Captain N and the New Super Mario World

NBC (ended 1991)


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  • Could have been better.

    If you were to ask me,

    "What was the first Mario cartoon you watched?"

    Then the answer will probably be "Super Mario World".

    "Super Mario World" was the third and final cartoon that was based on Nintendo's popular video game series called "Super Mario". It premiered in 1991 and it aired side-by-side with Season 3 of "Captain N: The Game Master" as an hour-long block called "Captain N And The New Super Mario World". Now, like I said, this was the first Mario cartoon I watched, and personally, I wished I watched "The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3" because this show was very disappointing to say the least. Why? I will tell you.

    The show centers around your favorite characters Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool (Later Princess Peach), and two new characters that seem to have replaced Toad, Yoshi (an actual character from the video game), and Oogtar, a caveman. Now, Toad's voice was annoying in the video games and the other two cartoons. So, are Yoshi and Oogtar less annoying than him? The answer is: NO! And who the fuck is Oogtar anyway? He wasn't from the actual game! Yoshi, you at least know who he is because he was from the game. But, Oogtar is just a character they added in there. Speaking of Oogtar, why are there cavemen in Dinosaur Land, oh wait, I'm sorry, Dinosaur WORLD. In the game, Dinosaur World was inhabited by dinosaurs. I guess DiC thought they were caveman too when there really weren't. Speaking of Dinosaur World, why is it called that in the cartoon when in the game it's Dinosaur Land! Another error from the game, is that almost every enemy name is wrong! Such as Sumo Bros being called Fire Sumos and Wigglers being called Caterpillars. Really? Caterpillars? Are they even trying to come up with creative names? My most hated thing about this show is that in some episode, it has to do with the cavemen having problems getting along or something and the Mario Bros. have to fix it.

    This show is also very cheesy. There are lines like "It's a stone Luigi, you DIDN'T make it!", and "That's Mama Luigi to you Mario, Sheesh!" and more.

    Okay, maybe this was very harsh, but still. This show is not all that great. Its cheesy, annoying, and boring.

    Final Score: 3.5

    Grade: D+

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