Captain N and the New Super Mario World

NBC (ended 1991)


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  • Super Show was better than average, Mario 3 was very good, Mario World was down-right annoying.

    "Super Mario World" was the third, and so far final cartoon based on Nintendo's amazing video game series "Mario". This one premiered on NBC in 1991, and like it's predessecor it aired along-side "Captain N: The Game Master" as an hour-long block titled "Captain N and the New Super Mario World". Even though none of the Mario cartoons were exactly masterpieces,this one has got to be the weakest by far. At least the first two were entertaining, this one has even worse animation, horribly irritating new characters (Yoshi, and Oogtar), and it was chock-full of canonical errors from the games. Those errors include:

    -Dinosaur Land being called Dinosaur World,

    -In the SNES game "Super Mario World" Dinosaur Land was inhabited by dinosaurs. For some reason DiC thought cavemen were there too, and for some reason added them.

    -Almost every enemy name is wrong: Magikoopas are called Koopa Wizards, Banzai Bills are now Magnum Bills, Sumo Bros are now Fire Sumos, Chargin' Chucks are called Koopa Football Players, Wigglers are called Caterpillars, and Monty Moles are simply called gophers. GOPHERS!?!? They're not even supposed to be gophers, they're moles!!!! MOLES!!! Not gophers!

    -Like SMB3 the Koopaling names are still wrong.

    Among many, many others. And I'm not usually one to complain about straying a little from the source material, but this strays too much, and is just unacceptable. However, I did enjoy the episodes "Mama Luigi", "Ghosts R Us", and "The Night Before Cave Christmas", but even those weren't all that great.

    Overall this is a very cheesy, annoying, and boring cartoon show based on a very fun, video game with great music, good controls, and well-designed levels. The animated TV show "Super Mario World" and the Super Nintendo Entertainment System video game "Super Mario World" are completely the opposite. The game is amazing, the show is annoying. What especially makes me mad is: I love Yoshi in the games. He's my favorite character, but they made him so annoying, and weird looking in this ahow.

    Rating: 38% "Bad"

    -Cartoon King
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