Captain N: The Game Master

Season 2 Episode 1


Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Sep 08, 1990 on NBC

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  • New character, new marketing ploy

    I wanna play cricket on the green
    Ride my bike across the street
    Cut myself and see my blood
    I wanna come home all covered in mud

    -- The Who, "I'm A Boy"

    When we last saw King Charles, he had sacrificed his chance at freeing himself from the Mirror World in order to save his daughter Lana. He and his evil double both ended up in the mirror world, creating an imbalance in the universe which caused the mirror gateway to be destroyed, thus trapping him in the mirror world forever. Or so we thought.

    At the beginning of this episode, we learn that the interdimensional warp to the mirror world opens up every 1000 years, and our heroes are working on helping King Charles escape the mirror world with the aid of a really, really large console which is hooked up to some sort of a humongous ray gun. Princess Lana is absolutely ecstatic at the prospect of being reunited with her father, but Kevin gently warns not to get her hopes up.

    A picture shows up on the monitor -- our heroes have established contact with the King. He reports that since there is only room for one person to escape, he has decided to send some mysterious being known as "Gameboy". Charles raves about Gameboy's LCD screen, durable outer casing and the port that lets you play Tetris against another player. Actually, he describes Gameboy as "a chlid, like a son to me" who has the potential to becomes Videoland's "greatest hero" and tells Lana to take care of him. Shortly thereafter, the video contact breaks up.

    Well, this is rather a kick in the knickers for our longsuffering princess, but we can always count on Simon Belmont to provide words of assurance:

    Simon: Cheer up, Your Sadness. Simon Belmont will help you and this Gameboy chap defend Videoland. Well, I guess we won't be needing you anymore, Captain Chump.
    Kevin: In your dreams, Belmont. There's only one Game Master around here, right Lana?
    Lana: Yes, of course, Kevin...but since I can't have my father back, won't it be wonderful to have an adorable baby brother?

    The thought that Lana might possibly adore someone more than him causes Kevin to fall out of his seat, quite literally. Lana runs off to prepare the palace for the new member of the family. Eventually Simon, Kid Icarus and Mega Man get into a cute little squabble about which one of them Her Highness loves the most, but Kevin admonishes them to focus on the task of making sure that the satellite carrying the passenger Gameboy lands safely.

    Naturally, Mother Brain sees the whole thing transpiring through her all-seeing Metroid Mirror and sends King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard to intercept the craft.

    The palace's big-ass computer eventually locks onto the location of the satellite, and our heroes notice Mother Brain's flunkies in some sort of spacecraft that looks like an alligator's head, chasing the satellite. Kevin and Simon head out in the N-team's spaceship to do battle. EW starts pelting the ship with stalks of corn, causing Kevin and Simon to flee. However, as EW and KH continue pursuing Gameboy's satellite, Kevin and Simon fly up behind them and deposit the stalks of corn in the thrusters. Kevin and Simon then reemerge in front of the villains. As EW and KH attempt to deploy the thrusters, EW soon realizes that he shouldn't have used a strain of corn that explodes when subjected to high heat. As EW and KH fly off in a stream of popcorn and artificial butter, our heroes reach the satellite and lead it home.

    It turns out Gameboy is, up, "some sort of weird computer". As Lana turns around and utters a long stream of profanities about her father's sense of humor, Kevin puts in Gameboy's batteries and turns him on. Gameboy's face lights up on his LCD screen, and he identifies himself as a game-playing robot. Well, duh.

    Lana shows Gameboy the room she's prepared for him, and Gameboy proceeds to grow a pair of arms and wreck all the toys in the place. We then see him chasing Kid Icarus around in some toy aircraft, operating and overloading all the appliances in the palace kitchen, and as a final insult...

    As Kevin, Simon and Megaman chase Gameboy, they follow him through a warp into the world of...


    Kevin emerges in a hot dog suit, Simon as an egg and Mega Man as a pickle. I won't even attempt to describe the rest of the scene -- you'll have to pick up a copy of the DVD and see it for yourself.

    Two minutes later, our heroes manage to subdue Gameboy and bring him back to the Palace. Kevin decides they'd better shut him down until they figure out what to do with him. With his last few milliamps of current, Gamebody produces a LCD tear on his screen and laments that "defective performance cannot be tolerated". Well, at least Duke doesn't think Gameboy's a total bust -- he gives Gameboy a few slurps in sympathy before lying down and napping. If you had kids back in 1990, this would've been a good time to shut off the TV and not get yourself trapped into buying one of these $90 contraptions for your kids.

    Of course, despite having failed to get close enough to Gameboy to sniff his plastic packaging, the villains have somehow deduced that Gameboy is an incredibly powerful computer. Dr. Wily even manages somehow to produce some very detailed schematics of Gameboy, along with some of his own plans. He declares that with some appropriate modifications, he can turn Gameboy into an unstoppable killing machine. Naturally, Ma Brain sends her flunkies Hippo and Eggplant to steal Gameboy and bring him back to Metroid. Not sure why they can't just go down to Toys 'R' Us and get one of their own, but whatev.

    Somehow Mother Brain manages to warp EW and KH into the Palace of Power, *right into Gameboy's room*, with only Duke keeping guard. Duke puts up some resistance, but the bad guys easily overcome him and pick up Gameboy. King Hippo puts in Gameboy's batteries and Gameboy lights up again, uttering the words "ready for disposal of defective unit", but EW befriends him by telling him that MB wants to play some games with his brain. Naturally Gameboy is overjoyed to find some real friends -- he picks up EW wizard and zooms back through the warp. KH follows them but accidentally leaves Dr. Wily's documents behind.

    Duke reemerges to notice that Gameboy has disappeared. Kevin walks back in the room, hears Duke yapping noisily and immediately notices that Gameboy is gone. He also notices the schematics on the floor and reports back to the princess.

    Back on Metroid, Dr. Wily performs some surgical procedures on Gameboy and hooks him up to Metroid's nerve center, turning him into...well...probably something really horrible, because the scene ends there.

    Princess Lana takes a look at Gameboy's schematics and deduces that they must be the work of Dr. Wily, and that they've got to go recover him. Simon, rather understandably, seems underwhelmed by the crisis, prompting Lana to declare that "I'm going to Metroid, and anyone who cares to join me is welcome." Fortunately for our headstrong and unarmed princess, Kevin, Duke, Kid Icarus and Mega Man decide to accompany her.

    Dr. Wily hooks Gameboy up to a bunch of cables, plugs him in, and we see Gameboy morph into a larger, meaner, more powerful version of himself which Dr. Wily dubs "Gamebrain". Mother Brain gives Gameboy orders to destroy our heroes, who have just arrived at the outer levels of Metroid.

    As we cut back to our heroes, we hear Mother Brain's villainous laugh reverberating throughout the corridors of Metroid. Nice touch. MB shows up in an apparition and shows off the new, improved Gameboy, who immediately conjures up a bunch of Rio-like creatures from the Metroid game. Kevin shoots them without too much trouble, then wipes his brow with the barrel of his zapper. Guess he never took a rifle safety course with the NRA. Another Rio buzzes by Kevin's head, and is quickly disposed of by the crack of a whip -- looks like Simon has arrived after all. Lana then expresses some doubts about whether they should continue with the mission, but Kevin assures her that it's worth their while and that they should split up to cover more ground. Before they break, Kevin gives the unarmed princess his zapper.

    As our heroes head their separate ways and encounter a bunch of Gameboy-generated monsters, a really silly knockoff of "Monster Mash" called "Do The Freak" plays.

    Kid Icarus encounters some pig-like creature crawling on the ground. He tries to trap it with a fishnet arrow, but the creature shoots some glue-like substance, pinning Kid to the ceiling. Man, he'll never be able to get that gunk out of his feathers.

    Lana traverses a series of platforms floating over a pool of lava when a dragon emerges from the lava. It spews a fireball at her. As Lana jumps backwards, she zaps the dragon, but falls off the platform and is barely able to hang on. Simon fights off a couple of Gearclown-like enemies without much trouble, but then Kraid (a boss from Metroid) and pins him against the wall.

    Kevin and Duke encounter some dinosaur-ish creature which spews fireballs. He manages to get it to kill itself by running into a wall, but is then subdued by a bunch of other little critters that sort of look like actual Metroids from Metroid. Ever loyal to his master, Duke runs off in fear.

    Or perhaps not...somehow Duke finds his way into Mother Brain's chamber. He gnaws away Gameboy's main power plug, freeing the rest of our heroes from their respective predicaments. KH and EW attempt to chase Duke around, but Duke proves to be far too agile for them. Mother Brain eventually wraps a tentacle around Duke, but Gameboy starts sparking like mad. Dr. Wily realizes that Gameboy, for whatever reason, is drawing too much power from Metroid and that his ass is gonna blow at any second. Doesn't anybody pay attention to the power ratings on household electronics anymore? Oh well. The bad guys (well, at least the mobile ones) make their escape. As Gameboy continues to overload, he erupts in a plume of smoke...and reemerges as the regular Gameboy. Mother Brain exclaims "let me out of here", so Gameboy pulls a cord and sends he spinning off into a corridor just as the rest of the N-team arrive.

    Back at the Palace, the rest of the team welcome the new member of the family, give him a baseball cap as a present, blah blah blah. The End.


    Captain N fans have pretty mixed opinions about Gameboy as a character. I think his voice is pretty annoying, but other than that he's a fine addition to the series -- he gets some funny, geeky lines and his skills obviously give the writers many more possibilities for plots.

    As for the episode itself, the plot is pretty solid, but the humor gets taken to a new level here. If you don't enjoy seeing villains suffocate in a sea of popcorn and good guys end up trapped in a Burgertime game, well, there really is no hope. Seeing the four lads squabble over Lana's affections is pretty funny as well, since usually it's just Kevin and Simon duking it out. It's worth noting that aside from Duke pulling out the main power cord from Gameboy, Gameboy pretty much wrapped things up by himself, proving that the N-team had misjudged him initially and that King Charles was indeed right about him.