Captain N: The Game Master - Season 2

NBC (ended 1991)




Episode Guide

  • When Mother Brain Rules
    A retrospective look on the time since Kevin Keene arrived in Videoland. Oddly, there were two with voices...and one (the first shown version) without. The entire tone of the episode makes it one of the most confusing episodes as it doesn't seem entirely restrospective in how it's done...thus making many wonder...with as many battles as we've won, did we lose the war?moreless
  • Germ Wars
    Germ Wars
    Episode 13
    Kevin seems to be under the weather... by a video virus from Kongoland. When he falls asleep, he must fight Viroid for a battle for his life. Kid Icarus implements his shrinking arrow to shrink the N-Team far enough to help Kevin fight the Viroid.
  • The Invasion of the Paper Pedalers
    Dr. Wily used a hypnotic ink to conquer mankind. The N-Team is called, but think this is a hoax until Kevin is almost killed by one of the hypnotic zombies. To find an antidote, the N-Team must venture across Kongoland.
  • I Wish I Was a Wombatman
    Kid Icarus, Kevin, and the remaining N-Team travel to see Wombatman, the Batman-esque hero. But it turns out that he is not very talentful. However, Mother Brain attacks and caputres Wombatman's co-star. Several grueling battles await the N-Team if they wish to be victorious.
  • The Trojan Dragon
    The Trojan Dragon
    Episode 10
    Dragons have stolen the Palace's Sun Stone to hatch the legendary Golden Dragon, which will become a mighty warrior. While Gameboy keeps the Palace's systems running, the rest of the N Team head to Dragon's Den. In order to sneak in, they construct a giant wooden dragon with the help of Link and Princess Zelda. When Dragon Lord discovers them, he places the Cursed Necklace on Simon which will draw the Golden Dragon to him when it hatches. Lana uses magic fairy water to remove it and Simon places the Cursed Necklace on Dragon Lord. Dragon Lord removes the necklace with the fairy water and throws it at the Golden Dragon, destroying it. Simon catches the Sun Stone and the N Team take it back to the Palace.moreless
  • Having a Ball
    Having a Ball
    Episode 9
    King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard attempt to destroy the Triforce. However, their attack is much more of a threat after Mother Brain arrives. Link cannot handle such monstrosities alone; he and the N-Team will have to join forces.
  • The Feud of Faxanadu
    While playing football, the N Team warps to Faxanadu, which is the home of two races: the Elves and the Dwarves. While trying to get back home, Kevin and Simon decide it would be more fun to see who gets back home faster, so they divide into teams. Each team is led to believe that the Elves or the Dwarves stole a powerful crystal from the other race. Only Lana has enough sense to know that the others are behaving like little kids. Then, a being known as The Evil One gets the crystal. With it, he plans to destroy Faxanadu. Only when everyone works together are they able to overcome the power of the crystal. The crystal is destroyed, and The Evil One vows to return.moreless
  • Once Upon a Time Machine
    While on a picnic on Hyrule, Kevin's Power Pad and Zapper are stolen. Kevin and Link follow the thieves through a warp zone. They end up going through time with a cat named Pero. He's trying to get back to his own time. The thieves are using Kevin's weapons to power their time machine. Kevin eventually gets them back. He and Link return to Hyrule, leaving Pero to get back to his own time on his own.moreless
  • The Lost City of Kongoland
    The Lost City of Kongoland rises after a thousand years. Along with it comes a treasure belonging to Konga, the leader of the Ancient Konkas, who had a magical power over plants. Meanwhile, at the Palace of Power, Lana fears she's not forceful enough to be Ruler of VideoLand. Prince Plenty (from "Queen of the Apes") informs the N-Team of the treasure, and Lana vows to destroy it. Mother Brain also learns of the treasure and plans to steal it after the N-Team finds it. The treasure turns out to be Konga's hat, and when it falls on Lana's head, the Princess becomes possessed by Konga's spirit. She (he?) kidnaps Simon. Mother Brain tells the Eggplant Wizard to volunteer to join Konga in conquering Kongoland, so Mother Brain can get the hat later on. Donkey Kong helps the N-Team fight Konga's forces. The N-Team is about to be destroyed, when Lana, with encouragement from Kevin, takes off the hat. Donkey Kong destroys it, and the Lost City of Kongoland sinks again, this time forever. Lana doesn't remember what happened, but Kevin assures her that she was "forceful enough to last a lifetime".moreless
  • The Big Game
    The Big Game
    Episode 5
    Dr. Wily collectives a massive amount of energy and plans to destroy the N-Team with it. He lures them to the California Games with it. The N-Team is now trapped in a desperate feud to see the fate of VideoLand, if it will be a good one or a dark one by Mother Brain's destruction.moreless
  • The Trouble With Tetris
    The N-Team, along with Mother Brain, are warped into the realm of Tetris. Mother Brain wishes to harness the energy of the world. The N-Team have to keep the citizens safe and defeat Mother Brain.
  • Quest for the Potion of Power
    Across the vastness of Videoland, on the magical world of Hyrule, years have past since the fall of the evil wizard Gannon, and peace reigned throughout the land. Until one dark day, rumor spread that the evil Gannon would rise again. That becomes true. Kevin and the N Team head to Hyrule to meet Kevin's favorite game hero Link and Princess Zelda. Mother Brain gives the Potion of Power to Gannon that restores the evil wizard to his rightful form. Mother Brain tries to get Gannon to serve her, but he refuses and sends Mother Brain, Eggplant Wizard, and King Hippo through the ceiling. Can the N Team and Link stop Gannon and his minions?moreless
  • Queen of the Apes
    Queen of the Apes
    Episode 2
    The N-Team is invited to Kongoland by Prince Plenty. Dr. Wily invents a brain swapper so Mother Brain can get a body. She chooses Princess Lana as the donor. However, when they go to Kongoland, Donkey Kong kidnaps Mother Brain and Game Boy. The brain swapper is accidentally attached and activated. Donkey Kong gets Game Boy's body, Game Boy gets Mother Brain's body, and Mother Brain get Donkey Kong's body. Simon and Kevin go to find "Gape Boy", Kid Icarus and Mega Man search for Game Boy's "brain-in-a-bottle", and Lana decides to give "Mother Kong" a makeover. Donkey Kong's family elect Simon their new leader! Everyone's brain is swapped back to the right place, and the Kong family carries Simon off.moreless
  • Gameboy
    Episode 1
    King Charles is about to come home through a warp zone that only opens every 1000 video years. But he decides to send a supercomputer called Game Boy in his place. Game Boy turns out to be nothing but trouble for the N-Team. Mother Brain gets Game Boy, and Dr. Wily turns him into Game Brain. When the N Team comes to Metroid to rescue Game Boy, Game Brain sends monsters after them. Duke comes to the rescue, pulling the cords out of Game Boy with his teeth! The monsters disappear. Back at the Palace, the gang officially welcomes Game Boy to the N-Team.moreless
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