Captain N: The Game Master

Season 2 Episode 6

The Lost City of Kongoland

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Nov 10, 1990 on NBC

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  • Less whimsical and light-hearted than other episodes, but a well-written episode that focuses on character development

    Whoa thought it was a nightmare
    Lo it's all so true
    They told me don't go walking slow
    The devil's on the loose
    Better run through the jungle
    Better run through the jungle
    Better run through the jungle
    Whoa don't look back and see

    -- Creedence Clearwater Revival, "Run Through The Jungle"

    Off in Kongoland, Donkey Kong is slumbering peacefully when the tip of a ginormous plant shoots through the bottom of his bed.

    In the capital city of Plentiful, the ground shakes and Prince Plenty\'s bed collapses on him. Plenty\'s advisor Majordomo declares that the lost city of Kongoland is rising after 1000 years, just as an ancient prophecy said. The fact that it\'s happening in DK\'s backyard certainly doesn\'t help.

    Back at the Palace of Power, a long line of subjects is queued up for an audience with Princess Lana. At the head of the queue are two guys fighting over possession of a cow. Lana is wrangling over how to decide the case when Mega Man delivers another mega-batch of letters requesting an audience. Lana is clearly getting frazzled about the whole task, and Kevin suggests that she just buy a Magic 8-ball and let it do all the work. Lana decrees that either one of the farmers give up the cow, or she\'ll have the royal cook bisect the cow. Naturally, the farmers agree to the deal. Unfortunately, the cow, which happens to understand English, is less enthused about the prospect and runs back home through a warp zone, while the farmers give chase. Lana then expresses doubt about whether she\'s a forceful enough ruler to govern Videoland.

    Prince Plenty then warps into the throne room, explaining the whole deal with Kongoland. As he\'s doing this, the rest of subjects in line start to pummel him for jumping the queue and start tearing apart the palace. Ok, I made that part up. Plenty\'s magic crystal tells the story, in full video: a thousand years ago, the ancient witch doctor Konga held a magical power over all plants and ruled the lost city of Kongaland. Eventually the city sank in an earthquake, but Konga vowed that the city would rise again, and that whoever found his lost treasure would gain his powers. Lana declares that the N Team will find the treasure and destroy it.

    Back on Kongoland, Mother Brain and her flunkies are already on the task. They plan to let the N Team dig up the treasure and then swoop in to take it. Like a pint of Sam Adams, always a good decision.

    The N Team is cruising towards Kongoland in a steamship. They open up a box of toys that Dr. Light had given them. Unfortunately, he neglected to demonstrate the toys or to include instructin manuals. Game Boy suggests they try them out. Lana wonders if they\'ll be using up charges they\'ll need later. Kevin suggests she not worry about it and just make a decision. Okay, let\'s try them out, says Lana. Simon blows on an object that looks suspiciously like a duck call, and a bunch of poisonous Nitpickers approach the ship. Lana shoos them away by shooting corks into their snouts from an over-the-shoulder bazooka. Damn. Desperate to cover his ass, Simon berates \"Captain California\" for encouraging \"her naiveness\" to try out the toys in the first place. He starts showing off by snatching a coconut with his whip and chucking it noplace in particular. Naturally, noplace happens to be squarely between Donkey Kong\'s eyes. He then opens up a hangglider, grabs Lana and prepares to take off. Lana tells Kevin to keep DK occupied while she and Simon head off for the lost city. Kevin and the others exit the ship and escape DK with the help of a few pairs of spring-loaded shoes.

    Lana and Simon enter the lost city, and Simon triggers a trap that releases a huge boulder, Indiana Jones-style. The boulder lands in a boulder-shaped depression the ground. A marker bearing a banner with a giant \"X\" drops from above, and a clamshell-shaped treasure chest covered in hieroglyphics pops up from the ground. Simon pulls out a dictionary from his bottomless backpack, and translates the glyphs as \"do not open or you\'re going to be sorry, sucker.\"

    Lana hesitates for a moment, then opens up the chest; inside is a headpiece that the witch-doctor Konga was wearing. Just then, Mother Brain swoops in. King Hippo sneaks up on the other side of Lana and snatches it. It changes hands a few times, then lands on Lana\'s head, and she becomes enveloped in a pink glow while everyone else watches, dumbfounded.

    Kevin, Mega Man, Kid Icarus, Gameboy and Duke arrive and tells them all to get out because DK is on their tail. Noticing Lana\'s state, Kevin asks if she\'s okay. Lana, now possessed by the spirit of Konga, declares that she\'s just awakened from a 1000-year sleep and erupts in a maniacal laugh, natch. Everybody stares at her dumbfoundedly, and the Daniel Stern voiceover says \"once again, a woman I loved turned out to be possessed by an ancient demon. I never understood how I ended up in these relationships. Must have been a gift, I guess.\" as The Byrds\' \"Turn, Turn, Turn\" plays. Okay, I made that up as well.

    Mother Brain demands the headpiece from Lana, but Konga causes a few giant plants to ripple from the ground, and the bad guys make a hasty egress. Kevin laughs about how forceful \"Lana\" was, but Konga snaps at him. Lana briefly snaps out of it, utters the words \"Kevin...Simon?\", then Konga takes over again and snares Simon in a bunch of vines. DK busts in, Kevin tries to grab Lana\'s arm and leave, but Konga tosses Kevin into the corner and wraps DK in a bunch of vines as well. DK beats a hasty retreat. Konga then explains to Kevin that she\'s possessed Lana\'s body, and Konga conjures up a another bunch of plant monsters to chase the N Team away (except for Simon, who\'s still tied up, and Game Boy, who sticks around to keep an eye on things). Konga declares that \"it\'s time for the plants to take over\" and carries Simon off.

    Mother Brain is still hiding around though, and suggests that Eggplant Wizard enlist in Konga\'s service so that he can snatch the headpiece. Konga decides to put him to the test: as DK is packing up his things and relocating, EW ensnares him in a trap.

    Kevin and the others rendevous with Prince Plenty and decide that the headpiece must be destroyed, after which the lost city will sink forever. Things are getting desparate, as the spires of the lost city have reached Plentiful.

    As Konga is riding around on a dinosaur-shaped plant creature, Kevin notices DK tied up. The team decides to cut him loose in the hope that he can help them. Konga\'s army of plant-like behemoths starts kicking everyone\'s butt as a hilariously awful knockoff of \"Superfreak\" titled \"She Freaks Me Out\" plays. In fairness to the episode though, the lyrics to "Superfreak" are definitely not suitable for kids.

    In desperation, Kevin screams out \"Lana! Only you can decide what kind of ruler you want to be!\" After a brief inner struggle, Lana throws off the headpiece, which naturally lands in the hands of Eggplant Wizard. Sigh. Fortunately, DK shows up. He crushes the headpiece, causing all the plant monsters to vanish, and then chucks Mother Brain and her stooges into outer space. Lana eventually comes to her senses and says that she feels like she\'s missed something. DK subtly suggests that the N Team leave the premises.

    Back at home, Lana is still trying to figure out what happened, and Kevin says \"believe me Princess, you were forceful enough for a lifetime.\" The two peasants from the beginning then show up to thank Lana for solving their problem and deposit the two cow halves at her feet. Actually, they just say that they\'ve decided to share the cow, and they present Lana with some flowers to commemorate the first anniversary of her rule. Meh.


    This is a very well-written episode, focusing on developing Lana as a character and using DK as an important third party. There are also some great lines in the script as well -- the funniest is when Simon and Lana uncover the treasure. Deciphering the inscription on the chest, Simon says \"he who holds his life most dear...gee, I just remembered, I have to get back in time to watch General Morgue\". Well done.
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