Captain N and the New Super Mario World

Season 1 Episode 13

Mama Luigi

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Dec 07, 1991 on NBC
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Mama Luigi
Luigi tells Yoshi about the Mario Brothers and Princess Toadstool's first adventure in Dinosaur Land.

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  • What a way to end the show :(

    The episode isn't too bad...level with me. This is the 12th episode to air (last was that Christmas episode by Prod. #). I like the episode because of the storyline and animation :3

    I don't care much about the dialogue like "Mama, Mama Luigi!"...nuff said

    The reason why I said 6.5 out of 10 b/c of the song...It sucked balls!
  • "That's Mama Luigi to you Mario!" "Wheeze"

    The strange thing here is that movies based on games suck (Doom,Silent Hill,Super Mario Bros). But somehow most cartoons managed to be good or decent. This was (Oh WTH..IS) a good cartoon and this episode is the best one. However the only thing I've never liked is the bad music scenes (Even when a little kid I hated them). I really liked their loyalty to the game Super Mario World in this one. I even laughed a few times. I still watch this one sometimes (But skip the gay music bit) on Youtube. One more thing: I loved the way this one was about how Yoshi was found during their first adventure ^_^

    Also another decent game-based cartoon would be Kirby:Right Back at Yamoreless
  • the core heart soul and best part of youtube poop

    this episode was awsome i barfed awsomeness my barf barfed awsomeness my dog barfed awsomeness this is how youtube poop started it one of the best lines along with mah boi its just so funny i i i i I LOVE It its the best episode i could just barf coolness and explode of super duper extrem awsome great awsomeness lets just say it was the best episode of the 12 the last and years later it became a faumos line for youtube poop and poopers including me and we pleadge an aleagens to mama luigi that we will always have him in youtube poopsmoreless
  • That's Mama Luigi to you, Mario!

    Mama Luigi is, hands down, the most memorable episode from the tragically short-lived Super Mario World cartoon. Filled with crazy over the top dialogue that almost rivals a Paper Mario game, and does a decent job following the actual video game this show is based on, something the fan-favorite Super Mario Bros. Super Show never did. Watch an episode of SMBSS, then play the games, and you'll see what I mean.

    In a nutshell, Mama Luigi is an almost-accurate retelling of the real Super Mario World game plot. If you played the game, you would know that the game's plot is very simple and not very deep: Mario, Luigi, and their new friend Yoshi team up to stop Bowser(King Koopa) and rescue Princess Peach Toadstool in Dinosaur Land. But DiC decided to try things a little differently here to gives fans an idea of what might've happened, which the official SMW Instruction book doesn't provide on, which is why I said "almost accurate" earlier. In the beginning, while Mario, Luigi, and the Princess arrive at the empty Dome City, they are attacked by King Koopa's(Bowser's) Minions, and managed to get split up. Luigi falls down a hole, Peach(Toadstool) is kidnapped, and Mario is chased off somewhere. What happened to Mario? Turns out he was captured, which the episode reveals later on. Luigi on the other hand, after falling into a hole, finds Yoshi (Who mysteriously doesn't grow up quickly like in the game), then later on; after a few run-ins with dinosaurs, fish, catapillers and dolphins, finds Mario again. Mario proceeds to tell Luigi and Yoshi where's he's been, and what happened to him and Peach. Their mission realized, Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi head to "King Koopa's Coney Island Disco Palace" to rescue Peach. All in all a fantastic episode and now popular internet meme. Go see it. Now.moreless
  • I love this episode very much!!!

    This is my favorite episode of super mario world. Its about Luigi tells a story to yoshi how luigi met him. The princess and mario got kidmapped and luigi fell down a hole and landed on a block ledge. There were blocks everywhere and Luigi found a yoshi. Yoshi thought Luigi was his mama. Two dinosaurs tried to eat Yoshi and Luigi. Luigi and Yoshi tried to escape to land. When they made it to land yoshi ran of off. When Luigi found Yoshi, they were surounded by big cailpillors. Yoshi got very hungry and ate them. Mario came to help luigi and Yoshi ate Mario. Luigi was saying that was his brother so Yoshi spited him out. They went to the castle to save the princess. They went the same way where Mario escaped from the castle. When they got to Bowser`s throne room, Bowser had the key to the princess. Yoshi sticked out his tonuge and took the key. Afer that the princess was saved. The last episode and my favorite episode.moreless
Tony Rosato

Tony Rosato

voice of Luigi

Harvey Atkin

Harvey Atkin

voice of King Koopa

Walker Boone

Walker Boone

voice of Mario

Tracey Moore

Tracey Moore

voice of Princess Toadstool

Andrew Sabiston

Andrew Sabiston

voice of Yoshi

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