglers are called Caterpillars, and Monty Moles are simply called gophers. GOPHERS!?!? They're not even supposed to be gophers, they're moles!!!! MOLES!!! Not gophers!

      -Like SMB3 the Koopaling names are still wrong.

      Among many, many others. And I'm not usually one to complain about straying a little from the source material, but this strays too much, and is just unacceptable. However, I did enjoy the episodes "Mama Luigi", "Ghosts R Us", and "The Night Before Cave Christmas", but even those weren't all that great.

      Overall this is a very cheesy, annoying, and boring cartoon show based on a very fun, video game with great music, good controls, and well-designed levels. The animated TV show "Super Mario World" and the Super Nintendo Entertainment System video game "Super Mario World" are completely the opposite. The game is amazing, the show is annoying. What especially makes me mad is: I love Yoshi in the games. He's my favorite character, but they made him so annoying, and weird looking in this ahow.

      Rating: 38% "Bad"

      -Cartoon Kingmoreless
    • I like Super Mario World better.

      Lemme say about Super Mario World. Well... kinda think of it...

      Luigi: That's Mama Luigi to you Mario.

      Mario: It's a Stone Luigi.

      Luigi as Retarded (Retarded Luigi): Catch the ball?

      Mario (CDi Version): Gay Luigi?

      Wizardhimer to Luigi (Egg Luigi): Egghead.

      Luigi: *Crying as Emo Luigi*

      3-Eye Blue Luigi: *Being blue-eyed*

      Luigi (SMB3 as Debrotherized Luigi): Farewell, Ex-brother.

      Luigi: YAAH! I AM GOD LUIGI!

      Well, that's thaat. It was greatness. I like Gopher Bash, A Little Learning, The Yoshi Shuffle & Mama Luigi.

      It's a pretty cool show. But, with Captain N, it would fit easily like a bucket of Mama Luigi's in it.

      So, I wonder what's for dinner?

      MAMA LUIGI! To you, Mario.moreless

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