Captain N and the New Super Mario World

Season 1 Episode 11

The Yoshi Shuffle

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Nov 23, 1991 on NBC
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The Yoshi Shuffle
During a football game with the cave people, Luigi gets turned into an egg by a Magikoopa. When Bully and Cheatsy take him back to Neon Castle, Mario and Yoshi have to play a football game against the Koopalings to get him back.

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    Tony Rosato

    Tony Rosato

    voice of Luigi

    Harvey Atkin

    Harvey Atkin

    voice of King Koopa

    Walker Boone

    Walker Boone

    voice of Mario

    Tara Strong

    Tara Strong

    voice of Hip Koopa / Hop Koopa

    John Stocker

    John Stocker

    voice of Oogtar

    Paulina Gillis

    Paulina Gillis

    voice of Kootie Pie Koopa

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      • Yoshi:I scared Mario
        Mario:Now Yoshi you and I might not be the best football players in the world, but we have to get out there and give it our best and work together as a team. After all, it dosn't matter if we win or lose it's how we play the game.
        Yoshi: But it DO matter. If we break egg, Luigi's scambled.

      • Luigi: Hey Mario! Look what I made!
        Mario: It's a stone Luigi. You didn't make it!
        Luigi: (Nods head) It's a football, I chizzled it!

      • Cheatsy:(eavesdropping) I am the master of eavesdropping!

      • Big Mouth: You're looking live at the KoopaDome! Where football was played the way it was meant to be played! In a dark, damp dusty dungeon.
        (Audience cheers)
        Welcome to today's game, featuring those bad boys from the Neon Castle, the Koopa Carcass Crunchers! Versus the domeheads, Mario, and Yoshi, whom by the way don't seem to have any fans in attendance!
        (A Chargin' Chuck lets Mario and Yoshi out of their cell, and they walk out, while being booed out by the audience)
        And before I forget, we would like to extend a special welcome to Mario's brother, Luigi. Without his presence as a football, none of this would be possible. Today's game will be refereed by honest, Cheatsey Koopa. It's not easy being a referee. Sure Cheatsey may alot of penalties go unnoticed, but you have to make them play the game! Cheatsey is so unbiased, that in a gesture of good will, Mario and Yoshi will start the play. So it will be first attemlong, because it's now and never, it's do or die, and it's sudden death if that egg brrrrrrreaks open! Boy those missed extra points sure lose big now. Oh the excitment building now folks at...
        Bully: Ah Shut up!! We'll never get started!

      • (Mario and Yoshi, with invincibility, and the Luigi egg in Yoshi's mouth, run through the tunnel, return to the stadium, and score a big touchdown!)
        Mario: TOUCHDOWN!!! Whoo-hoo!
        (he and Yoshi do a victory dance)
        Cheatsy: Hey! Get back here! That's a 5-yard penalty for excessive demonstration!
        Mario: I'm sorry, reptile-breath. This game's over! Domeheads: 7, the Koopa Carcass Crunchers: a big, fat, egg-shaped... 0!!

      • (Luigi has just carved a football from rock.)
        Mario: Well what are you waiting for? Throw me a pass!
        Luigi: It's even official size! (Throws the ball to Mario, knocking him 10 feet away)...but not official weight.

      • Luigi: Uh...did I catch the ball?
        Mario: What do you mean catch the ball? You WERE the ball!

      • Magikoopa: Hey, watch where you're going egghead!
        Luigi: Who's an egghead, eggface?
        Magikoopa: You are!
        (Magikoopa turns Luigi into an egg)

      • Yoshi: If we break egg, Luigi get scrambled.

      • Mario: Hey, what are we playing, Australian rules?
        Bully: Yeah, I'm tryin' to put you down under! Six feet down under!

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