Captain N: The Game Master

Season 1 Episode 6

Wishful Thinking

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Oct 14, 1989 on NBC
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Wishful Thinking
Kid Icarus is upset because he's too short. When Duke finds a magic lamp with a genie inside, Kid Icarus wishes himself big. He grows into a giant!!! When King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard steal the lamp, they make Mother Brain their servant! The N-Team, sans Kid Icarus, goes to Metroid to retrieve the lamp. When Kid Icarus comes to their rescue, he's shrunken. He uses his extremely small size to get into the lamp and wish everything back to normal. He then sets the genie free from the lamp, and the two of them become very good friends.moreless

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  • All-powerful genies in magic lamps are never a good basis for an episode

    If wishes were trees

    The trees would be falling

    Listen to reason

    Reason is calling

    -- REM, "Stand"

    As the same cover of "Shakedown" from the first episode plays, our heroes are playing some 3-on-3 hoops, Kevin, Lana and Duke vs. Simon, Kid Icarus and Mega Man, and Simon's team is up 20-19. Uh, isn't it a bit difficult for quadripeds to play basketball? Sure, Snoopy can play baseball, but at least he can stand on his hind legs and has opposable thumbs. Whatever. Back to the episode.

    Kevin is leading a 1-on-3 break, and Simon tells Kid Icarus to step up and take the ball, but Kevin hits the up button on his pad and teabags Kid. Damn. 20-20 now. I guess it's loser's ball out, as Kid Icarus is about to pick up the ball, but Simon pulls out his whip and snatches it from halfcourt to check it out. For whatever reason, he decides to launch a shot from halfcourt with his whip and draws nothing but glass. Duke tries to dribble the ball back out, but Mega Man steals it and whips a pass to Kid Icarus, who has drifted back to halfcourt. Lana steps in front, picks off the pass, and starts to dribble back to the basket. She pulls up for a jumper which falls about 5 feet short, bounces off Kid Icarus's head and into the hoop. Ballgame.

    Anyway, Kevin tells them that they came up a little bit "short". Kid Icarus starts pouting about being short and punts the basketball into a warp chute. Simon then tells him that the problem isn't that he's short, it's that he sucks at everything and has a severe speech impediment. Well, he didn't, but he should have. Duke chases the ball into the bowels of the palace and discovers a shiny lamp just sitting there.

    The rest of our heroes are busy trying to figure out how to talk Kid Icarus out of swallowing a glass of Drano when Duke emerges with the lamp. Nobody seems to be much interested, so Duke runs off to a corner by himself and rubs the lamp. Naturally, a genie of the unlimited-wish-granting species happens to reside inside. Duke wishes for, and obtains, a piece of steak. Everyone else starts fantasizing about what they could do with the lamp. Lana could save Videoland, hire a bunch of palace guards and delegate some of her ruling authority to local leaders; Mega Man could fix his vocal cords; Simon could get an outfit that makes him look less like Launchpad McQuack; and so forth. They chase Duke around a bit, and eventually the lamp ends up in Kevin's hands. Kevin wishes that he could be invincible with his Power Pad and Zapper, starts shooting a bunch of things, then gets bored. Simon then wishes for Lana to fall "head over heels" for him. No prizes for guessing how this turns out. Mega Man gets the lamp next and wishes for ten times his current strength. He jumps up and down when he doesn't feel any stronger; naturally, the impact starts to cause the palace to collapse. Lana quickly snatches the lamp, wishes everything back to normal, puts the genie back in the lamp, and locks up the lamp instead of wishing for a quick victory over Mother Brain and a quick ending to the cartoon.

    Naturally, an artifact this powerful can't possibly escape Mother Brain's all-seeing mirror, so she dispatches Eggplant Wizard and King Hippo to fetch it.

    At night, Kid Icarus retrieves the lamp and wishes to be bigger. He quickly grows to Donkey Kong proportions; his head crashes through the floor of Lana's private chambers as the rest of the team arrives. Even worse, he dropped the lamp. The normal-sized heroes head down to the lower level to go get it. Round about this time, King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard warp into the palace. Man, security around this place has really gotten lax. They run into Kid Icarus's foot. Since Kid Icarus's head is still stuck in Lana's room, King Hippo does his worst Lana impression and Kid Icarus tells him that the lamp is under his foot. EW retrieves the lamp just as the rest of the N Team arrives. Kid Icarus pops his head back into the basement just in time to realize what a huge doofus he is. Anyway, the lamp changes hands a bunch of times, and eventually Kid Icarus wishes KH and EW back to Metroid. Of course, he sneezes as they're disappearing, and the lamp pops into their hands just before they vanish. Kid Icarus heads off to Mount Icarus to sulk while everyone else heads over to Metroid to recover the lamp.

    Back on Metroid, EW and KH arrive with the lamp. Naturally, their first act is to exact some payback on their tyrannical master. Next, they proceed to start conquering the other worlds of Videoland.

    Over on Mount Icarus, Kid has a word with the renowned philosopher Theticus. Uh, yeah.

    The rest of the N Team arrives on Metroid and hatches a plan to steal the lamp. However, the planet soon turns into Hippozoid. After several run-ins with spring-loaded boxing gloves, the N Team ends up in a boxing ring against Mother Brain. They don't fare so well, but Kevin and his Power Pad manage to lure MB into knotting her own tentacles. As a prize, EW turns the N Team into gold trophies. The giant Kid Icarus arrives on the scene just in time for EW to shrink him to the size of a flea. Fortunately, Kid Icarus escapes and flies into the lamp. King Hippo is about to wish the N Team into doom, but Kid Icarus negates the wish from the inside. Before KH or EW can make another wish, Kid Icarus wishes that "Mother Brain and her stooges would go away". Guess how that one turns out. Finally, Kid Icarus wishes everything back to normal and frees the genie from having to grant any more wishes. Doesn't anybody ever capitalize on an artifact of infinite power? Guess not.


    An artifact of infinite power, awful running gags, incompetence on the part of all the characters, lousy puns...this episode has it all. I think the writer wanted to have a Kid Icarus character development episode, but the magic lamp was a horrible idea, horribly executed.moreless

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    • Princess Lana: What do I do? I've never boxed before.
      Simon: It's easy, your cuteness. Watch me. (Simon shows off his fancy punches, then cracks his fist, punching Mother Brain's Glass Jar) Just as I thought... She's got a glass jar. YEOOOWWWW!!!
      Eggplant Wizard: (Counting quickly) One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten! You're out!

    • Kid Icarus: I wish-icus that Mother Brain and her stooges would go away!
      Power Genie: As you wish-icus, oh Mini-Master.
      King Hippo: I didn't wish anything!(Mother Brain and her minions get transformed into Mother Moe, Eggplant Larry, and Curly Hippo)
      Mother Brain: Alright, you knuckleheads. You're going to pay for what you did to me!
      Eggplant Wizard: Uh, we didn't mean it, Mother Moe.
      Mother Brain: Oh, a wiseguy, huh? (she bashes her two stooge minions on their heads, and chases them away on wheels)
      King Hippo: YAAAAHHHHH!
      Eggplant Wizard: Woo-woo-woo-woo-woo-woo-woo!

    • King Hippo: Quick! Help me lift up his foot!
      Eggplant Wizard: Bluh, not me! I hate toe jam!
      King Hippo: Oh, I'll jam this toe down your throat if ya don't get in there and get that lamp!!

  • NOTES (5)


    • When they all ask for wishes, Kevin wishes that he would never miss with his zapper, but later he gets depressed because all the challenge was gone and told the genie nevermind. This is an allusion to the Game Genie, which recently came out during this time period. Game Genie was shunned by Nintendo and even threatened the company producing it with Legal actions. Although none prevailed, the Game Genie was considered too easy and immoral.