Captain N and the New Super Mario World

NBC (ended 1991)


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  • This will be a Super Mario World Review only. Well, what can I say? This show just flat out stunk! Why? Because instead of sticking to the roots of classic Mario action, they turned it into a educational joke!

    Ok, let's be honest here. When you watch Mario, do you really want to have episodes where they teach the brainless cavepeople on how to do thing?


    While not every episode had that, just about the majority did. Seriously, I couldn't care less about Mario and Luigi teaching the cavepeople on how to drive a car, use a telephone, learn how to plant crops, or work together as a team. News Flash, DIC, Nobody cares about that!

    But just when I thought the show couldn't get any worse with its lame plots, they have to introduce an ear splitting song in every stinking episode!

    Why DIC, Why? Why did you have to torture us with songs that nobody wants to hear? Its no wonder this series only got 13 episodes. It was a complete waste. However, I will say I did enjoy the episode where Mario battles Bowser when the cavepeople go to the circus. The only thing I didn't like it was the fact the fight was too short. But, a good episode nonetheless.

    And yes, I also liked Yoshi Shuffle and Mama Luigi. Despite the fact Yoshi Shuffle had a lame plot about teaching teamwork, I'm a big football fan, so it was nice to Mario and the Koopalings battle on the grid iron, even though it was way too short again.

    Mama Luigi was decent since it was like an episode that was based off the Super Mario World SNES game. Yes, it was very corny at times, but not bad.

    Anyway, to wrap this up, Super Mario World was definitely a huge bomb. Why DIC chose to taint the Mario Franchise with their nonsense, I'll never know. But, what's done is done.