Captain N: The Game Master

Season 2 Episode 2

Queen of the Apes

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Sep 22, 1990 on NBC

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  • Every cartoon series needs a brain-swapping episode

    Don't know what to say, de monkey won't do

    -- Harry Belafonte, "Monkey"

    Off in the jungle world of Kongoland, the people of the village of Plentiful have invited Princess Lana and the N-Team to visit. Kongoland didn't have humanoid inhabitants during the first season of Captain N, but we'll go with it. As the villagers genuflect before her royal highness, Kevin remarks that "it must be great to have people falling at your feet like that". Naturally, Simon Belmont replies "yes, it is" in a smug voice before Princess Lana snaps at him.

    Naturally, Mother Brain is watching these proceedings through her all-seeind Metroid Mirror, feeling quite jealous and lamenting the fact that she's just an ugly cortex, spinal cord and ugly face sitting in a oversized glass jar. Dr. Wily then wheels in his latest invention -- a brain-swapping machine. Plop the machine on one subject's head, slap the probes on the other subject, hit the button and boom. Naturally, Wily tests it out on King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard, and the results are predictably hilarious. Mother Brain decides that she needs to swap her brain into someone else's body. She starts rattling off the desired characteristics -- silky hair, limpid grey eyes, a perky nose...all the while, EW and KH are primping and preening. (Trust me, you have to see it.) Dr. Wily uses his computer to search for the ideal subject...yup, they're going to swap Mother Brain's brain into Lana's body.

    Back in the village of Plentiful, the N-Team are being entertained by a bunch of monkeys performing various circus acts, when they suddenly hear a series of loud stomping noises. Kevin realizes that Donkey Kong is approaches and snaps into action, but Prince Plenty (the ruler of Plentiful) explains that as long as they supply DK with food, they live in peace with him. We then cut to a shot of a ridonculous conveyor belt-type dealie loading up bushels of fruit. One of the monkeys manning the conveyor belt starts fooling around with it, and it starts spinning out of control. Apparently DK does not enjoy being pelted with fruit at a high velocity, and he starts getting upset and wrecking the walls (which are made of a bunch of logs lashed together) around the village. Now the N-Team snaps into action for real, rescuing the villagers and making sure that nobody gets clocked with a log. Just as he's starting to get *really* angry, DK spots Gameboy, picks him up, shifts into amusement mode, and scampers off. Our heroes immediately give chase.

    Meanwhile Mother Brain and her flunkies have arrived on the scene and are about to head to the village to capture Lana and perform the brain swap. Unfortunately, they run into Deke, who picks up Mother Brain and starts growling at her. For some unknown reason Mother Brain, who is wearing the brain-swapping device, shoots out the probes, one landing on DK's paw and the other landing on Gameboy. King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard are hiding in a tree and decide they have to do something, so Hippo grabs a coconut and chucks it in DK's general direction. Naturally, he hits the switch on the brain-swapper. As the N-team, EW and KH watch in stunned awe, we go to commercial.

    After the brain-swapper has finished its business, we see Gameboy's circuits inside Mother Brain's jar, Mother Brain's voice speaking inside DK's body, and Gameboy's body making monkey noises and bounding off. Whoo boy. Mother Brain flings the Gameboy-in-a-bottle away, EW and DK attempt to flee the scene, and we get a really funny line here:

    Mother Brain (in DK's body): Not so fast!
    Eggplant Wizard: Goodbye, cruel world.

    Of course, the results of this botched experiment are almost as good as intended: with Mother Brain's brain inside DK's body, she can use her sheer strength to terrorize everybody into submission. Our heroes realize the disaster of the situation and realize that they need to reverse the brain-swap. We see them riding a bunch of small palm trees-on-islets that operate like jetskis, with Simon having quite a bit of trouble piloting his craft. Lana sends Kid Icarus and Mega Man to recover Gameboy's "brain in a bottle", Simon and Kevin to get Gameboy's body back, while she deals with Mother Brain. Our heroes go their separate ways.

    Lana's plan stall Mother Brain by pretending to surrender in exchange for the opportunity to give her a full beauty makeover. Huh. I guess she must have seen the first 3 minutes of the episode in advance.

    Meanwhile, Kevin is skillfully piloting his palm tree and towing Simon's tree behind him. Kevin asks, "are you getting the hang of steering?" Naturally, Simon replies "sure, it's a snap", while we see him fishing. Simon manages to pick up a small fleet of Snapjaws (the piranha-like creatures in the original Donkey Kong arcade game), and they start eating up Kevin and Simon's trees. Kevin, Simon and Duke bail out and swim off to safety, eventually falling out of the floating river and landing in the middle of the jungle.

    Kid Icarus and Mega Man at least are having some success; they see Gameboy caught in some vines on the edge of a cliff and attempting to tug him up when the line snaps, sending them plummeting to their doom. Fortunately, Kid Icarus pulls out his patented Miracle-Gro arrow, which causes a plant to shoot out of the ground and catch them.

    Kevin, Simon and Duke come upon an encampment, where they see a bunch of apes who evidently have taken Donkey Kong's brain-in-Gameboy's-body as one of their own. Simon accosts the apes and orders them to unhand Gameboy's body. One of the apes starts hooting back at him, so Simon repeats his demands in their language. The apes doesn't take too kindly to Simon's attitude, so Simon pulls out his whip and gives him the what-for. The rest of the apes are impressed and seem to want to make him their leader, so Simon grabs Gameboy's body and runs for the hills. Kevin zaps the other apes with a freeze ray (funny, the zapper I got with my NES didn't have that feature on it), allowing our heroes to make good their escape.

    Back atop Donkey Kong's mountain, we get to see Mother Brain in Donkey Kong's body, wearing a headpiece made of fruit, a couple necklaces, a large sunflower, a little bra top and a tutu. Her eyelashes also appear to have been curled and her cheeks pinched. King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard see their boss's new appearance and immediately head off to Walgreen's to purchase some eye bleach. But before Mother Brain can enjoy her new appearance, she sees Kid Icarus and Mega Man wheeling her bottle up the mountain and realizes that they're trying to undo the brain swaps. Kevin, Simon, Duke also arrive on the scene with Gameboy's body. Mother Brain sends a bunch of barrels down the mountain, which prove to be not much of a problem. She then changes her mind -- she's going to grab the bottle, still wearing the brain-swapper maching, and swap her brain into Lana's body, as originally intended. She quickly whips up one of the train tracks leading up to the mountain, catapulting her bottle up into her paw. Simon lashes his whip around the bottle and gets taken for the ride. But before Mother Brain can configure the brain-swapper, the DK in Gameboy's body starts bounding up the mountain. In the confusion, Lana manages to extricate herself from Mother Brain's grasp and jumps off the mountain and into Kevin's waiting arms. Gameboy's brain-in-a-bottle seizes the moment to shoot out the clamps of the brain-swapping machine, and somehow the brainswapper activates without anybody hitting the switch. Anywho, the brain swap gets reversed. Donkey Kong realizes he's wearing a ridiculous hairpiece, gets really upset and chucks Mother Brain off the mountain, and the rest of the villains flee. The apes from earlier arrive and repatriate Simon. The End.
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