Captain N: The Game Master

Season 2 Episode 13

Germ Wars

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Dec 29, 1990 on NBC

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  • One of the series' finest episodes

    He got feet down below his knee
    Hold you in his armchair you can feel his disease
    Come together right now over me

    -- The Beatles, "Come Together"

    After an adventure to Kongoland, Kevin returns with a strange prehistoric rock. While everyone is looking at it, Simon starts fiddling around with it. It starts to radiate, flies into Kevin's hands and gives off a big flash. Kevin swallows his gum and somehow ends up with "static lines" across his face. Weird.

    Shortly afterward, he starts feeling ill. The rest of the team puts him into bed and calls Dr. Light over to have a look. Apparently he's not just an engineer, he's a medical doctor as well. Not too shabby. Dr. Light seems to think that it's just a common cold virus but that Kevin is showing some strange symptoms. Dr. Light hooks Kevin up to Gameboy to get a read on Kevin's vital signs. These vital signs show up on Gameboy's screen as two power meters and a diagram of his body. Lana suggests that Kevin get some sleep, which he does.

    Cut to a scene inside Kevin's body. We see a miniature, brown version of Kevin, which we will call "antibody Kevin" for lack of a better name, running around in one of Kevin's vessels. He's being chased by some unknown assailants, but runs into a hideous bug called Viroid who is piloting some sort of spacecraft. Antibody Kevin tries to zap Viroid, to no avail, and flees. Viroid's little henchman, called Cell, joins in the chase.

    Back outside Kevin's body, his power meters start fluctuating wildly, and the situation doesn't look good. Dr. Light remarks that since Kevin isn't a native of Videoland, his body doesn't know how to fight off the virus. Lana sends out a SOS to all the lands of Videoland.

    Back inside Kevin's body, Antibody Kevin is still running for dear life. Cell zaps Antibody Kevin's leg with a gun, causing it to turn blue and lifeless. Viroid wraps up Antibody Kevin with one of the tentacles on his ship and captures him as Kevin's life force meter drops about halfway and the picture of his leg on Gameboy's screen turns blue. Dr. Light remarks that the virus seems to have "established a stronghold in Kevin's heart". Kid Icarus, in frustration, pulls out a gigantic fist arrow that starts pounding the floor -- trust me, you have to see this one. The team decides that drastic measures are necessary -- Lana, Kid Icarus, Mega Man and Simon are going to use one of Kid Icarus's shrink arrows to enter Kevin's body and fight off the virus themselves. Dr. Light gives them a map of Kevin's body and a videocom for their journey. The N Team enters through Kevin's ear canal, but fall through his digestive tract and end up in his stomach. Simon lands in Kevin's swallowed gum, and the others struggle like heck to extricate him. Apparently the only other food that Kevin's eaten recently is a bunch of blue cubes. Interesting. Kevin starts making some uncomfortable facial expressions as he sleeps.

    From their stronghold in Kevin's heart, Viroid and Cell see the N Team inside Kevin's stomach. Just like Mother Brain, these guys have cameras set up everywhere. Viroid decides to dump some stomach acid in to digest them.

    Pulling out the map of Kevin's body, Lana deduces that they're in Kevin's stomach. Right about then, the stomach acid comes. Mega Man radios to Dr. Light, who tells them that they'd better exit posthaste. Simon gets stuck again with some of the residual gum on his boot. Kid Icarus cuts him free with an arrow, and them Mega Man grabs a mouthful of gum, starts blowing helium into it (??), and they all float up and out of Kevin's stomach using the bubble gum balloon. However, in their haste to escape the stomach acid, they drop the videocom. Boy, Kevin's going to be feeling that for weeks. Viroid directs Cell to send some fat cells after the N Team. Meanwhile, we see that he's got Antibody Kevin tied up in his ship; Antibody Kevin's entire left half of his body is blue. Antibody Kevin tells Viroid that he'll never win; in retaliation, Viroid zaps the other half of Antibody Kevin's body blue; only his head is still healthy. Just like real villians, Viroid simply refuses to finish the job when given the chance.

    Now it's looking really bad. Kevin's life meter has dropped to 3/14 bars. Duke starts growling frantically at Dr. Light. I think he says "dammit, we have to do something!" Or maybe it's "these Videoland fleas are really tenacious." I'm not sure which. Dr. Light tries to reach the N Team, to no avail. However, a call comes in from King Melvis of Faxanadu, who tells Dr. Light that there's a magic elixir, hidden deep within the dwarves' dungeouns, that will do the job.

    Duke and Gameboy head over to Faxanadu to find the elixir. A horrible knockoff of the Rolling Stones' "Satisfaction" called "Frustrated" plays. Duke and Gameboy beat a bunch of critters, picking up some cash which Duke uses to purchase a dog-sized suit of plate mail. Awesome.

    Cut back to Kevin's bed, where he still seems to be hooked up to Gameboy even though Gameboy is half a universe away in Faxanadu. Oops. And this scene isn't even necessary, since we immediately go back inside Kevin's body, where the fat cells are fighting the N Team. Apparently fat cells fling pieces of themselves at their enemies and talk like Disco Stu. Fascinating. Mega Man's shots make them grow larger, but Lana gets the idea to have everyone spread out until the fat cells shoot themselves down to size and flee.

    Viroid is not happy about this latest defeat. He decides to release the Germ Squad. Uh-oh. The N Team starts navigating Kevin's ribs in order to reach the heart, but the Germ Squad ambushes them. The Germ Squad consists of three miniature evil copies of Kevin who wield zappers and look like Vanilla Ice. Anyway, they start shooting at the N Team, who end up falling down Kevin's chest cavity.

    The Germ Squad locks up our heroes in a cage made out of bone and sinew and brings them to Viroid, who taunts them about risking their lives for a lost cause. To press home his point, the Germ Squad brings out the nearly-incapacitated Antibody Kevin. Viroid tells the N Team to leave immediately; otherwise he'll infect them all. Captured and with no real options, the N Team surrenders, to the immense dismay of Antibody Kevin. Viroid releases them, and the N Team scatters.

    Cut back quickly to Faxanadu, where Duke and Gameboy find the magic elixir.

    Cut back to Kevin's heart. Viroid and his cronies are celebrating their victory. Unfortunately, he's left the entrance to his ship wide open. Lana sneaks in and rescues Antibody Kevin, but Viroid spots her. Big animation flub here, as Antibody Kevin is shown in Kevin's normal colors. After a brief exchange, the rest of the N Team ambushes Viroid and the other germs and makes short work of them. Kid Icarus is about to shoot Cell, but Cell puts up his hands in surrender, so they leave him be. The N Team has defeated the virus, but unfortunately they can't really do anything to heal Antibody Kevin. Right about this time, Kid Icarus's shrink arrow starts wearing off. Just before the N Team leaves, Antibody Kevin says, "just remember, whatever happens, you'll always be my Videoland family." Cell then floats up to Antibody Kevin, looking somewhat guilty and fearful, wringing his hands. He nervously asks, "'re not going to hold a grudge, are you?" Antibody Kevin can only offer a wan smile in return. Apparently Cell is actually a good cell -- maybe a T cell or somesuch -- who was corrupted by Viroid. Fascinating.

    Fortunatel for Kevin, Duke and Gameboy have brought the magic elixir to the Palace. Dr. Light hooks up the elixir to Gamebody to Kevin. Kevin sneezes, and out comes the N Team, growing back to normal size. Eeew. There's one hitch with the elixir -- it requires Kevin's magic mantrx/password to activate. Nobody knows what it is, but Lana says it's always something personal, so they start making a few guesses. Lana types something in, the elixir activates, Kevin's life meters go back up, and Kevin awakes as Gameboy's screen displays the word "FAMILY". Kevin awakes, says something about dreaming about the N Team being his family, then coughs up what appears to be one of Kid Icarus's feathers.


    This is certainly an unusual episode in the series, but it's one of the best-written and most intriguing episodes. It's pretty low on humor and video game action (though how can anybody be disappointed at the sight of Duke in a suit of plate armor?). But this time, all of the other heroes have to fight to save Kevin, and we get a very unique plot and a unique villain in Viroid. We also learn some very interesting things about Videoland physics and biology. Apparently Kevin's turned into some sort of video game character himself, 'cause he has power meters and needs a password to restore himself to some previous state. I think this episode aired around the time that annoying TV watchdog and parents' groups started demanding that cartoons inject educational content into their shows, so it's nice to know that kids who watched this show learned that they have little copies of themself running around in their bodies. Neato.

    Since all Captain N fans (including the folks who are producing the DVD) all took a vote and agreed that "When Mother Brain Rules" and Season 3 never existed, this episode is a worthy finale to a rather uneven cartoon series.