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  • Not too good, but it's alright.

    The scenes weren't too well written, but at least it makes the Simpsons look child unfriendly.
  • Could have been better.

    If you were to ask me,

    "What was the first Mario cartoon you watched?"

    Then the answer will probably be "Super Mario World".

    "Super Mario World" was the third and final cartoon that was based on Nintendo's popular video game series called "Super Mario". It premiered in 1991 and it aired side-by-side with Season 3 of "Captain N: The Game Master" as an hour-long block called "Captain N And The New Super Mario World". Now, like I said, this was the first Mario cartoon I watched, and personally, I wished I watched "The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3" because this show was very disappointing to say the least. Why? I will tell you.

    The show centers around your favorite characters Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool (Later Princess Peach), and two new characters that seem to have replaced Toad, Yoshi (an actual character from the video game), and Oogtar, a caveman. Now, Toad's voice was annoying in the video games and the other two cartoons. So, are Yoshi and Oogtar less annoying than him? The answer is: NO! And who the fuck is Oogtar anyway? He wasn't from the actual game! Yoshi, you at least know who he is because he was from the game. But, Oogtar is just a character they added in there. Speaking of Oogtar, why are there cavemen in Dinosaur Land, oh wait, I'm sorry, Dinosaur WORLD. In the game, Dinosaur World was inhabited by dinosaurs. I guess DiC thought they were caveman too when there really weren't. Speaking of Dinosaur World, why is it called that in the cartoon when in the game it's Dinosaur Land! Another error from the game, is that almost every enemy name is wrong! Such as Sumo Bros being called Fire Sumos and Wigglers being called Caterpillars. Really? Caterpillars? Are they even trying to come up with creative names? My most hated thing about this show is that in some episode, it has to do with the cavemen having problems getting along or something and the Mario Bros. have to fix it.

    This show is also very cheesy. There are lines like "It's a stone Luigi, you DIDN'T make it!", and "That's Mama Luigi to you Mario, Sheesh!" and more.

    Okay, maybe this was very harsh, but still. This show is not all that great. Its cheesy, annoying, and boring.

    Final Score: 3.5

    Grade: D+

  • Super Mario World is a very flawed show.

    This is Super Mario World, it aired side by side with Season 3 of Captain N: The Game Master.

    Just like the other Mario cartoons, this show was produced by DIC Entertainment. The show is based on a popular SNES game called Super Mario World (also known as Super Mario Bros. 4 in Japan) Now, seeing that it's based on a game that's good, it's going to be a materpiece, right?


    The story is about Mario, Luigi, and Princess Toadstool (Princess Peach) that came to Dinosaur World for a vacation. They banished King Koopa (Bowser) from the Princess's Mushroom Kingdom, but unfortually he found away to escape into the dinosuar world. When Mario and the gang got to dome city, there was no one there. Then out of no where, Koopa Football Players, grabbed the princess. Indicating she is getting kidnapped by King Koopa (Bowser). The Mario Brothers rescue the princess with the help of a dinosaur named Yoshi. learn this in the episode Mama Luigi, the episode where Luigi tells Yoshi the story on how they met.

    Now, when I first watched this show on YouTube l, I thought this show was great! But then after a while I thought it was OK, then after that I thought "Oh, I'm not watching this anymore."

    Let's start with the flaws, okay?

    Well, to start off, when your watching a Mario cartoon, do you want episodes where Mario and Luigi are teaching cave people random things? No, Of course not. That's all they ever do in this show! The cave people are having a hard time doing something, and the Mario brothers teach them or build them something that will help them. I couldn't care less if Mario and Luigi are teaching cave people how to use a phone, how to do teamwork, or some other shit I don't care about. News flash DiC, no one cares about the cave people. Now, to be fair, I liked the episodes "Ghost R Us" "Mama Luigi" "Fire Sale" "A Little Learning" "Send in the Clown" "Born to Ride" and "King Scoopa Koopa" because those didn't have anything to do with teaching the cave people something. There is also a character that was added in besides Yoshi, and that is Oogtar. A caveman who is a greedy bastared but changed after the episode "Cave Christmas"

    The animation is also bad. It was good in SMBSS and TAOSMB3, but it's not good in Super Mario World. It can be slow, and choppy. This show is also cheesy and corny as hell.


    Luigi: That's Mama Luigi to you Mario!

    Mario: It's a stone Luigi! You didn't make it!

    Mario: Now I know how meatball feels.

    Mario: You didn't catch the ball, you were the ball!

    Luigi: Who's an egg head, egg face?!

    Yeah, that's all the lines I could find. Oh, and why is Dinosaur Land called Dinosuar World? It's not like there in a different planet. Also, why are there cave people any way? In the game it said that Dinosaur Land (World) was inhabited by Dinosaurs, now it's saying it's inhabited by cave people too?

    Another thing that falls flat on it's face is the musical numbers. They were good in SMBSS, but now they are just pointless and annoying. I mean, it's not like Walt Disney made this, right?

    All the enemy's names are wrong! Wigglers are called Caterpillers, Monty Moles are called Gophers, Chargin' Chucks are called Koopa Football Players, Bonzai Bills are called Magnum Bills, and Sumo Bros are called Fire Sumos!!! WHAT THE TRUCK?!

    Anyway, let's talk about the things I like in this show.

    To start off, at least we don't see Mario and the gang in the real world. Making them go to the real world is pointless and stupid. The real world is mentioned, but at least we don't see Mario in it.

    I also like how they use Super Mario World music for the background. It matches the scenery of where The Mario Brothers are at. For example, when there at King Koopa's Castle, fortress music is playing. The voice acting is also pretty good.

    But overall, this show is decent. It's not good, but ir's not bad either. I wouldn't recommend it, but if your looking for something that's really cheesy and corny, and I mean REALLY cheesy and corny, then look no further, because I found something you'll enjoy.

    Final Score: 3.0

    Grade: D-

    Edit: Wow, so far this is my longest review yet.
  • Super Show was better than average, Mario 3 was very good, Mario World was down-right annoying.

    "Super Mario World" was the third, and so far final cartoon based on Nintendo's amazing video game series "Mario". This one premiered on NBC in 1991, and like it's predessecor it aired along-side "Captain N: The Game Master" as an hour-long block titled "Captain N and the New Super Mario World". Even though none of the Mario cartoons were exactly masterpieces,this one has got to be the weakest by far. At least the first two were entertaining, this one has even worse animation, horribly irritating new characters (Yoshi, and Oogtar), and it was chock-full of canonical errors from the games. Those errors include:

    -Dinosaur Land being called Dinosaur World,

    -In the SNES game "Super Mario World" Dinosaur Land was inhabited by dinosaurs. For some reason DiC thought cavemen were there too, and for some reason added them.

    -Almost every enemy name is wrong: Magikoopas are called Koopa Wizards, Banzai Bills are now Magnum Bills, Sumo Bros are now Fire Sumos, Chargin' Chucks are called Koopa Football Players, Wigglers are called Caterpillars, and Monty Moles are simply called gophers. GOPHERS!?!? They're not even supposed to be gophers, they're moles!!!! MOLES!!! Not gophers!

    -Like SMB3 the Koopaling names are still wrong.

    Among many, many others. And I'm not usually one to complain about straying a little from the source material, but this strays too much, and is just unacceptable. However, I did enjoy the episodes "Mama Luigi", "Ghosts R Us", and "The Night Before Cave Christmas", but even those weren't all that great.

    Overall this is a very cheesy, annoying, and boring cartoon show based on a very fun, video game with great music, good controls, and well-designed levels. The animated TV show "Super Mario World" and the Super Nintendo Entertainment System video game "Super Mario World" are completely the opposite. The game is amazing, the show is annoying. What especially makes me mad is: I love Yoshi in the games. He's my favorite character, but they made him so annoying, and weird looking in this ahow.

    Rating: 38% "Bad"

    -Cartoon King
  • I like Super Mario World better.

    Lemme say about Super Mario World. Well... kinda think of it...

    Luigi: That's Mama Luigi to you Mario.
    Mario: It's a Stone Luigi.
    Luigi as Retarded (Retarded Luigi): Catch the ball?
    Mario (CDi Version): Gay Luigi?
    Wizardhimer to Luigi (Egg Luigi): Egghead.
    Luigi: *Crying as Emo Luigi*
    3-Eye Blue Luigi: *Being blue-eyed*
    Luigi (SMB3 as Debrotherized Luigi): Farewell, Ex-brother.
    Luigi: YAAH! I AM GOD LUIGI!

    Well, that's thaat. It was greatness. I like Gopher Bash, A Little Learning, The Yoshi Shuffle & Mama Luigi.

    It's a pretty cool show. But, with Captain N, it would fit easily like a bucket of Mama Luigi's in it.

    So, I wonder what's for dinner?

    MAMA LUIGI! To you, Mario.
  • This will be a Super Mario World Review only. Well, what can I say? This show just flat out stunk! Why? Because instead of sticking to the roots of classic Mario action, they turned it into a educational joke!

    Ok, let's be honest here. When you watch Mario, do you really want to have episodes where they teach the brainless cavepeople on how to do thing?


    While not every episode had that, just about the majority did. Seriously, I couldn't care less about Mario and Luigi teaching the cavepeople on how to drive a car, use a telephone, learn how to plant crops, or work together as a team. News Flash, DIC, Nobody cares about that!

    But just when I thought the show couldn't get any worse with its lame plots, they have to introduce an ear splitting song in every stinking episode!

    Why DIC, Why? Why did you have to torture us with songs that nobody wants to hear? Its no wonder this series only got 13 episodes. It was a complete waste. However, I will say I did enjoy the episode where Mario battles Bowser when the cavepeople go to the circus. The only thing I didn't like it was the fact the fight was too short. But, a good episode nonetheless.

    And yes, I also liked Yoshi Shuffle and Mama Luigi. Despite the fact Yoshi Shuffle had a lame plot about teaching teamwork, I'm a big football fan, so it was nice to Mario and the Koopalings battle on the grid iron, even though it was way too short again.

    Mama Luigi was decent since it was like an episode that was based off the Super Mario World SNES game. Yes, it was very corny at times, but not bad.

    Anyway, to wrap this up, Super Mario World was definitely a huge bomb. Why DIC chose to taint the Mario Franchise with their nonsense, I'll never know. But, what's done is done.
  • I don't know why the increible world of dic made a Mario cartoon.(Not Reviewing Captain N).

    This review was written by an autistic Boy who has severe communications difficulties. As such we are removing the review but leaving his rating as is. We will be moderating all his posts from this point forward as an effort to avoid any confusion and hurt feelings. This blanking of what he has written will happen to all the "Reviews" he has made at this time, and should any be made in the future they will be done on a case by case basis. Please do not take offence at our sons words or reviews as he is struggling to communicate with a world that he has trouble reasoning with.
  • This is a good show, no matter what people say

    I like this show. It was weird, but it appealed to me because the strangeness of the cavepeople appearing in the Mario Universe was kind of creative. Most people complain about this version of Mario, saying all sorts of things like "it ain't like the games". But don't forget that it went outside the games plot and came up with an original idea which makes it very good! I love the games plot, don't get me wrong, but it is annoying when people bash this and a few other video game cartoon just because they stretch the games a little bit. Besides, none of the video games cartoons are EXACTLY like the games. I admit it is kind of cheesy, but hey? I like cheesy stuff, because it's just plain fun, and nothing to be taken seriously!

    Overall, this is a good, fun show to watch for all ages!
  • Best Mario Show Ever. I wish it could come back.

    I wish they would bring it back to Telivision. I miss Mario and I also Miss Yoshi. I remember watching this show everyday when I was a little kid. I use to really like Mario and I still like mario today. they havn't released it on dvd yet like they did the other mario shows. It would be nice to see it on Telivision again. I really liked how they put all of they music and graphics from the video game and put it into the cartoon. I really liked how most characters were in it. They only thing I diddn't like was how Yoshi replaced toad. It was still a greate show. It would be nice to see this and other mario shows back on tv.
  • This show was good, but some characters lack heroism.

    I love this show, I've had watched some of this episodes from youtube. But what this show lacks character. Luigi is main person who lacks character, he's just there, and he didn't use alot of power-ups, he's only use one. But this show is usually focus on Mario instead of the rest of the characters in the series. This show made Mario fly solo for example: Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy.
  • Its a blast from d-past!

    Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool, and Yoshi. The four always went on a adventure. The adventures were mostly about King Koopa and his Koopa Kids. This is a classic show, based on the classic Super Mario World game for the Super Nintendo. This show had the least episodes, at 13. I think that this should have had at least 26 episodes for this classic show. They needed to show more adventures of the Suuper Mario World show, they could have done a lot of things. I think that this is a very good show, and is should have another series, due to its good episodes.
  • Just like old times!!!

    This show is just like The Super Mario Bros Super Show and Captain N and the New Super Mario Bros 3. Im glad my favorite video game charater Mario has 3 shows and I love them all. Its about Mario, Luigi, and the others having crazy adventures just like the Super Mario World game. I wonder why all these brillent shows came out and ended before I was born, its not fair. Im glad I can watch all the episodes on this show on and the other Mario cartoons. I wish they can show this again in another channel that at can see it. Mario will life on.
  • Another great series, starring those crazy Mario Brothers.

    Super Mario World is my favourite game on the Super Nintendo,and I just found out that they made a series for the game. The first episode I saw was The Yoshi Shuffle, and I saw Mario, Luigi, cavemen, Yoshi, Larry Koopa, Roy Koopa, Goombas, Ninjis, Boos, King Bowser Koopa. Good series, but the worst of the Mario Cartoons, after seeing the others.
  • Super Mario World, ITS A BLAST!

    In 1991, The New Mario World first aired, and boy I really liked it for it\'s funny storylines and it\'s goofball antics. I think yoshi was hillarious in it, The princess was calm but cool. I think this show should be back on tv. The songs in the show were unoriginal and bad as heck. I liked how the way they used the music from the game, it was like you were in the game while you were watching the show. My favorite episode was \"The Yoshi Shuffle\" when Luigi was the egg after Kamek transformed him. I give this show a 10 out of 10.
  • The third and currently the last Mario cartoon.

    This is the last show out of the Mario cartoons. It takes place after Super Mario Bros 3. It features the Mario bros living in dino land. It features Yoshi and the character not seen in the video games Oogtar. Some people says that Yoshi replaced Toad in this show but Toad doesn\\\'t apper in the Super Mario World cartoon for god\\\'s sake. It wasn\\\'t as good as the other Mario cartoons and it aired along with the third season of Captain N which isn\\\'t as good as the other seasons. This was a good show even though it only went on for 13 episodes.
  • The third Mario Series, definatly makes you want to play it's original video game more.

    While my favorite is the Super Mario Bros. Super Show (mainly for the live action segments and some other stuff) two more cartoons followed. While Super Mario Bros. (The cartoon on the Super Show) in some ways had more origiality with new worlds and such and being a parody show also of movies and storybooks was mainly based on Super Mario USA/Super Mario Bros. 2, The next two series followed mainly one game without adding many new original worlds or such, while for the super show, the story book parodies were the most predicable in the story line of the episode, this had it's predicable moments too (but then again, a lot of shows these days are) but also had some nice original stories as well, This one definatly captured a lot of the detail of the game it is based on (then again for the name sake of the show, I think it had to) and this show still had same music and sound effects from the games as the past series did to add to the mood and feel of SMW like all the past series did. This show may relate to more modern gamers of Super Mario these days since the "?" blocks and other stuff are more a main theme of most Mario games, even the ones of today (Super Mario Bros. 2/Super Mario USA was great and fun but kind of a stand out game from the rest you have to admit with different villains and moves and such) so I think more modern gamers of Mario may be more in to this then probably the first series. One more thing to this series that separates it from the others is the update on the character designs of Mario, Luigi and Princess, all three of them look different, Mario's design was definatly closer to his Nintendo one in this one.

    But either way as with The Super Mario Bros. Super Show, I would recommend this show to many Mario fans and if you have kids, I am sure this would be a great show to share with them (and I have seen evidence that a lot of Kids love the classic Mario cartoons as well :)) and if you have never played Super Mario World, I am sure watching this series may interest you into it :D.
  • This show is among the greatest ever made! I love the fact that they use alot of elements from the Super Mario Bros. games in their show! "Captain N and the New Super Mario World" makes me want to go and play Super Mario World every time I watch it...

    This show is among the greatest ever made! I love the fact that they use alot of elements from the Super Mario Bros. games in their show! "Captain N and the New Super Mario World" makes me want to go and play Super Mario World every time I watch it. I really wish this show still aired. I also have alot of fond memories of this show from when I was a little kid. It is a very good show that I reccomed to anyone looking for a good old cartoon to watch.

    All that just to say, awesome show!
  • A great animated show.

    A great animated show. If this is a show that you do not normally watch and you are sitting at home with nothing to do, you are going to wish you had it on tape. Having it "on tape" had become the generic term for recorded programs. Today you are more likely to have the show on Tivo or DVR than VHS, or god forbid Beta!! It is kind of like how a lot of people still call CD's "records" or "albums." Anyway, back to the show. This is the type of show that is really pretty good if you would just give it a chance. So on those cold, lonely, rainy days, pop in your tape or DVR or whatever if you were smart enough to tape it. If not, check to see if it is on as a re-run. After all, as they say, if you have never seen it, it is new to you. a good watch for young and old alike.
  • It was good for what it was.

    It may not have been as good as the Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3, but still watchable. I didn't like how they replaced Toad with Oogtar and I was never a big fan of Yoshi. However, King Koopa and his Koopalings returned so it made up for anything bad.
  • Captain N and the New Super Mario World is one scoop teen drama, one scoop quirky comedy and one scoop away from solving the big mystery. The cherry on top is they were, the show's creator and executive producer.

    Captain N and the New Super Mario World is one scoop teen drama, one scoop quirky comedy and one scoop away from solving the big mystery. The cherry on top is they were, the show's creator and executive producer. This Captain N and the New Super Mario World is very nice to see.
  • A great show that you might have missed!

    This was a great show, that reminded me of the game in a lot of ways. This was exciting to watch. Seeing Mario turning into cape Mario, Yoshi and Oogtar ( a little cave boy ) fighting, and King Koopa ( Bowser ) always failing his plans, were always fun to watch. Although this show had problems. The characters color palets got screwed up, characters mouths were moving when they wern't talking, ect. Despite its minor problems, Super Mario World was a great adaption from the game, let alone a cartoon by itself. One thing REALLY bugged me. In the game, Dinosaur Island never seemed so prehistoric, but in the show, there are cave people, dinosaurs, and other things that were not in the game!! Also, I didn't like how they took Toad out.
  • Unknown and underappreciated, SMW was a great show that didn't last long enough.

    I was three. Yup, three years old when this came on. Though I didn't understand most of the dialogue, all I cared about was that Mario, Luigi, Koopa, Rexes, Dino-rinos, and especially YOSHI were on TV. Sure, the storylines weren't that great, but it provided enough action to sustain me. And now, 14 years later as I watch the episodes we taped (which is everyone) I can finally get the jokes and humour I never understood at that fragile age. I find that the show is considerably funny though, and I laugh at many lines in nearly every episode. Good times.
  • ...

    ok i liked the show but i wrote down the episodes

    Title Synopsis
    1 Fire Sale Wendy "Kootie Pie" Koopa owns an ice palace in the Vanilla Dome but she constantly complains about the frost. She decides to kidnap Mama Fireplant in hopes to warm things up. When Yoshi realizes of this, she gets the Mario Bros. and Peach to help find her. After all those twists of turns, they find Mama Fireplant but an even bigger problem occurs because the ice palace melts. Will Mario and the gang be able to save Mama Fireplant before Dome City ends up being washed away in an endless flood.
    2 The Wheel Thing Mario and Luigi come up with an invention called the wheel but the invention gets out of hand and it gets themselves barred from Dome City. It gives Ludwig von "Kooky" Koopa the advantage and comes up with an invention to wipe out Dome City without the interruption of the Mario Bros. Can those two plumbers be able to get back to Dome City and save the people from Ludwig Von's creation or Dome City about to be driven flat to the ground.
    3 Send in the Clown When Wendy, Morton "Big Mouth", and Bowser come up with an idea for a circus at Neon Castle in the Valley of Bowser, the Mario Brothers and the gang aren't liking the idea. They head there from a Star Pad at Star Mountain and finds out its a circus. But, little do they suspect its all a trap to have them be devoured by dinosaurs led by Morton. Can Mario be able to save everyone from Bowser and the dinosaur's wrath or will the dinos be expecting some major lunch.
    4 Ghosts 'R' Us Mario, Luigi, Peach and Yoshi look for Oogtar in the Enchanted Forest at the Forest of Illusion. What they find is an evil Magikoopa named Wizardheimer and in the process they get captured and led to a Forest Haunted House. But, can Yoshi and Oogtar be able to save the Mario Bros. and Peach or will Wizardheimer be able to make ends meet to all of them.
    5 King Scoopa Koopa Bowser decides to be in the fast-food industry in hopes of making money but what he really is doing is concocting a plan to turn everyone in Dome City into chickendactyls. Unfortunately, Mario dislikes the food Bowser made because he hates eggs. Luigi and Yoshi end up being victim to Bowser's spell and its all up to Mario and Peach to send Bowser's industry packin. Can they succeed or all of Dome City are gonna end up in the frying pan.
    6 The Night Before Cave Christmas After witnessing a fight between Yoshi and Oogtar, it caused an epidemic throughout Dome City but it gave an idea for Mario to introduce a holiday to them. Mario decides to introduce Christmas in hopes of having the people get along better, but Bowser and Roy "Bully" Koopa decide to be Grinches and steal all the gifts. When Oogtar ends up in the middle of things, he gets captured after using a gift against Bowser. It was all up to Santa Mario and Yoshi to travel to the Valley of Bowser and save him. Will Mario bring Christmas to all of Dome City or will Bowser bring it to his own kooky children?
    7 Born to Ride After a major argument, Yoshi runs away and joins a biker gang. But, it turns out to be a trap to have the Mario Bros captured to be sent to Bowser for bounty. Turns out, Peach knows the whole plan and its up to the two of them to save the Mario Bros. Can Peach and Yoshi be able to save them or will Yoshi regret ever running away in the first place?
    8 Party Line As Mario and Luigi see the cave people do some reckless things like doing "George of the Jungle" style and falling from a pit, they deicde to invent the telephone. Unfortunately, things get not only hectic but out of control as well as Mario soon regrets making the telephone. Now, with a giant dinosaur set to devour the entire city, can the Mario Bros. and Peach be able to save Dome City with their own invention or will the situation gets a little tangled up.
    9 Gopher Bash Luigi decides to teach the cave people of Dome City farming in hopes they can stock food for the coming winter. Unfortunately, it gets into Larry "Cheatsy" Koopa's intentions and comes up with a plan to steal the food and cause a famine. He also gets Moles for some help and it causes a famine along with it. Can Mario, Luigi and Yoshi save the crops or will Bowser and Larry be able to force the people of Dome City to pay up.
    10 Rock TV Bowser comes up with a plan to force the people of Dome City to rot their brains into mush. So, he invents the TV and decides to cause a little hypnotism but it gives the Mario Bros. a bad flashback. As the TVs are sold, it will force the people to go in a show called "Koopa Sez" which led to a plan to get Mario and Luigi in a wrestling match against two barbaric dinos. Can Peach and Yoshi be able to save them or will Mario and Luigi be reduced to mush in a style of pain.
    11 The Yoshi Shuffle Mario decides to teach a few cavepeople the value of cooperation in a game called Football but it makes Luigi ends up being an egg by a Magikoopa. It gave Larry and Roy a plan and the only way the Mario and Yoshi can get Luigi back is by playing football. Can they succeed or will Luigi be stuck as an egg forever.
    12 A Little Learning When Hop and Hip see Yoshi and Oogtar heading off to school with Peach as the principal, they decide to cause trouble. Bowser was against this but Hip and Hop go for it anyway and cause some major havoc leaving Oogtar to be the blame. Bowser gets suscipious and things get hectic at a science fair. Is Bowser's suspicion become a reality or will Hip and Hop's plan turn the school into a major eruption.
    13 Mama Luigi Luigi decides to tell Yoshi of how Mario, Luigi and Peach got to Dino World in the first place. There were a lot of events occurred before that and it all leads up to everyone meeting Yoshi.

  • Pretty Dumb People Live In Dinoland.

    This show was the best ever! I recently found a web site with all the Eposiods up for download, which was great because I had never seen them before. But on the second eposoid its pretty funny that the cavemen and yoshi have absolutly no idea how a wheel works.
  • One of my old favorites that I wish would come back.

    Super Mario World was one of my favorite cartoons as a kid, and I still enjoy watching it every once in a while today (have a couple of the episodes downloaded).

    Of course, this show, which is based on the video game, is set in the Dinasour World of Super Mario World. Mario, Lugi, Princess Peach Toadstool, and Yoshi are learning to live with the cavemen in this world, as well as keeping King Koopa and his troublesome children out of the way, sometimes getting themselves into trouble along the way.

    Though this show had a very short life (I would have loved for it to keep going. Maybe if we're lucky, they'll make new episodes someday!) but was still always fun to watch in reruns. If the show ever did come back, I'd sure like to watch! This same thing also goes for Super Mario Brothers 3, another great Mario tv show!
  • Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool all go on vacation to Dinosaur Land. But when they get there they are trapped there. And find out King Koopa has returned once again. And for the second time brought his Koopalings. In this show they find Yoshi and he beco

    This is the third and as of now last instalment to the Mario cartoon series. This one portrays the game Super Mario World. This one was preatty good. In my opinion better than The Adventures of Super Mario Bros 3. I wish it lasted more than 13 episodes. Though it went along with the Captain N the game master. Though I have yet to see that show. This show took place on Dinosaur Land. Where Mario, Peach, and Luigi were taking a vacation but Koopa ruined it. Now it is up to them to save Dino Land! As said earlier this only lasted 13 episodes. It only consisted of the cartoon unlike Super Mario Brothers Super Show. This one was really cool casue Dino Land contains enemies only found there so you got to see new Mario enemies as cartoons so that was neat. The koopa kids in this one was kind miscolored. Only a few like sometimes Kooky Von Koopa(or Ludwig von koopa in the video game)was a differnet color. Over all this is the second best Mario show in my opinon. You can still find episodes of this show at, check out the episodes now or later.